My Garden Retreat

My Garden Retreat
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A Finished project and a winner!

Happy Sunday!
It's been a really busy week...But I made it through and thought I would let you know who won the give-away!
Thank you all so much for being a part of Tinker's 1st year! Your comments made me smile!

Number 21:

Blogger It's me said...

It looks wonderful !!....please count me in darling...enjoy your love from
Wednesday, August 17, 2011
So Ria, email me with your mailing address and I will get your gift right out.

As far as the rest of my Sunday post...

I finished painting the chair I bought on my little trip...
Covered the seat in white linen...

Made a slipcover for the back of the chair from one of my all-time favorite shirts that I seem to have outgrown of late.( serious throat clearing going on here)

And placed it in the cottage bathroom.
Now don't look at the bathroom grout! This is where my hubby showers and If I don't clean it turns orange because of our awful water! But My youngest son will be here this week for shore leave. It seems the Navy has agreed to  give him 10 days to spend at home before they need him back on his ship! Yay! So I will be scrubbing the deck as he says all of tomorrow for his arrival on Tuesday!
Okay, so where were we,
I have always had a bit of a pet peeve about chairs in the bathroom.
I think there needs to be a place to sit down other than the commode! So no matter the size of the bath...there's a chair in it around here!
I painted the candlesticks creamy white too but will wait to put them out this week...when I put Fall out!
I know what your thinking (it's too early), but I spent the better part of my week resetting Horton's for the Season and well, I am so ready here at home too!
So, See ya soon! 


  1. LOVE the chair...everything about it. So delicate and romantic looking, the buttons are a beautiful touch!

  2. Donna, this chair is adorable!!! and I'm always counting the days down to September 1, so I can legitimately throw out the pumpkins! I'm looking forward to what you do at your place AND Hortons'. Have a wonderful visit with your son! xoxo Debra

  3. Nice chaircover darling !..i won !!!..o my...that is great !!....i email you........thanks a lot .....i am happy love love

  4. I'm so sick of hot weather I already put my fall out! The leaves in my house have changed to orange! Unfortunately it's still 95 outside - ugh.....

  5. That is a cute idea for a chair back slip~now you can enjoy it forever. Have fun with your son, I am going to get mine next week (as he is working this summer there and has to go back to college)on marthas vineyard, so we might end up rubbing elbows with the President!

  6. But what will you do when the shirt fits again ? lol
    it's adorable, well of course it is!
    it isn't fall yet? Then why was I dragging out my gourds from the garage today?
    I declare fall just a smidgen away...even when it is going to be 111 here Wednesday, it IS fall dagnabit!

  7. LOVING that chair cover Donna! Drats I didn't win, but so happy for Ria!! Have a super lovely day!

  8. Congrats to Ria! I love your little slip on the chair, what a great idea to use a pretty blouse! t. xoxoox

  9. Lurker here .. that chair is adorable! I'm sorry you outgrew the shirt but it really does look wonderful on the chair! Putting that in my file for "things I would love to have or do one day"!

  10. Okay, so like has no one thought about the fact that the shirt would probably only fit moi and a handful of other small stature cats?!? I mean, that shirt is what a size negative negative zero or what?!?! Glad the chair now has it and that yo are no longer small as a mousie. I'd hate to have to chase you! ;)

    I hope you had a grand weekend!


    Romeo (the cat) and "her" (who would most certainly NOT fit in that shirt)

  11. Very lovely idea and finished product......


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