My Garden Retreat

My Garden Retreat
photo Gridley Graves for Country Living

Almost...but not quite

Happy Friday!
I am so glad the weekend is here!
My hubby will be home to help me finish a few loose ends on my cottage remodel and...
I am planning on cooking for the first time in weeks!

As are a few more pictures of my Cottage Kitchen.
The before and after:

Quite a difference!
I must tell you I always liked my black cabinets....
But I LOVE the new ones!
A few things are still left to be finished but I wanted to share it before the weekend!

The sink hasn't been replaced yet, but hopefully next week.

And yes!
That is a RED stove!
The paint finally arrived and I got it done in a day!

I did some research and found a source for the paint online! It was really easy!
I know it's not for everyone,
And a lot of you won't even like it...but it really makes a difference in the little kitchen!
I was so concerned that a large number of you wouldn't like it...I almost didn't show it to you!
Since it was to be the only punch of color...I did it!

I've  gotta tell ya!
It makes me smile every time I see it!
I am so.... happy that I did!

I got out all of my favorite white pitchers, silver spoons and mercury glass to use as accessories until my mom arrives!

And love how they look on the new counter top!

I kept it simple...didn't want any clutter...

And I am thrilled with the results!

This vintage high chair is Rebecca's but I am buying it from her!
It was left behind when she went back to Chicago after the French Flea....and I love it!
It has a new home here in the cottage with my Rosemary and favorite cookbooks!

Well, I still have several things to complete before this day is done...
But I promise to return and share the rest of the remodel with you!
Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. Wow it's such a huge difference. so much brighter and the pop of red really looks good. I'm really liking it Donna! {and I am not typically a red person so that says something!!}

  2. looking soooo cute!!! how cute is your stove...looks like a retro stove now!

  3. I love the stove! How clever of you to paint it! It's absolutely perfect! The whole kitchen is precious.:)

  4. Congratulations on your mission accomplished! I like the cabinets black, but white and distressed are gorgeous, love the red stove too!
    Have a fabulous weekend!
    XXX Ido

  5. Donna, it's darling, I LOVE the stove! and the little chair is perfect for this spot! So glad you posted it, I wouldn't miss that red stove for anything! xoxo Debra

  6. well i don't know about the red, of course it looks good with your papers and accessories. (me=not red person)
    i would love to have a lilac or powder blue stove!! how fun it was to paint the stove, though.

  7. You are a trend setter!! I love the red stove...going to be all colors of appliances popping up now! Love the new look of all of it.

  8. The red stove is a great idea. I gotta say, how many people can say looking at their stove makes them smile?! Course I'm not a cook, maybe people do, just not me, ha!

    Love the wallpaper inside the cabinets too. What a fun surprise when you open the door.

    Hope you can get it all finished soon. Enjoy cooking tonight!

  9. Donna,
    That pop of red is wonderful. I love having reds and blacks as accent colors. Great job !!!! Smiles, Susie

  10. It looks wonderful Donna, and I love the red stove. Just what the kitchen needed! Job well done, no enjoy and have a good weekend!

  11. Donna, look amazing and I LOVE the red stove... looking at your counter tops I'm going to do mine too... wish me luck...thanks for sharing with us and have a good weekend


  12. WOW!!!! it looks great..I love the happy you went with what YOU is awesome...

  13. Your kitchen turned out wonderful and i love the "pop" of color:-)


  14. wow !!!! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the red stove !!!!

  15. I totally LOVE all the changes...and my jaw just about dropped when I saw that red stove. It looks amazing! I wonder if you could paint a refrigerator with it?
    Job well done!

  16. Your kitchen is looking wonderful and I love the red stove! Great work my dear...

  17. Really well done Donna. It looks fabulous! You mom is going to love it.

  18. Whew! doesn't it feel incredible when it is all complete.
    Well done....... time to pour the vino.

  19. I think you're going to cook the best food because the ambiance of your kitchen looks pretty nice and wonderful. I love the red stove. It looks fierce and posh.

  20. lovely! My dream stove would be a bright red aga, can't you imagine a few dogs laying in front of it to keep warm?

  21. I love your new look. When something you've done makes you smile every time you see it, then it was definitely meant to be.

    Enjoy ~ FlowerLady

  22. The stove painted red is the perfect accent and matches the wallpaper. I feel funny showing my foyer since it's not white! I know shocking! Actually I don't like showing my house at all so I'm always thrilled when bloggers are willing to show theirs.
    Great redo now can you come and do mine?
    Beautiful Job!

  23. What a beautiful difference this makes Donna. I am totally in love with everything you have done in your kitchen. ESPECIALLY the red stove. Love it!!! I know it has been a tremendous amont of work, but wow, so worth it all.
    I would so buy that little chair too!
    sending hugs from here...

  24. Girl, you've got boules!

    SO inventive and daring and right on with that red stove! Pure genius!

    No following the pack for you girl, you LEAD the pack and I will walk right behind you. <3

    I love it, it's amazing, and so true to your lifestyle and your personality.
    HUGE kudos!


    (thanks for the insight on my eventful yesterday also...good advice my friend, lessons learned.)

  25. Oh my I love the red stove!!! I have red accents in my kitchen. My daughter gave me a darling red tea kettle now I want the stove red!! It's a new gas one so I doubt I can talk my husband into it. You have a gift that's for sure.

    Thank you for sharing. It makes me happy looking at these pictures and it's not even my kitchen. I love the fact that is small and making do with what you had. This is redo I can relate to.

  26. Your kitchen looks so lovely! Everything is so organized! xoxoxoo

  27. Hey Girl...
    I have been reading the comments and I think they all love you and your red stove!
    It turned out great and I love that you do what makes you happy in your own home. Sometimes it just takes us awhile to find out what speaks to us and then gutsy enough to do it, I am proud of you... you know what you like... have fun with it.

  28. Love the cabinets. Love the red stove. Love how you kept the doors off of a couple of cabinets. Oh, and I really need that sweet little plate with the bunny on it!

  29. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the stove!!!

  30. Oh here is more of your lovely. I love the red stove. Makes me wonder if I could paint my black appliances because I hate them soooo much. Love the color of the it all.

  31. Oh my, a RED stove! That is fabulous! I love that! It looks perfect against the whites in your kitchen... I know you will smile for a very long time :)

  32. Oh, I love your red stove! It looks so amazing with the gray, whites and creams you have in your kitchen! I love this idea~ you are so clever!

    Your kitchen is so beautiful, and I love all of the sweet details you have added! I could look at your gorgeous blog FOREVER and never grow tired of it! :)

    Did you have a nice weekend? I hope you did! :)



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