My Garden Retreat

My Garden Retreat
photo Gridley Graves for Country Living

An unexpected get-away

This morning I awoke to a glorious sunny day!
The coolest temperature we have had in months!
And to this hydrangea!

I had just picked it...
Brought it in...
And placed it on the bathroom window ledge in the cottage...
When my sweet hubby called
"Join me"
He will be away for another day so...
I am!
I am bringing along two new books!
Both fabulous so far!
And his truck so that I can go treasure hunting!

Before I leave I wanted to share my garden pick of the day with you!

It will have faded when I return so I leave it with you to enjoy!
Here on my bathroom window's ledge!


  1. Have a wonderful time...find some treasures! Love your photos!

  2. I love hydrangeas but have never planted any...not sure why. Well it's most likely because I have a brown thumb.

    How fun to be meeting your hubby on an unexpected getaway. Enjoy your time hunting for treasures!

  3. Those are the most beautiful photos ever... omg, with the blue on your page and the way you softened them, it's like out of a dream...


  4. Have a wonderful time! Drive safe.
    Chat when back :D


  5. What beautiful magical the soft light. Stunning....enjoy your little getaway and hope you come back with some goodies!

  6. It is absolutely my favourite flower, you can never have enough Hydrangea. The one adorning your powder room is such a soft and delicate colour. Gorgeous.

  7. Enjoy your time away-I look forward to reading about your treasure hunting!
    Thanks for sharing your news and the beautiful hydrangea blossom!

  8. Donna,
    I love your hydrangea and the photos of it are beautiful!
    Hope you have fun treasure hunting with your beloved!


  9. That hydrangea is gorgeous Donna! Thanks for sharing it with us before you take off. Happy trails!

  10. Ooooo....I'm jealous--of your beautiful blue hydreangea & your get away! (Not really...) My hydrangeas are the pink & green, still so pretty. And my hubby has promised me a little mini vacation later on in Sept. or Oct. after he finishes a job. It doesn't take much to get me excited anymore! :)

    Have a wonderful time with your hubby.

  11. Oh how beautiful! I love the hydrangea, thank you!
    I can't wait to see what treasures you find on your trip! Enjoy : )!
    hugs, Cheryl

  12. Have fun and yes was today not the best I thought I might be dreaming...


  13. How fun to be so spur of the moment. Safe travels and find lots of treasures. Relax and recharge your inner batteries. Sunshine Summer Smiles...

  14. Such a sweet surprise ... both the flower and the getaway! What are you reading ... please share, I'm always looking for a good read!
    ps. Have fun

  15. Sounds like a nice time with hubs and the truck!! Your photos are so soft and dreamy Donna.

  16. Hi Donna sweet,
    Have a good time with hubs while I sit here and stare at your beautiful hydrangea in that gorgeous window of yours!
    hugs from here...

  17. I've always thought pink hydrangeas were my favorite but you may have changed my mind after seeing your beautiful blue one. The photo is wonderful. Have a nice time! Shannon

  18. Your blog is just so romantic! I always love poping over to see what you are up to! What a gorgeous color on that hydrangea...Thanks for sharing over at Cottage Flora Thursday's today! xoxo, tracie

  19. Hello.
    These images are adorable. Pretty flowers in a pretty bathroom.
    Enjoy your day.

  20. There is nothing more beautiful than a hydrangea...gorgeous way to start my morning!!

  21. Hi Donna,

    What a beautiful blue on your hydrangea bloom, and in that cut crystal vase just simply lovely!!
    Enjoy your getaway, have fun collecting new treasures...
    Thank you for your visit!!
    All the Best,

  22. LOVE hydrangeas! Enjoy your little getaway, Donna!! xo

  23. Have fun! I have a vase full of limelight hydrangeas on the table right now. I love them all, yours looks so pretty in the window sill.
    t. xoxo

  24. Beautiful photos Donna. Have an enjoyable time!

  25. I love your bathroom window ledge. This photo is magazine worthy! thanks for the view.

  26. Simply beautiful!


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