My Garden Retreat

My Garden Retreat
photo Gridley Graves for Country Living

Ruffled Linens

Hello my Friends!
I hope everyone has had an enjoyable week thus far!
Mine...has been a bit ruffled!
After I hung my sheets on the line...

I actually just sat in my chair...

For a whole 10 minutes!
What was I thinking right?
But I did and thought I would share that moment with you!

I also thought I would share a wonderful Etsy store with you!
Ruffled Linens

That's where I got these gorgeous ruffled linen pillowcases!

She is currently moving and filling orders but when she returns...please check out Christiana's amazing Etsy store!

click her logo to visit!

Not only are these pillowcases beautiful...
When she shipped them they smelled heavenly!
I have got to find out what she misted them with!
It's a must have fragrance!

Well, I must get back to work!  SO Much still to do and very few days until
The French Flea Market at Horton's

Have a wonderful Weekend!
Until next time...


  1. I love Ruffled Linens! I ordered a ruffled napkin from her (to use on my mantel) and I agree, it smelled heavenly when it arrived! The pillow cases are so gorgeous too.

  2. Donna, Went over to check out her shop and bummer it's closed until July 15th so I will have to go back and check out her goodies, I have told all my clients about the Market and many have marked the date... have a good weekend.


  3. Small world...I actually have one of her items listed in my Etsy favorites to purchase!
    Her tablecloths are beautiful (That's what I'm planning to purchase.)

    I have no doubt that these beautiful ruffled pillowcases fit your home quite nicely.


  4. So beautiful. Christiana is on my Fab 50 list of {the heart that gives, gathers} She is a brilliant talent and Philanthropic Angel!
    Thanks for sharing, Donna.

  5. so restful and perfect looking, your backyard. i am dying for a clothesline...its the simple things. i wrote about tinker house and you today...come by~xxoo

  6. Sitting in your chair reflecting for 10 minutes was a very smart thing to do as you will get everything done in due time for your event. Love the new ruffled linens...

  7. I love your ruffled linens. I always enjoy seeing pretty linens on the line.

    Take care,

  8. Oh my god, i just found your blog through Amy at Maison Decor and it's precious! I love it here! The linens on the clothesline are heavenly... and i love your little Tinker building, and i saw your new handbag design with ruffles which is fabulous! everything about your blog feels like home to me... i hope that doesn't sound weird... i can't wait to look around some more!


  9. There is nothing like white linens on the line - the ruffles swaying in teh breeze and the whiteness brightened by the sun - marvelous!
    I can't think of a better view to enjoy for 10 minutes of peaceful bliss.

  10. Love your ruffled linens! and beautifull images thank you for sharing. Best of luck with the upcoming brocante. please share market images with us? XO Colette~ Afrique du Sud

  11. Remind me to go visit her again when she opens back up.
    In the meantime...don't get your tail feathers ruffled...10 minutes is allowed!

  12. Oh my, lol I know I'll be checking out her shop come July! Thanks for the link.

    Good for you, sitting and 'enjoying' for a few stolen moments. Possibly the best lesson discovered as the birthdays have flown by is that stolen moments of time to absorb/reflect/enjoy are as valuable as the 'busy' moments.

    The smell of the breeze on freshly laundered linnens, the detail of the ruffles in the sunlight. Ten minutes stolen for you to ejoy each of those.

    Separately, each of those details is small but combined? Magic!

    (just found your writings in the typical no-idea-how-a-la-internet-surfing lol. But very glad I did)!

  13. love them donna! you must be up to your eyeballs in preparations for the show. glad you took a break even if it was a mini.



  14. Hello
    It was a fun trip even though a quick one! Thank you.
    It is always good to see yttou!
    The linens were gorgeous but I am not going to say a word about the scent :) lol
    Bless your sweet heart

  15. Ohh what a pretty washing line! I too would sit and watch it dry if it looked that pretty! I'm off to look at the web shop!!!!


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