My Garden Retreat

My Garden Retreat
photo Gridley Graves for Country Living

Nearing the finish line!

Hello my friends!
I hope you enjoyed our visit from my dear friend Rebecca
I am so grateful she wanted to be a part of this series with me.
It has been so insightful to see things from her perspective.

We are so...much alike in so many ways
But go about things very differently!

I like my labeled drawers and boxes.
I can't think if it's in front of me.

As I have shared before I have HDHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder)
I was not diagnosed until I was an adult so I developed ways to deal with it when I was young.
I have always considered this a blessing.
I am able to do so many things at the same time!
But...I have to be very organized!
All of my drawers, closet spaces and cabinets.
Even my dishes!
(This is what we use everyday...Everything else is being stored until this Fall...when our new kitchen will be complete.)

Weird by most peoples standards....  even a bit OCD...but for me...
It helps me focus!
If my things are out of is my mind!
That is why I was so...freaked out by the mess I had made of my tiny cottage!

Today I thought I would give you an update on it's organization journey.

While I was sick...I sat and sorted beads, ribbon and other such smalls.

I filled my jars, baskets ,boxes...
And part of my little kitchen's cabinets!

We still cook out  in the cottage so I only have 2 upper cabinets that I  could use.

I became great friends with my little labeler again! ( I can just imagine Rebecca's eyes rolling!)

Hung chain and dowel rods in what was my laundry closet(The stacking unit is now in my new utility room)

I found my floor!

I am Not done...but nearing the finish line!
It has been a long journey for me.
There were days I really didn't want to even go out to the cottage...I just wanted to stay in the house and work on one of our many  renovation projects.
Or worse...sit and watch all of my Nate shows I had saved on the dvr! ( I don't watch alot of tv)
I got very depressed and totally overwhelmed by the whole ordeal!
But it was nagging at me...I knew it was keeping me from being productive.
From doing what I was really supposed to be doing!

So...I marched myself down the path to the cottage...
(about 20 short little steps.)
Put on some music with a beat and got it done!

Well, at least the organizing and clutter removal part!

 I am now getting to do the fun stuff...making it pretty and functional!

I really want to Thank everyone for your comments and support!
I don't think I would have really done it without you.
I would have just called for a donation pickup. Not dealt with the real problems.
I know so many of you have joined me on this little adventure ...And...

I have a wonderful surprise for you!
Suzan will be stopping by at the end of the week to share her tips and suggestions to help you get organized too!
Suzan is a professional organizer!
And you might remember...
She is going to be in an upcoming issue of Where Women Create!

I can't wait!

I have long admired her amazing studio and how beautifully she has her things organized and displayed.
So I hope you stop by to see what she has to say about this  difficult task of organizing our belongings.

When I return...I will take you on a tour of my completed cottage studio!

Until next time...


  1. ... OK maybe just one eye rolled!
    It looks awesome!
    You are such a mover and shaker, I am such a putzer... but I get there, eventually :)
    Wishing you a lovely day and thank you again for having me!

  2. This is a miracle that I see. In such a very short amount of time you have transformed a mess into a beautiful peaceful place to enjoy and be inspired all at the same time. I adore what you have done right down to the tiniest detail. Thank you so much for sharing your journey...

  3. Looking good! very good! You wouldn't want to see my "studio" hehehe.
    Have a nice day!
    XXX Ido

  4. oh, to be organized...I cant even imagine, oh I try, but oh well!!!hahaha
    I am lovin' how gorgeous its looking!!!

  5. Everything is looking wonderful, Donna. I know, sometimes things just HAVE to be dealt with. I'm still working, but at a slower pace.
    Hugs and lot's of love,

  6. Looks fabulous! I'm still procrastinating on my mess. Think I need someone to light a fire under me,better yet a bonfire!!!!Great job! Tami

  7. Everything looks so beautiful Donna! Love that cottage!! Hope you are feeling better.

  8. It is looking great! Can you come over and help me next??

  9. Donna it all looks awesome, my friend! Oh I love looking into other people's cupboards. lol! Now your cottage is back to beautiful, and you did so much of this when you were sick.(I am bowing now)!!!
    So much fun to talk your head off today!
    sending love,

  10. You did a really great job! The space already looks beautiful. I love all the organizing you did with the little glass jars. I'm looking forward to the post you're doing with Suzan.
    Congrats on the fab organization!!

  11. Yay - for you!The room looks lovely & restful now! That is something I think needs to be mentioned :) that organization/simplifying really do benefit us "mentally" {calming} also :).
    Blessings to you my dear for taking us along on your journey!

  12. The areas you have organized look BEAUTIFUL! I LOVE the inside print (blue toile?) in the kitchen cabinet, the pretty ribbons on tiered trays, etc. I like being organized and for things to look pretty too like you did with your dishes. I look forward to the post with Suzan the professional organizer and will check out her studio in the mean time. Thank you again for your sincere inspiration!

  13. Donna,
    I love your new creative space! Such great tips for keeping things out where you can see and use them but neatly organized. Well done!!!!

  14. Yay! Progress feels so good, doesn't it?! I have been making alot of progress at my house too and it makes me so happy. But next I have to tackle our garage (scary!). Keep up the great work!!

  15. I love the inspirational ideas for a creative and yet organised spaces!
    Wonderful blog:)

  16. I think I need a few of those letters so I can get my act together:) It's looks fantastic so far!!
    Looking forward to reading Z's post!

  17. looks wonderful!! and love your floor! =)

    barbara jean

  18. Donna, I STRUGGLE with being organized! I wouldn't be surprised if I had a touch of the add myself. You did an amazing job organizing everything.I just love to look at the photo's on your blog. so classy and pretty I just love them, thank you for sharing them!
    Have a pretty day!

  19. Donna, everything looks so wonderful and pretty. You've really been working at it and accomplished so much. I can't wait to see the tour.

  20. I adore the space you are creating. It looks like the perfect space to create. I just started a a project for my craft room- I picked up a spice rack with little glass jars at an estate sale. I plan on painting the rack and storing craft supplies in the jars- very similiar to the sweet little bottles you have pictured : ) Best of luck completing the cottage studio.

  21. Donna,
    I found you through Suzan. I love your blog!!!! I will be back!!!! Charlene


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