My Garden Retreat

My Garden Retreat
photo Gridley Graves for Country Living

Wash Day!

I have never really minded doing laundry. I like the way clothes smell and feel when I pull them out of the dryer!
I like stacks of clean towels and neatly folded shirts.
Weird Huh?

I know, But  I have never really had a place to do laundry.
Well, that is no longer the case.
We are so...close to being completely done with this room...It makes me giddy!

Yes, pure giddiness feels me each and every time I come in our back door...

Stand here and fold clothes!

I was going to wait until our cabinet guy got my other door to me to paint...
But I was too excited!
I wanted to show you a little more of my first downstairs room to be completed...almost!

We decided not to purchase a new washer or dryer for a little while longer and brought the stacking unit in from the cottage.
I have looked and looked at  new appliances and I still can't decide so...this will work until I know for sure!
My hubby built the shelf across the top so that I had a place to hang my things as they come out of the dryer or if I just want them to air dry!

The wash stand was constructed mainly from recycled lumber. Mostly things we had leftover from some of the other projects we have going on.
All of the counter-tops...were recycled too!
They were once in my kitchen.
When the time came to get more...they no longer made this color so...we cut off the back splash  of our old ones and ...
Brand new wash stand...sink area

And folding table!

Another piece of our counter-top was used for the desk area!
All of the post hubby actually lathed himself!

This is the frame that hung in the cottage during the Christmas season.  you might remember I was unsure if I should paint it or not.
Do you like it's new home?

Once we decided to move back here from the cottage...everything came with us and is now being reused in other areas!

And some of my things that had been stored were finally used again!

I have always loved to garden and so I decided to use that as the central theme ...
Throughout my whole house!

I have done it before and loved it!
I knew I would love it again!

I thought I would give you a quick peak at Tinker!
This is from my window that overlooks the garden!

And the first glimpse of our brand new hallway!
This house never had halls before!

Hubby began working on the hallway this past month.
He is almost finished with the new podiums and transoms.
He calls them "faux-diums"
It's now my prime and paint!

We will order the glass inserts in a few weeks. Once I decide if I want clear or some texture/
What would you do?
I have time...he has a ways to go!

I also need to decide if I like the ball chandy or if I use it someplace else!

I will show you more and maybe even style it better for the next group of pictures I take.
In the meantime....
What do you think so far?
Wash Day will never be the same!


  1. Wowwwwww...what a beautiful room !! and that vieuwwwww!! love it !!! Ria,

  2. Bellissima stanza,simpatici i coniglietti!

  3. Oh Donna! I wouldn't mind doing laundry in that room!

  4. Beautiful! I love the jardin theme!
    Have a blessed day!

  5. I love everything about your laundry room. I hate to do laundry maybe if my room was that pretty I would be behind all the time.

  6. LOVE,LOVE,LOVE it!!!!!!That pretty much says it all:)
    ~Debra xxx
    Capers of the vintage vixens

  7. I jaw has dropped to the floor....;) It's so beautiful ~ I just love it!!! You're doing a remarkable job on everything!!!!


  8. I think it's one of the prettiest rooms EVER!!!!! Loved every bit of the tour. I happen to love textured glass, but if you are going to have pretty things behind the glass you may want clear.
    Have a happy sun filled week-end!

  9. You lucky duck. It's fabulous. Also, I wouldn't get the front loading washer. A lot of people are having problems with them. I think one of those big glass lantern chandy's would look really good there

  10. Just love it... the colour is divine and I adore the garden gate.
    Susan x

  11. looks blissful to me..we'll all be right over with our laundry baskets...put on the kettle, aw heck, get the wine..:D


  12. I love it - esp. the color, theme, and the garden gate. I'm not a big fan of the ball chandy - but that's just me. This is a most impressive room!

  13. Everything is so beautiful ~ i'll do laundry at your house too if i could surround myself with your beautiful home.....loving your outdoor cottage i can see through the window ~ thinking that is where i'll sit while i wait for things to wash/dry! xoox, tracie

  14. Oh Donna,
    It is so lovely! You might even enjoy doing laundry in such a darling room.:)

  15. Love it, Donna. Everything you do is gorgeous. I'd love to have a sink in my laundry!! so many wonderful touches, and your view of tinker is perfect! xoxo,Debra

  16. Love the wash stand and the gate...too cute and the room looks wonderful....makes you want to wash clothes all day..Have a great weekend

  17. Donna I LOVE this room!!!!!! Oh to have a room like this!
    It has turned out beautifully. (i knew it would) coudn't help but)) with you doing the planning and your husband doing the work.
    I like the globe light there. It casts a lovely glow. And of coure I love the garden theme.
    sending big hugs to you...

  18. Dear Donna,
    If I had a room like this, I'd be over the moon every time laundry day approached. This is definitely a lovely space and the colors, counters, washstand, accessories, etc., make it ever so dreamy. Congrats and enjoy!!
    Blissful Tidings,

  19. Oh, I could live in that room! Absolutely beautiful!!!

  20. How wonderful and you get to look at tinker too!

  21. Beautiful and fancy to be a laundry room. I honestly would love to have a room like that...

  22. It's turning out so beautifully! I can plainly see why you wouldn't want to wait!

  23. I LOVE your laundry room Donna!;)The ball chandy is perfect in there too~ I would be happy to do laundry there~ Hugs, Rachel

    French Farmhouse 425

    ps~ I want to purchase a white ruffled bag from your etsy shop soon and was wondering if you make any with just white lining inside the bag?

  24. Really nicely done. You've designed the space well. I would put a transom in that is clear and has vertical panes going through it. That would be a nice detail instead of just a plain piece of glass.
    Great Job!!!

  25. Okay Donna, now I'm going to need that gate, that darling bunny lamp and that chandy! I mean really I'm pretty sure your room in on "gorgeous overload" anyway. And don't even get me started on Tinker House - I've been drooling over that for months now!

  26. Hey Sweetie
    I had to stop by this morning just for a second to see what you posted and it is lovely. I will be sure to bring my laundry the next time I make the trip!
    You have accomplished much since I was last there... it is beautiful.

  27. That is the most beautiful laundry room I've ever seen. You are so talented.
    Wishing you a wonderful weekend!
    XXX Ido

  28. This is such a beautiful room and laundry would be a pleasure to do here. Your work areas are each so perfect. I love all of it! The ball chandy over the round table is just right too. Love love love your style! Hubby's lathe work and handiwork is fabulous. Great teamwork on your lovely home.

  29. Your new room looks fantastic Donna. All your touches are so pretty, and hubby did a great job on the carpentry and everything. You must be excited. We're in the middle of a big renovation job too...arrggh! It will be worth it though right? Enjoy seeing all your updates!
    Bon week-end,
    P.S. Hope the pinky finger is better?

  30. What a wonderful laundry area. It's great. I have a corner of the garage, but I think I'm going to work on brightening it up.

  31. I'm in love with your blog!! nice , so nice!!kisses from Spain. TOñi

  32. I love it! I think it's simply beautiful and your laundry rom is so charming - one could happily while away time while folding clothes!

  33. Oh my! I LOVE the gate on the wall at the sink and I remember the frame you had in the cottage at Christmas! I thought that was one of the coolest old frames I had ever seen. I just
    LOVE everything in this room! Do you need a laundry girl???

  34. I love how it looks. I love the ball chandy, the colors you are using and the serenity of it all. Neat wash stand with the faucet into the bucket. I love garden style in the home and you have great taste.

  35. What a great job!!!! Looks so so so good!
    Wishing you a wonderful Easter!
    Have a pretty day!

  36. OMG your room is wonderful!! I love the bucket sink, the gate above the sink, the little lights hanging over the desk.....I could go on and on.

    I'm in the process of building my own first ever real laundry room so I know how exciting this is. Congrats on such a lovely room and job well done!

  37. Re. the transom lights over your doors. I would vote for plain glass because you could create your own designs or even favorite quotes with etching cream.


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