My Garden Retreat

My Garden Retreat
photo Gridley Graves for Country Living

Thank you Amy!

Hello Everyone!
I hope your week is going well and and that you're keeping cool!
It's so hot outside is has kept me from getting much done in the garden.
I am doing a few things in the cottage before I get back to work on the house renovation!
While I wait for the last few things that will complete the kitchen...
I have been picking up a few accessories!
One of which just arrived and to my surprise...
Was recommended by the always amazing Amy of Maison Decor!

It's this vintage scale!
And even though my sweet friend does not Do Red...
She emailed me on Friday with this etsy find!
Isn't it cute?

I love it and already have a special place picked out for it in the cottage.
So "Thank you Amy" for finding this sweet little treasure!

 I am working on the bookcases in the living area  of the cottage.

I have decided to rework them and have several new books that need to be wrapped in cream and white paper!

Until next time!


  1. Donna, it's 110 degrees here, and that's in the shade. Needless to say, we are staying inside if we can help it.

    What a sweet friend to think of you, eventhough she doesn't like red. I just love that scale Amy found for you.

  2. Oh you!! I forgot about telling you about that scale~but am thrilled you bought it for your new kitchen. It looks fantastic Donna.

  3. What a cute place! You are terrific at decorating. Looking forward to see it finished!
    Thanks for sharing!

  4. I love these old scales and have wanted one forever!

  5. Well I sure do red and I too think it's sweet as can be~Cheers Kim

  6. I also am loving the red stove idea and may do ours at our beach cottage as well.Looks fabulous~Cheers Kim

  7. I LOVE the idea of wrapping the books... you are a creative genius. I think you need you own show on hgtv! xo


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