My Garden Retreat

My Garden Retreat
photo Gridley Graves for Country Living


Last night, as I was getting ready for my evening bubble bath...
(My one true daily indulgence!)

I ventured into my new closet that Mr Wonderful built for me...
And accidentally dropped my lotion bottle on my new carpet
Lid is worries!

When I bent down to pick it up...I took a moment to read the label.
I have been a huge fan of Philosophy for sometime now,
Especially there Amazing Grace collection.
They have the sweetest wording on their packaging! Sometimes it's even a recipe!
The Amazing Grace body butter tube reads:

philosophy: how you climb up the
 mountain is just as important as
 how you get down the mountain.
and, so it is with life, which for
many of us becomes one big
gigantic test followed by one big
gigantic lesson, in the end,it all 
comes down to one word, grace.
it's how you accept winning and losing,
good luck and bad luck, 
the darkness and the light.

I have always closely linked grace with elegance. And after looking the word up in the dictionary...I see why!
The new Websters  edited says: Grace: n charm,elegance. God's loving mercy or a short prayer.

Things have been so chaotic lately.
I feel so  run down ,
This little paragraph on my lotion tube made me stop and take a look at myself, my life and what I believe the Lord has set aside for me .
I want to do a good job at all that I do. We all do.

I  just want to do it with Grace.

I don't want the things that I do to be rushed...even when,
with all my heart
Sometimes I just want everything wrapped up, completed.
I have found that when I take the time  to do things as they should be done...things run smoother....
Look better....
Last longer.

After all... I know it is only by the grace of God that I accomplish all that I do anyway!

Thanks for spending some time here with me!
Your support and encouragement means so much to me!
Until next time....


  1. Donna, your closet is beautiful! Make sure you rest when you need it! Hope your energy comes back soon. xo

  2. Very nice post. Bet that chair comes in handy. Amazing Grace is all I use. I love it!

    Connie (akalou)

  3. Take time to smell the roses even when you are doing a stinky project! yes, good advice!

  4. I so feel as though I NEEDED that!! There are so many times I rush things instead of taking the time to do them properly. Every word of what you said it true!! Thanks for sharing!

  5. Donna ~
    Thank you for this beautiful post this morning ~
    There are so many days that I just start the day with a gazillion things running through my mind ~ It makes me stop and remember to do things with "grace" ~
    I love to start my day with my Bible study ~ It just seems to make my day so much better~


  6. Donna,
    This was a beautiful post. Philosophy is my favorite beauty and skin line and I have many scents from the Grace collection. Pure Grace & Baby Grace (smells just like a baby) are my favorite. I agree, the packaging also gives me a little inspiration and is so beautifully written. You are right about doing everything with grace. Love it. I'm not always graceful so I named my daughter "Edyn Grace" to make up for the moments when I'm not. ;) Thank you for writing this post. I needed to read that this morning, friend.

    Love ya,

  7. I have some of this body spray that I picked up at a yard sale for $1. It's my favorite fragrance right now. Thanks for posting this!

  8. Beautiful post Donna! I will have to check out that line of fragrances. Have a wonderful day.

  9. I loved that little writing so much I copied it and am saving it to refer back to...thank you! I love your closet to by the way. You have a chandie, I'm envious!
    Have a beautiful day!

  10. It's interesting that sometimes the things we need the most in our life are right under our nose. The message had been in your hand every day, and the slip of your hand brought to you an awakening that you needed at the precise moment.
    I'm happy for you that this gift landed literally at your feet. Breath it all in and cherish it.

  11. My chosen word for the new year is Grace. I'm not sure if I've followed it as well as I could, but I'm trying.

    How sweet that Philosophy puts words or recipies on their packaging!

    Your dressing room is just lovely!

  12. Donna. AMEN.
    Beautiful post. What a wonderful way to start my day. Thank you.

  13. One of my favorite lines from an important song in my life is "the power of forgiveness the power of grace".

    My darling daughter's middle name is Grace and since her first name Hannah means grace she is really "grace grace" lol

    I have the exact same lotion and adore the amazing grace line so once again..
    simpatico kiddo

    remember to stop .....and just breathe...and it will be done.


  14. This is such an insightful post, Donna.
    Thank you for reminding us that because of God's grace to us, we should also show grace to others.



  16. Such a lovely and heartfelt post, Donna.

  17. I think God has a way of getting messages to us... even if its from a lotion bottle...Thanks for a need message for all of us...Hope your having a great week....


  18. hi! I'm so happy that you stopped by my blog this past weekend, as now I've found yours. Your blog is truly beautiful & inspiring as well. A good friend bought me a travel kit of Philosophy a few years back and it's been one of my favorite little luxuries ever since. I'm off to read up on this French Flea Market that you've posted about...I need to know ALL about this! -diane

  19. Hi Donna, love the definition of grace and your special thoughts. Take care of yourself! Love your posts as always!

  20. Wonderful post Donna! I love GRACE - the word itself, the many meanings, the biblical reference, the way it embodies some people. I have a necklace that has "grace" on it and my memo board in the kitchen currently reads "Live with Grace"

  21. Simple and Lovely post. Everything done with Grace is just better. Marvelous May to you...

  22. I enjoyed reading your post and I think we can all relate and should take some time to stop and smell the roses:-)

    Take care and best wishes.


  23. Lovely post - I really enjoyed this.
    Grace is not just a beautiful word, but a beautiful way of being.
    Thank you for the reminder - it was lovely.

  24. And so the Lord can speak through a lotion bottle also...
    Love and blessings today

  25. Love your closet. Very cool.
    I think I need more grace daily.

  26. Your closet is beautiful... you are so lucky. I am so impressed with all that you are able to accomplish. Your place looks so nice and cozy. Thank you for sharing your lovely thoughts on grace, it was a great reminder.... and sounds like a fabulous lotion too! ps. would you believe, my word verification is "ograci." which I read as Oh Grace.


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