My Garden Retreat

My Garden Retreat
photo Gridley Graves for Country Living

La vie en Rose!...and updates on the reno!

Whenever we begin planning an event such as the French Flea Market..
We always start with a theme of sorts!
Something that sets the tone. Creates a feeling.
This year, it is
La vie en rose....looking at the world through rose colored glasses!

They say : "Only in Paris where the lights are pink is this truly possible"
We say: "If you build it...they will come"
Okay, so actually both lines are from great movies but you get the idea!
Even here in Tipton, Indiana... Ambiance can be created!
So for two days in July (the 8th and 9th)
We wish to let you imagine you are at a Brocante in Paris!
All of our vendors are also working hard to create imaginative shopping environments for you!
We want you to be inspired...
And find the most amazing treasures to take home!

We are now just 25 days away and I am feeling the crunch!
I have had to quit working on my renovation projects and concentrate on my event products!

But I thought I would share what's been going on.
The hall in nearly finished!

The wood work has been sanded, primed and painted!

And I have almost completed the Venetian plaster!
I love this stuff!

It is hand troweled on...but is as smooth as marble!
The reason I decided to do this was to reflect Natural light into the hall from the transoms over each of the doors!
It also makes the light literally dance off the walls and ceiling!
It's a lot more work but so.... worth it in the long run.

As you can see I am nearly there!
(I did take this picture before I finished one of the doorways though!)

While I was working in the hall....
Hubby was working in the new library!

He took it from this...

to this...

 to this....

And this is where he stopped on Sunday afternoon.
He took a couple of days vacation so that a lot of progress could be made!
And I can't wait to get my hands on it!
But it won't be until after the French Flea Market!
He still has bookcases to build and the rest of the beaded board ceiling and cottage planking to get through so I don't think I will be holding anything up if I don't get in here for awhile!
I hope everyone had a fabulous start to the week!
I spent the day out in my studio...watching Pride and Prejudice ...sewing!

I will share more with you later this week!
Until next time!


  1. Your hubs is one talented man. What a home you are going to have!!

  2. Lookin' fabulous!
    Be sure and get sleep so you don't get run down dear excited for you and your flea!! cannot wait to hear all about it and see pics..WOOT!



  3. Can't wait to see more about the French Market and about the reno! I love the transoms and woodwork!

  4. Love your choice of themes and with Bastille Day just around the corner on the calendar...couldn't have been more timely.
    Oh mylanta. I love the way the light plays on the walls and ceiling. It's fantastic and so Tinker Bell! I mean that in a very good way!!!

  5. You have such a talented husband......that's gonna look fabulous once its ready!
    Hugs Marga

  6. You have a lot of things going on! good luck at the fair. I think the house is coming along great. love how it is all coming together!

  7. Hi Donna,
    Your home is really shaping up. Your husband is a true woodsmith, thankfully so is mine. He always says that I work him like a borrowed mule :):)I am so excited about the up coming event at Horton's.See you there,smiles, Susie

  8. You and hubby have sure been busy! I wish I had that much energy! :)
    It will be gorgeous when done and I LOVE that venetian plaster!!

  9. Hi Donna~ The remodel is really coming along. Love it! Looking forward to seeing more. :) Hope you're enjoying seeing the progress.

  10. Love your renos and watching it all come together. You are one of my favorite blogs and your style is truly inspiring. Keep the pictures coming.


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