My Garden Retreat

My Garden Retreat
photo Gridley Graves for Country Living

Amazing Autumn!

Oh Happy Day!
It has been raining for 3 days straight but I am not going to let it dampen my mood!
It's Autumn in Indiana and I am drinking it all in.

Every morning as I make my way out to the cottage studio...I do a little leaf peeping!
I can't get over all of the amazing color!
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I have been so busy lately I haven't gotten my camera out in a while so I thought I would repost some pictures I took last Autumn of the house down the road.

It's my favorite forlorn house!

I love the woods patina and the architectural elements

So much that I used a shot for my new header...

And the window trims are being duplicated at home!

There is something very magical about Autumn.
It draws you in ...keeps hold of your heart well into the coming months.
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My days are currently filled with thoughts of Christmas...but just knowing that beyond the door of my tiny studio...

This awaits me....
red maples USA

Keeps me going!

I hope you have a wonderful Autumn afternoon and take time to 

Peep at the leaves!

Until next time...


  1. Beautiful photos, Donna! I love autumn in Indiana. It's my favorite season. But, I do wish this rain would go away :)

  2. Gorgeous photos! I love driving around and 'leaf peeping'. One can never get tired of that.

  3. Good morning Donna! Thought I would visit while waiting for the oven to heat. I will be baking a cake for my daughter who turns 17 tomorrow.
    What a wonderful season to have a birthday, don't you think?
    Loving your Autumn pictures and
    that old house is so charming ~ so sad to see it looking so lonely.
    We've had some lovely days here for us to enjoy. I do think your rain is coming our way now, it's dark, wet, and cool at the moment...perfect baking weather :-)
    Have a great day ~ Rebecca

  4. Donna, I think we may still get to squeeze a bit of pretty leaves out of our auntumn. It's the prettiest
    time. Smiles, Susie

  5. Good Morning, Donna!

    You live in such rural beauty. Thank you for sharing such wonderful memories and moments of "Autumn Time".

    Have a wonderful and productive day.

  6. Such beautiful photography! Thank you for this uplifting (gorgeous) post!
    ~ Zuzu

  7. are living in beauty!! Enjoyed all the beautiful pictures!

  8. Hi Donna! That old house is very cool, those kind of houses always make me want to buy them so I can save them! Your imposed christmas season reminds me of when I was first married to my son's dad and he worked at a big Christmas Tree farm and nursery...well they started playing Christmas music before Thanksgiving and by the time the season rolled around he wouldn't allow it in our house! I hated that!! No music at Christmas?? But I bet it is kind of what you are going through. xxoo

  9. Love the crisp feel to these photos!

  10. What a great autumn pictures Donna..please come and join my post

  11. Oh my gosh, Donna!!! Autumn is sooo beautiful over there in Indiana!!! So jealous!!! The leaves over here don't turn like that and I definitely don't live anywhere that is near as scenic as that!!! :) Thank you for sharing and allowing me my own "fall-fix!" :)


    P.S. You're not the only one already thinking of Christmas. :)

  12. What absolutely gorgeous photos! Just look at those trees... and, i see why you love that old house... It's so cool that you are doing in honor by duplicating the window trim. The header looks great too!


  13. Dearest Donna,

    Lovely autumn photos indeed! I'm here from Ria's post...
    Love to you,


  14. I do think the leaves are beautiful this fall anyway here in Missouri

    Those pictures you have posted are really pretty

  15. Awwwwhhhhlooooove this post!!! So fabulous, it truly takes me away if even for a minute, beautiful pictures!

    PS Just awarded you a versatile blogger award,click over to see!

  16. Visiting from The Enchanted House, love your blog! I am your newest follower, looking forward to upcoming posts. Diane

  17. Hello Donna,

    That's what I did this afternoon. We drove around just looking at the stunning colors... so pretty.
    Beautiful pics.

    Happy weekend.

  18. Hi found you at Enchanted Home, you have such a lovely blog. Feels like a breath of fresh air.

    Am newer to blogging but there are so many beautiful things to see, I can see how it could become an addiction!

  19. Your photos are a joy to behold. Mr. C and I have been doing our annual cruising of the colors. They are spectacular once again this year. Serene Sunday dear...

  20. Okay that does it Donna...I'm movin' to Indiana!!!!!!!! Gorgeous place you live in my sweet friend. How I would love to go jumping in piles of leaves with you!
    Your pictures are just dreamy!
    Have a gorgeous day Donna!
    love to you to you!

  21. Stunning images! Love the fall colors! Enjoy the beautiful week ahead, Kellie xx

  22. Hi, I am visiting via The Enchanted Home.You have a beautiful blog and I love that you refer to the season as 'autumn' which is what I grew up with took me a while to get used to 'fall'. Congratulations on the award.

  23. Hi Sweet
    Wow you have a lot of color!!!
    We just didn't get the color here this year, I think it has been too dry. Didn't see a lot cross country in WI and MN this weekend either.
    Today was beautiful however and I am enjoying this weather.

  24. Think this is why fall is my favorite season....soooooo beautiful!! Thanks!

  25. Love that old home! Autumn is such a beautiful time of year!


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