My Garden Retreat

My Garden Retreat
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Reflections and candle making

It's Monday again!
I hope everyone had  a wonderful weekend...
Paused for a moment to remember the fallen of 9/11, those they left behind...
And the brave men and women who stepped in to help.
It crossed my mind several times yesterday. I don't want to forget what happened.
I  want always hold in my heart how I felt that day. How close we drew to each other... as a nation and as a child of God.

For a time...We truly were: One Nation Under God.

I spent the morning pouring candles. Remembering the day as it unfolded 10 years ago!
 It just doesn't seem that long ago!
The memory still so fresh and vivid.

In the afternoon I watched some of the events taking place around the world while my candles set up.

The weather is now is full Fall mode and today I plan on setting out my Autumn decor.

These pumpkins are sold but I was putting  fragrance into the tiny pouch tucked inside each one.

It was just this time last year when I began pouring soy candles!

I wanted something  healthier  natural...
Scented with the most fabulous fragrances~ Rich and Timeless.

I really enjoy the process of making candles.

Especially designing the fragrance. I use Premium Fragrance oils (the kind used in beauty products and essential oils from plants...
100% soy wax...

And vintage or reclaimed containers.

It takes a great deal of thought and care to design just the right fragrance.
I spend alot of time just on this process.

I usually have to go outside for a bit and then smell it again to decide if its what I was trying to achieve.
I then write down my steps so that other batches will be just as wonderful!

For Fall this year, I have created two new fragrances.

Frost on the pumpkin~ this fragrance was the first I poured this morning.

I wanted something that reminded me of how it feels on the morning that frost first appears on the pumpkins that sit at our back door.
It's cool, crisp but a little sweet like warm pumpkin pie with whipped cream!  I always love how the frost sparkles in the morning light so I  sprinkled the tops with a light glitter!

I can't wait to burn one!

The second fragrance is A cozy afternoon.

I was thinking about something yummy baking in the oven, maybe a old fashioned cream pie. Warm, fuzzy socks and  a comfortable throw. A hot cup of something that has been sprinkled with fresh nutmeg. 
doesn't that just sound amazing?

Then, I poured a favorite...French fig!

It has been a best seller since I first started to make them! If you love figs...this will make your heart sing! It has a base of Mediterranean Fig, french lavender, oakmoss and a secret ingredient.
I burn them year round but especially love them during the cooler months!

 Maybe this afternoon I will upload  them into my little Etsy shoppe...but right now, the fragrance completely fills the cottage!

What a wonderful way to start the Autumn Season!
I hope you have a wonderful start to your week!
Until next time...


  1. oh Donna, these sound so delicious!! the descriptions of your fragrances have me actually "smelling" them! I always keep a candle burning in the kitchen, xoxo D

  2. Well I looked on your Etsy and they are not there....I would just love the idea of the glitter on the top! How much fun did you have making these sweet things!!

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  4. You are amazing at mixing fragrance, Donna. I noticed your talent the moment that I opened, the sachet and flower that you made for my mother for her birthday!

    I gave a little shout out about this very subject on Jami's blog the other day!

    What a lovely way to spend this day of reflection and hope! Your candles are beautiful! If you list them on Etsy, I am most certain to purchase one or two!

    PS...I had to remove my first comment because of a typo.

  5. We also paused for reflection yesterday. I also make soy candles, aren't they wonderful!

  6. These scents sound wonderful and your candles look lovely in their different glass holders.


  7. Hi Donna! I really enjoyed this post. This process seems to make one slow down and really get into many times I try to hurry things along to their completed stage, but candle making looks like a luxuriously slow endeavor. It makes me want to make some candles! I used to make candles all the time when I was in 9th grade...I would get these candle making kits, and since I collected owls back then, I would make owl candles and it was so much fun. You are an inspiration. I liked looking out your windows behind the candles setting up. I love my pumpkins, and am glad I got one of the scented cream ones before they sold out!

  8. Donna, This is a post after my own heart. I started making candles - then switched to soy. It turned into a business that had me making them thousands at a time. It was insane. I sold the candle co, and now I am back to making them in my kitchen - with love.
    I am visiting a friend in wisconsin and am heading home today - this week I will be making my candles for fall and the holidays. I can't wait.

    Hugs and enjoy your PRETTY candles!

  9. Donna,

    They look and sound delightful. Your descriptions are perfection, I actually could imagine the scents :D
    Yesterday was a reflective day indeed, I have residual moodiness left over this am..Think I'll burn a candle and refresh ..wish it was one of yours...

  10. Hi Sweet
    I am having lunch and thought I would stop by and tell you how much I appreciate you.
    Your candles are lovely - the fig is my fav.
    Have a wonderful day

  11. Donna, I am tempted to drive by your house and sniff the air:):) It all sounds so wonderful. Glad you are having a good day. Smiles,Susie

  12. Your candles are quite elegant yet simply vintage in their upcycled glasses. The fragrances sound divine. Love your elegant burlap pumpkins. The cottage looks perfect with candle making happening...

  13. Donna, I love, love your candles- My fav is the French fig, but I sure do want to try out your new fragrances! Your home is looking beautiful in your latest post. It's been a long journey for you, but just look at what you've made it! Wonderful....
    :-) Sue


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