My Garden Retreat

My Garden Retreat
photo Gridley Graves for Country Living

Horton's French Flea...part deux

Hello my friends!
Thank you so much for your patience these last few posts as I try to share some of our photos and memories of last weekends Event at the store.

our perimeter fence...made from pallets!

I am still dragging...literally getting from one chair to another! And my brain is a little foggy...
It never takes me long to get back up to running speed!

In the meantime,
Here are some random shots of the event

Pretty cool huh?

Well, give me a few more days...maybe even until Monday and I will share my Big purchase with you!
It's really great! (at least I think so!)
If you still haven't got enough...head on over to my other blog Hortons of Tipton for some more pictures and meet the vendors and Horton Family
Until next time!


  1. Yes, I want to see your purchase. I bet it's something fabulous!

    Your images are always so nice.

    Thank you for your visit today.

  2. Wonderful...what a fun event! Thanks for sharing some photos.
    Happy day

  3. Looks as if there were some wonderful items here...I'm also curious as to your purchase.

  4. Seems to me you put on an amazing show! I keep seeing photos around blogland and it looks like such a fun event with fabulous vendors.

    Hope you are taking some down time for yourself:-)


  5. Great photos and great post!
    I love flee markets.
    I'll be here again.
    Come to visit me too.
    Love from Portugal

  6. Gorgeous photos and great inspiration...I love those pillows with the hankies on them...time to hit the thrift stores again ;)

    Blessings Kelsie

  7. those were fun pics, but now I am dying to see your latest purchase. if you think its great I know I am going to think it is marvelous!

  8. Beautiful photos dear friend!! Can't wait to see more and sure wish I could do it all over again already!!!

  9. everything looks so amazing, but I'm partial to that mannequin!

  10. What an absolutely adorable market! I would've loved to be there... Everything looks so irresistible, and i can't wait to see what you bought!


  11. I adore your mimes that entertained the crowds. All the shops are just fabulous. Keep recharging my dear...

  12. Donna,
    I saw Rebecca photos also. I am amazed at how many booths I actually missed. I know I'll go to everyone next time. If it takes both days. take care, get plenty of rest. Smiles to you, Susie

  13. Donna, these photos are killing me! I wish I could have been there! It looked so amazing and fun. Congratulations!

  14. Looks so fun - so much GREAT stuff - wish I lived closer!

  15. It looks like a playground for ladies like us who appreciate special treasures. Looking forward to seeing the rest of the trip.

  16. Oh I LOVE the table Donna! Just my color too. I loved going around the fair with you and it looks like it was such a great show this year. You know your April is a beauty!!! What a sweet girl to run your beautiful space this year. I saw on Sandi's blog that she bought that darling ruffled bag from you. So pretty!
    It was so good to catch up with you tonight on all the great posts I have missed.
    sending big hugs from here!


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