My Garden Retreat

My Garden Retreat
photo Gridley Graves for Country Living

Thoughts of Spring

Hello my Friends!

Today the sun is shining thru the windows of Tinker House!
I spent the morning out   in tinker checking my tulips!
This past Fall I filled several pots with tulips in shades of pink and white. I then get to bring them into the house for a bit of instant sunshine.
Forcing tulips is something I treat myself to each year! It's not hard and so worth it!

This will be my first gardening season to have Tinker!
To have a place to keep my tender plants, pot new arrivals and such ...
Is truly a blessing to me.

Now that Spring is underway at the mind is on the garden!
The potager especially!

This past week I purchased some seeds and started working on this years layout.

We always have beds just for salsa making, one or two over by Tinker just for herbs and tons of tomatoes, okra and cucumbers.
Things that I am able to put up myself.

We also have strawberries, blueberries and beautiful espaliered pears and peaches!

This year I am thinking I also need a plum tree so I have looking into this as well.

Even though I guess I haven't thought about it. Our garden is organic. We never use pesticides and since we compost, our soil is full of nutrients the ground craves.  I love being able to go out and eat a tomato or berry just off the vine.

We put the potager in several years ago and used raised beds and pea gravel pathways.

This makes it so much easier for me to maintain.

I spend a great deal of time out in the garden so we also have a small bistro table and chairs in the potager!

I know my time will soon be divided once more between my job at the store, my home's renovation and my garden!

This morning despite the chill, I walked around my little garden and saw  signs that Spring is definitely on it's way!

And I can't wait!

I told you about one of my newest blog friends Tracie in my last post. This post I thought I would share a couple more of my new bloggy buddies!
I would  like you to meet Denni at Harvest Moon.
She is the sweetest and always has some great posts she shares.
The other one is Kelly at Peaceful Living.
If you get a chance please stop by and meet my new friends!

Have an amazing Sunday Afternoon!


  1. I just want to sit here and soak it all in Donna. This post and your last one are filled with everything that gets me excited. Your potager is so awesome and someday I hope to have a fenced one too. Right now my vegetable garden is at the end of our pasture, and making sure the horses don't get in it is always a chore.
    Your little Tinker looks just as beautiful as ever. How wonderful to have a place to force your bulbs now!

    I have been out of town visiting my mother and my daughter, so I am so far behind in blogging. Your name was the first one I saw when I got on the internet just now...and I just had to come say hi.
    sending love....

  2. So lovely, Donna! Your garden is a virtual Eden! And Tinker is the icing on the cake.:)

  3. It's snowing here, and will be for a couple days. We got a couple nice days in between.

    My favorite flower is the tulip and I'd love to learn how to force them. Your pink ones are so lovely!

    Your garden is wonderful. I don't know how you find the time to do everything. My garden planning usually gets no further than my head, and then things start piling up.

    Enjoy your week!

  4. Oh Donna your too sweet, thanks for telling others about my blog that was so nice of you...also I love your garden..I hope you have a wonderful week....

  5. AHHHHHH so pretty!!!
    I am so very excited that
    spring is coming soon!!!


  6. Did I mention.... I LOVE tinker house! :)

  7. oh, how you torment me with tinker house! what a dream that place is...I need for my husband to see it because I would love one just like it.

    and I also love your raised beds. Now that's one project that might actually happen. But I can still dream of my very own 'tinker house', can't I?



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