My Garden Retreat

My Garden Retreat
photo Gridley Graves for Country Living

Out in the garden

Hello my friends!
I hope everyone had an amazing Memorial Day weekend.
We had our usual working holiday and a cookout Monday evening.
When the weather has allowed...I have been up to my elbows and knee deep in soil (okay...dirt!)!

I thought you might like to see what I've done so far!

I finally finished painting the new siding my hubby installed last summer...
Planted my pots with annuals and boxwood...
And worked on the pond and fountain!
That was Saturday!

Just kidding!
It took me all weekend!

Please excuse the grill cover!
That's what I get for sending my hubby for it! I said plain and he said Purdue!
Oh well!
 we did have a child graduate from there last year! Or was it year before last?

The sun was quite bright this morning on the deck so I headed over to the garage to pick Peonies!
I can't believe they are already blooming!
Is everyone else's garden behaving abnormally this year?

I brought them into my utility room to the new sink and got them vase ready!

I love peonies!
I just wished they weren't so short lived!

I also went over to the pond and took a quick shot of my delphinium!

I love the contrast of the fence and the flowers!

The peonies are so fragrant...I am leaving them out on the deck until I go in so that I can smell them!

As promised...I told you I would show you what my hubby did while I was at Rebecca's

He finished the millwork in the new hall!

I had started doing the venetian plaster on the walls before I left .

Whenever we get any rain...this is where you will usually find me...
Priming, sanding and painting the new woodwork.

He used a combination of Adler and pine lumber.
I wanted it to paint out white without a whole lot of knots.

As you can see...we have lights in the kitchen...but that is about it until August!

What do you think?
Pretty cool?
I will show you how it looks when I finish painting!
I have to get back to work...
But I will be back on Friday to share some pictures I took of Tinker after I got it ready for the Summer!

So until next time....


  1. HI DONNA,

  2. Hey Girl, you've been busy! Oh how I love your potting bench. and peonies, they're gorgeous!! You should see OUR grill cover. gaggy. plus the squirrels have chewed on it. Can't wait to see more of Tinker. be sure and link up to VIF! xoxo Debra

  3. Looks like both you and hubby have been busy. Your yard looks so welcoming.

  4. Well I goet all excited when I see you are posting on the yard and what you have been doing. Collages are pretty but I can't see them as clearly~make them big Donna!! First, I love the aqua risers. I am lovin' that. Why don't you paint the Perdue thing out with aqua and a big fleur de lis over it in grey? Ha ha. I am in love with your potting area, you just have it going on girl!!
    And of course I love tinker so much. I bought a Cecille Brunner climbing rose. Now I really have to get going on creating a nice archway or trellis for it~

  5. Boy are you lucky to grow peonies. I can't here in so. cal. The yard is beautiful. I'm mellowing out just looking at it. The house is coming along really well. Great job, HUBBY!!! The plaster adds so much to the homey feeling, too. Have a good weekend.

  6. Your utility room is adorable, and I love your potager.

    Hope you have a great week!

  7. Hi Donna~
    Your yard looked so summery and pretty! Love your chairs. Can' t wait to see Tinker all ready for summer.
    Thanks Donna~

  8. Love seeing how life comes back into a garden this time of year! I adore your "tinker" - how fun for you to have such a sweet out building! thanks for sharing at Cottage Flora Thursday's! xoxo, tracie

  9. If I wasn't so bleeping tired I would write exuberant text about how lovely everything is...Fabulous will have to do until I have some sleep sweetie...

  10. Good looking garden! Peonis are my fave ever! So pretty.

  11. You have been busy as a bee and everything looks just beautiful! The grill cover, not so bad... :)

  12. Hey Sweet
    Everything looks fabulous! Looks like the weather has been beautiful too... it has rained here everyday, the sun comes out now and then but it is cloudy. I am tired of working now...
    Leaving today for Spokane, I hope set up goes well.
    Glad you had a nice Memorial day, we worked.
    Blessings to you and lots of love

  13. Your garden is beautiful! Love your utility room..just gorgeous!
    Inside looks fab too! Such eye candy today!

  14. Your garden is spectacular and especially Tinker. And oh my goodness, I can't get over that fabulous garden sink!!! It should be in a magazine.

    Happy Cottage Flora Thursday!

  15. Donna your home and garden are truly so beautiful. The fact that you and your husband do all the work is amazing. What a labor of love. Everything is just breathtaking!!! Happy "working" creating your dream...
    We had rain, hail, thunder, and super cold temps on June 1st with more rain coming for a week. Very bizarre for California...


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