My Garden Retreat

My Garden Retreat
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Holiday Inspiration

Happy Friday my friends!

It rained all day yesterday (Thursday) which actually made it easier for me to finish my design boards and start working out in my cottage studio...

I thought I would share some of my thoughts/design boards with you before I began sewing...glue and glittering...painting and wrapping.

I have never shared these before except with the Horton's...usually it's very hush, hush until the big day!
So...shhh...don't tell anyone!

Our theme for the year is:

A Very Vintage Christmas

There will be 5 or 6 different stories or vignettes each with their own take on our theme.
Some are larger areas with many different elements that I will surprise you with at the event!
Some are much smaller but still quite lovely and memorable!

Now remember...these are merely my thoughts based on merchandise we ordered  back in April and are currently pricing!
All of the images are from my pin boards on pinterest.
 Are you ready?

This is what will greet you as you enter the Secret Garden Gift Shoppe at Horton's

This is a smaller area, more intimate and cozy~ It has a vintage fireplace as it's focal point!

More Elegant ,Traditional and Timeless~lots of Crystals 

Whimsical and fun~ a pastel take on the Holiday.

I think I will leave you with these for now...
Leave something to share  in the coming weeks as my projects here at home are completed!

What type of Holiday decor do you gravitate towards?
Do you have a collection you add to each year?
I would love to hear from you!

Until next time...Have a blessed weekend!


  1. Everything looks fabulous! I can only imagine how beautiful it will all be when you can share the big reveal! Have fun creating! t.xoxo

  2. ooohhhhh these are pretty boards Donna! I will be decorating my home with the pastels and the crystal blue theme you have going on. I started collecting little pastel glitter houses and it has been a lot of fun using them. Its raining here again too, a good day to get to creating! I think you have some great combinations for holiday decorating here.

  3. Everything is marvelous! Can't wait to see more! Always inspiring!

  4. All of your vignette design boards look so enticing Donna. Look forward to see the final results once the store is decorated. Guess Christmas is not all that far away for retail...

  5. Love each one of these boards! I know the store will be exquisitely done for the holidays!!

  6. You have such an eye Donna! I personally love a rustic themed christmas with a little bling and sparkle thrown in for contrast.
    Your 1st vignette nails it!
    Looking forward to your holiday decorations - they are always so lovely my dear!!


  7. These are beautiful, wow what a delight. I received my pumpkin from Freckled Laundry that you made. Oh how wonderful. I will be posting a picture this weekend where it reigns on my bookcase! I can't wait to see your Christmas designs!

  8. Hi Donna!

    These lovely vignettes are all so inspirational. As for what I gravitate towards? Honestly, I change up things quite a moment I'll feel like I want to do everything in pink...then the next time, I'll feel like something more rustic. I guess it just depends on what I'm feeling at that moment. :) But all of these images are beautiful! :)

    Well my friend, I hope you have a lovely weekend. And thank you for joining in on my first giveaway & for posting it on your site. :) Take care and have a blessed evening.


  9. Beautiful boards Donna! I can't wait to see what it all looks like when you get all your ideas out of your head and onto the floor of the store. It will be gorgeous I know!

    I never do the same thing twice and I never know what I will do until I get that inspiration. I always gravitate to silvers, and lights...lots of lights. All sorts of shiny stuff.

    All this talk is getting me excited for Christmas Donna!
    lots of love from here...

  10. I forgot to comment that I like to collect a new Santa every year. I have vintage, new and handmade.

  11. Eek! Is this not absolutely drool worthy?!?! I'm going to leave my comment quickly, don't want "her" to see all this wonderfulness, "she" is still trying to think fall and Halloween...."she" sees this and the skeleton is going back in the closet I tell you.

    Purrsonally, I like all the shiny breakable stuff for Christmas decor. "Her"....well....loves the whites, silver and robin's egg blue. There was mention of adding a bright green to the mix this year. We'll see, as Dad usually wins out with his traditional red and green.

    I'll tell "her" about your post later....



  12. Wow talk about sensory overload....these are soooo beautiful, each and every one. I just cannot wait to see them!!

    I really get into my Christmas decor, I collect angels and cherubs of all kinds, have lots of them as ornaments, and I add to the collection every year. Its a wonderful time of year to bring out time treasured collections and enjoy them for an entire month or so. Love your post!

  13. package arrived! It's a storyboard in a box! You are the best! <3

    Your boards and plans for Hortons are beautiful. I gravitate towards board probably does not surprise you.

    Every year I pick a theme gift wrap concept. It's just something I have carried over from my old retail days. When the children were young, they participated as well. I always use craft paper or white paper. This year's theme will be craft paper with grey wool and winter white embellishments.

    You never fail to make my day!
    I wish you the best of health at this crazy~busy time!

  14. I think number 1 is more my style. Like the other ones, too.
    Very inspiring.

  15. I normally go for something along the lines of number 1 but this year I am having a change and going with a bollywood christmas theme - lots of beaded decorations, velvet stockings etc....cannot wait to start decorating :-)

    Leeann x

  16. Hey Sweetie
    Looks fabulous! Love those boards especially the first one. This will be soooo fun... looking forward to it. Hopefully I will have something to sell.

  17. i love them all. i'm sure the result will be amazing

  18. Everything is beautiful! I can see my tatted ornaments and angels incorporated into vignette #3. Love this look.

  19. Oh, I love it all! But all that yummy silver and pearl is gorgeous and so elegant, I'd love to try something like that this year. Thanks for giving us a peek. I'll be sure to return for the big reveal and more design inspiration.

  20. OK, those were fun to look at and now I am really in the mood to get going on my own house!
    But this year I will have an added challenge with a new Jewish boyfriend living with me - I don't want to overdue things and scare him! Luckily my house is all blue and white so he might feel OK since that color is used in Hanukkah. I usually use natural pine/pine cones and red berries with an iced-over look, like the branches sat out in the freezing rain. Since I already have alot of crystal and gold leaf on my everyday home accessories, the natural greens and reds are all I need to dress them up and bring in that holiday feel.

  21. All so pretty - can't wait to see the real thing!!


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