My Garden Retreat

My Garden Retreat
photo Gridley Graves for Country Living

A gift of friendship!

I feel so blessed to have met some of the most amazing, talented, creative and caring friends since I started blogging 2 years ago!
Blogging has really changed my life and I am  so grateful to you all! I am daily inspired by you!
Recently, my dear friend Sandi sent me this great canvas piece as a gift!

I had set it against the wall in the house but...
I have been feeling a little down this past week so I decided to find a great home for it~in the cottage.

I hung just above a vintage galvanized bucket of wood moulding and millwork taken out of our home during the renovation process. The galvanized pedestal came from Horton's this past Spring!
I have used it both inside and out this Summer and love, love, love it too!

The  Canvas color is the coolest shade of Aqua/grey with cream writing in a black frame~perfect!
I really love it and wanted to share it with you!
Maybe it will make you smile as it did me!

Thank you Sandi! You're the best!
If you haven'y stopped by Sandi's blog really should! She has such a beautiful blog and always does the sweetest posts!
I love her style...White and Wonderful!
click here to visit Sandi!

I hope you stop by again's Tinker's birthday and I spent sometime this weekend getting my little Folly ready for the change in weather!

Until tomorrow!


  1. What a delightful gift and just perfect for you!

  2. are you kidding? It's beautiful...what a thoughtful thing to do. There sure are some wonderful gals out there!

    Hope your day is a lovely one ~

  3. Awww how beautiful...
    it looks wonderful with the bucket and all its goodies.
    You are precious, you know.
    Blessings today

  4. Donna, that was so nice of Sandi I love her blog i visit it daily it makes me feel good, stop by and enter my giveaway it would look great on Tinker's door....

  5. Donna ~ That is just beautiful! I love how you have a bucket of things taken from your home during renovation ~
    What a precious friend Sandi is :)

  6. Aww, I hope you are feeling a little better today...bloggers are great aren't they?? I guess you are home from treasure hunting with the mr. Now go have a cup of coffee out on that pretty deck of yours and say hi to Tinker for me!

  7. Donna,
    I hope you are feeling better. Thank you for introducing me to Sandi! I am certain to pop in for Tinker's birthday!

  8. Awwww, that's so so pretty, and it looks wonderful on your beautiful gray/brown walls. What a sweetie she is, i'm going over to her blog now...


  9. Oh Donna, this is gorgeous, Sandi is such a sweetheart!

  10. Hi Donna,
    Gee...(blushing here)thanks for the nice kudos. I just had to send it to you because I knew it would be perfect for your home. So happy you like it!

    I am so sorry that you are down. Please know that you are loved by me ,our Heavenly Father and by many other people as well. Hope you have a better day today!!

  11. How very sweet and perfect a gift for you from Sandi. Your display of this beautiful canvas is perfection. You do have a magic touch for decorating.
    I am looking forward to Tinker's birthday tomorrow.

  12. What a pretty canvas and sweet gester from your friend.
    Have a great day.

  13. What a beautiful gift and you have displayed it so wonderfully with the galvanized bucket! Love it!


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