My Garden Retreat

My Garden Retreat
photo Gridley Graves for Country Living

My Flea Market Purchase

I had hoped to show you my flea market purchase yesterday but ended up spending the day outside in my garden....WEEDING!
So without further ado... here it is!

My new grey table!

I just love it!
It has an old plank top and a shelf where my french wire baskets will reside...

Great legs...

And it is long and narrow...just like my soon to be dining room!

So, what do you think?
I truly love it.
Rustic and simple already painted in one of my favorite colors!

I bought it from my friend Amber of {Damask Designs.}
here's my table in her space at the French Flea Market :)

She has the most adorable things!
I always look forward to seeing what she is going to come up with!

my table on the second day! :)

She is truly blessed with an eye and an amazing talent!
She and the shopgirls are always a joy!

If you get as chance...stop by and tell her hello!

Well, I have a major project I am about to start this afternoon and I will return to share the details with you soon!
So until next time,


  1. Oh my! I covet the is perfection you lucky girl.
    Are you recovered? Can you walk, talk and eat again? lol

    We'll catch up soon sweets <3

  2. That table is beautiful and I love the color. I looks so pretty with her accessories placed on top so it's easy to tell how gorgeous it will be in your space. Her booth looks amazing. Love the measuring cups!

  3. perfect find, Donna. Now can't wait to see the Dining Room take shape around it!!! xoxo Debra

  4. What a gorgeous piece Donna!!! I love it and I know it will look stunning in your home!
    You were weeding yesterday in this heat???? Please be careful lady!!!

  5. oh my word - this is the most gorgeous table...good find! I think if we had both been there - we might have come to blows! :)

  6. I LOVE it, and i can't believe it's already in that wonderful color, i was going to ask if you had painted it!


  7. I noticed the legs right away! That table is super great Donna! What a nice piece to have, it is sooo you!! thanks for commenting on my new purchases~I will be looking forward to your latest project. Whatever happened to the outdoor sink in a barrel idea? That was a good one!

  8. thank you my dear for your kind comments :)! I am so glad the table found someone that will appreciate it's beauty;)!

  9. GREAT table - the lower shelf is a major plus!!

  10. Great table Donna. Can't wait to see how you use it. I've been thinking of using more grey...or is it gray...I never know?


  11. Hey!
    Great table... it will be perfect.
    Stay inside and don't asphyxiate yourself!
    Stay cool
    PS See they still love you

  12. wow! What a great table. It's so pretty...yes it has the best lines and to be so narrow. It's lovely...perfect for your house.

  13. Donna, it's beautiful, I did spot that at there booth didn't know it was for sale... Lucky you can't wait to see it all dressed up...have a great day and stay cool.


  14. I love it, too. Great find! I like that grey shade.
    I should spend more time in flea markets....

  15. Oh I should be outside weeding too, but its so darn hot.
    Love the table. The color is fantasic. Can't wait to see it with the chairs.

  16. Like it? Nope.

    Love it? YES!!! And those legs - will you look at those legs?!!!! And the shelf - oh how wonderful is that?!?!! Nom, nom, nom - LOVE the table!!!




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