My Garden Retreat

My Garden Retreat
photo Gridley Graves for Country Living

In a year!

Happy Monday My Friends!

I hope ya'll had a wonderful weekend.
The sun came out on Saturday and we went from 47 degrees to 91 by Sunday afternoon!
I was so excited about the warm sun on my face all day Sunday...
I spent the entire day outside!

Hubby spent his time in the house (as usual) finishing up our new utility room and headed down the new hall with mill work and trim.
Around here, we work on things as the funding is available.
Sometimes we jump around a bit to deal with other things that need our attention.
This causes our projects to take forever!
In this case...
It was one year ago that our utility room looked like this!

And this...

It now looks like this!

This is something I have always wished for...a sink in my utility room!
(I know it sounds small but it's a big deal to me.)

It has been another long journey.
But I love the end result!
I will show you more in the next few days!

Have a wonderful week!


  1. I understand about the sink. I have been longing for a sink in my downstairs laundry room since we moved in four years ago. Maybe someday it will happen! Right now I will rejoice with you that you got yours!!!
    It's beautiful : )
    Tammy xo

  2. Tremendous and terrific!

    I am jealous. I have a laundry closet. :(


  3. Looks gorgeous, can't wait for more pictures!
    XXX Ido

  4. It looks amazing Donna! Loving that sink of yours :-) So happy you have been getting some warm weather too...hit 75 today here ~ all smiles ;-)
    Wishing you a wonderful week dear friend ~ Rebecca

  5. Hi Donna,
    I just love what you have been up to with your decorating:)...I also love the zinc board with Joshua scripture...I have been offering my new line of scripture towels since the beginning of the year and they are a hit. I just love seeing other ladies who love the Lord and share it with others...enjoy your day.


  6. Oh I just love it! and that sink is fabulous...
    Be blessed today

  7. Beautiful Donna!! So glad things are finally coming together for you. I have a sink in my utility room, but it is not near as cute as yours!! :)

  8. like everything you do it's to die for!



  9. O.K.....WOW! Where do I is just beautiful!!! That sink is really "cool"!! Can't believe I just used the work cool! How rewarding to be doing it yourself!!!

  10. I love your idea for the sink. Fabulous. I know that room is no chore to be in now. It looks wonderful.

  11. Sometimes when you have to wait a little longer it gives you the chance to think about every element to 'get it right'. And you did! Hooks on the front of the counter - perfect, rustic garden gate and tin basin - charming. Love the colour too.

  12. What a beautiful laundry room!!! Well worth the wait I would say. Just gorgeous ~ one wouldn't mind doing laundry in a room this pretty. Great job!

  13. knock me out. You can even make washing clothes look beautiful.
    P.S. Is there anything better than the feel of the sun on our shoulders?

  14. looks lovely! it's wonderful when things are finally coming together. lovely greetings

  15. You guys are amazing! Love your style!

  16. What a gorgeous room. And, the bucket sink is just too cute!
    I love everything.

  17. Oh my heavens, Donna!!! That is beautiful. Wow. I love the sink. Is the bucket a permanent fixture or do you fill it & move it to where you need it? Oh, I love that. Can I borrow you for a weekend? I ADORE your zinc chalkboard (and have since I first saw it a while ago here). I cannot find them to save my soul. Does H still sell them?

  18. And I had better see that sink area in a magazine soon. I'm pinning it to Pinterest right now!

  19. The results of your long journey in making such a special space are well worth whatever it took... everything looks simply amazing, great job!!!

    Dawn... The Bohemian

  20. I just love the washstand and sink in your utility room! Like all good things, while they might seem endlessly frustrating, they are most certainly worth the wait!


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