My Garden Retreat

My Garden Retreat
photo Gridley Graves for Country Living

A change of View

I Thought I would show you what I've been doing this week while I wait for the kitchen to be completed in the cottage!

My hubby made me this little shelf with hooks so that we have a place to "hang our coats and hats"
I've always had something here but used it in our new closet. So he made something! Super Cute!

I showed you the bookcases that flank the fireplace as I started my new project

After I removed everything and dusted I worked for awhile covering books with leftover wallpaper from my kitchen project.

And this is what it looks like finished!

I tucked  in some of my cloches and mini cake plates...
Moss and yarn balls...
And these cool boxwood balls

I also decided the leave some of the books uncovered since they had a touch of red.
This stack on floor was a gift from a friend!
(Thank you Susie!)

She has a new blog but has shopped at the store where I work for awhile.
Please stop by and visit with her if you get a chance!
She gave me these books for my new library~ which is not complete so I will use them  out here for a bit.

 Summer changes in the cottage were subtle this year since I really work out here now!

But more often than not you will find me here on days like today looking at a book or magazine!
Or just looking at the little kitchen!

Yes, it still makes me smile!
Thanks for stopping by!


  1. I would love to live in your little cottage now that you have worked so hard to make it truly a beautiful home. Your style is so comfortable yet elegant! Wednesday Summer Smiles...

  2. So much eye candy here...! The last picture was an awesome one, showing the completely adorable kitchen from the living room space. I LOVE your taste (and your hubs has great taste and style too). What a great book/tv console unit, with the FP in it. Did hubs build that too? It all looks amazing. I really like the crystal sphere chandy. Tell where you found it please! So cool!

  3. Haven't thought of covering books...everything is so delightful to look at...still loving the red stove!

  4. I like the idea of covering books with wall paper. Love your kitchen! Love your beautiful cottage!

  5. Love covering those books to unify the look. (That red stove is a new favorite for me. I pinned it on pinterest.)

  6. oh Donna , I love your home. Every detail is so cozy and gorgeous.
    Have a pretty day!

  7. Love that top shelf display!!

    barbara jean

  8. It has to be amazing to be you and being able to live in such beautifulness!! (that probably isn't even a word. LOL) Everything you touch is just gorgeous Donna!!!! Love it!!

  9. It looks Fabulous!!!
    Love the color and of course your knack for display is not to be compared.
    I love it all, great job!
    Blessings today

  10. Your home is sooo beautiful! I love each and every picture, each little vignette and your color scheme is gorgeous...right out of a magazine!

  11. gorgeous....send me some of your energy and inspiration!!!

  12. The bookcase looks great and what a pretty kitchen.

  13. It just looks so adorable Donna! The colors are so soothing and the details are charming. You should be very proud of it! I love it!

  14. It makes you smile, but it also makes me smile!!! What beautiful touches EVERYWHERE! So much to admire and drool over.....good thing I am not really there, you'd have to pull the mop out and follow me around ;)

    I hope you are having a great week....inside, where it's cooler.

    "Her" and Romeo

  15. Every detail is arranged with love...
    Such charm, such much inspiration!

  16. You have out done yourself in this beautiful cottage Donna! I love every view I saw in your photos. The kitchen is still making me smile too! And everything else as well.
    I have to see MORE!
    big hugs and love from here...

  17. love the books covered in wallpaper...and how pretty pretty pretty your kitchen is! I can't wait to see more of it!

  18. Heck makes me smile out loud. Love your grays and I'm always a sucker for a pop of red.

  19. Good Grief, this is all so charming, i don't even know where to start! What could be cuter than that little shelf?! And the kitchen is precious, the book makeover is amazing, the gray cabinet with the little iron bench and to die for light fixture are wonderful, and that little table in front, omg...
    you have amazing style!


  20. That shelf looks gorgeous! Your fireplace looks amazing! Have a fabulous weekend, Kellie xx

  21. Can I come over and stay for forever?????PLEASE!!!

  22. Wow, I'm blown away. everything is absolutely gorgeous. You should be very proud. You need to be featured in a decor magazine!
    have a great weekend.

  23. This is beautiful, Donna! I love all the unexpected touches, especially the books turned to show the pages.
    Hope you are enjoying your Sunday.

  24. C'est très beau cette décoration !
    J'adore les livres recouverts de papier peint - le canapé-lit en fer
    et ses superbes coussins ...
    Toutes tes mises en scène sont ravissantes !
    Belle journée

  25. Love how you have styled the bookcases and the wonderful bench sitting area.


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