My Garden Retreat

My Garden Retreat
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House Thoughts

Hello my friends!

Do you have one of these?

Or perhaps, one of these?

Perhaps you are not quite certain what it is...
It's my home file.
For 6 years now I  have collected ideas for our "New" old home.
Thoughts...ideas. My Dream file!
It started out in a binder with clear pockets for samples and pictures and then became a tote...
And now. it's a metal basket!

It's gotten a little bit out of control!

I have made several attempts at organizing a bit better...

There are dividers for different rooms...
pockets for samples...
paint chips and fabric.

But the truth is, I am always sifting through it and don't put it back!

Or...My direction has changed and I have kept both the original ideas and my new ones!


So this morning, while I wait for it to warm up a bit... :)
I am working on my Home thoughts pile!

I need to make a few final decisions before we head into the main areas of our home!

The gathering spaces.
Living room
And Dining room!
The weekend is once again almost here and hubby has things he wants to work on...once I make these decisions!
Oh the pressure!
So send happy thoughts and I will do the same for you!
Until next time...


  1. My girlfriend had one for her new home. I didn' was all in my head! But if I ever do it again, I will make a book. Maybe then I would sleep through the process more!!

  2. I have 'inspirational books' that I have put together with photos from magazines and the web. I make notes on each photo as to what I like. I love to go through them from time to time to get some new inspiration and do my own take on the things I like. It is so much fun because I am always changing things up;)
    ~Debra xxx
    Capers of the vintage vixens

  3. I do have one of these Donna. It is a huge file folder crammed full of paint samples and pictures of ideas. Mine is in need of some straitening up too!

    Wishing you a beautiful day my dear friend!
    love to you...

  4. I wish I had only one..I have years and years of folders and even one "someday I am out of here folder" lol

    Enjoy the weekend dear... Whatever you guys do it will be wonderful. <3

  5. I YI YI Donna!! (hee hee) I have binders full of stuff too , but yours look so amazing!!!! Your home will be so wonderful when you get it all done. We will have to send the magazine people over!! :)

  6. Yes, yes, and YES! If you figure out a better way to organize all of it PLEASE let me know!


  7. I don't really have a file, I have a pile! haha! Lots of times I will pin something on a board, but mostly I keep it in my head...and then I get sidetracked by falling in love with something else, and I am so quick to act, it is a done deal without me ever giving a thought to my original idea(s)!!
    AS we speak, I am in my office TRYING to organize my piles. Since I started Etsy and buying stuff at auctions, it is getting out of hand!

  8. PS your cute pumpkins are in my new header!

  9. Hi Sweet
    Even though we just talked about all this over coffee this am... I am leaving a comment so not to cause drama...ha!
    I have never had a folder, book or basket... I fly by the seat of my pants and you know that... ha!
    It makes it interesting and occasionally, for a new pair of pants.
    Love ya

  10. Wow,you've got somehow system there!!!I just have tons of magazines,a head full of too many ideas and luckily my blog ... Can't wait until the ideas becomes reality,can you?tovehugs:)

  11. Seeing ideas already made into rooms is helpful. From everything I have seen on your blog....don't worry Donna, you'll have that house pulled together, wonderfully. I can't wait for the tour on your blog. Happy warm thoughts and smiles for you and your husband, Susie

  12. I had one too but then I realized it really comes back to what the house tells me what's right. What I thought was my perfect dream didn't always go with what I had. It hit me when a friend said to me one day...your home is about a mood not a style. That's when I thought By Jove that's it! Of course everything you do is LOVELY.


  13. When I did a design board it actually did help me stay focused and I did a much better job. Usually I just go with the all in my head idea or the overflowing torn out pages mess. Your basket is already a designer element...

  14. I have binders, files, and piles of magazines.

    Donna,I LOVE your basket. Does your sewing machine embroider?

    I wish you and your husband a weekend blessed with brilliant productivity!


  15. Oh yes I have a couple 3 ring notebooks full of ideas and no new house in my life plans LOL

    I will be in my house a few more years unless price charming builds me my dream home with his million dollar wife account LOL

    we all needs dreams and projects

  16. Donna,
    I also have dream books and love to collect fabrics also. Love the blues you have. I won the pumpkin contest on Jami's blog and am so excited. I would love the limited edition pumpkin!!

  17. You are so organized. Your file looks like Candace Olson's files. Very professional. I wish I had that kind of organizational talent.
    take care

  18. I had a folder when we built our house, I still have one that I keep ideas in for future projects.
    Have a fabulous weekend,

  19. I've always kept clips of things that I want to do or redo, make or remodel. It's fun, like doll house for adults. From time to time I even get around to completing a few!

  20. Bonjour,
    Je suis française, de Provençe et je suis sous le charme de votre blog!A bientôt Bonne fin de dimanche! Sylvie

  21. I too have 'inspiration books' - and get so many ideas from them. Looks like you have a good system for keeping yours neat and organized.

  22. Taking a photographs of remodel any work is great way to remember also best for future projects and ideas, I had a folder when we built our house.

  23. Looking at your basket... it makes me think that I should gather my ideas for my dream home, too. At least, it'll be fun.


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