My Garden Retreat

My Garden Retreat
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The Recovery Room

Happy Monday!
Today the sun is shining and there isn't a cloud in the sky but it's a frigid 36 degrees out and I am not leaving my little cocoon!
Since I am still not up for much I thought I would share the little loft area upstairs that my husband has dubbed

"The Recovery Room"

It was once  a child's bedroom but transformed to a place to watch tv when the kids visit from college about 5 years ago.
It now serves as our Living Room!

When we made the decision to move back home from the cottage this Winter...we knew we would have even less living space .
So I got busy!
I wanted the space to live matter it's size.
I painted the walls the same shade that's on the walls of my cottage studio.
And then painted the wall behind the tv in black chalkboard paint.
 I got the idea for this from the always Fabulous Shelley at Sweet Pea Home

For the last few weeks while my hubby and I recover from what ails us...we have been doodling with our little pieces of chalk!

It's has been a lot of fun and we are constantly changing the view!

Awhile back I decided to start collecting vintage binoculars...I have several pair now but two are real standouts!
So they live here now on pedestals! (the set up front were purchased from Shelley!)
The other pair are a family heirloom.

When I decided to do this project...I also decided to not spend any money doing it!
Well...very little!

Almost everything in this room I already owned and  simply moved to this new space.
I did however purchase these two cream tree trunk tables from the store in Tipton.
Aren't they fun?

I  brought in one of the rugs from my guest room....This one is a faux bois indoor/outdoor!

We put this tiny kitchen in 5 years ago...but we really used it a lot these last few weeks!

It has the essentials so that we don't have to make a run for the cottage.
Remember...we do not have a kitchen downstairs right now!

It's small but oh so functional!
This dishtowel was the very first thing I ever won! EVER!

It is from the talented Sheila at Tattered Goods
She has a wonderful blog and I hope you get a chance to stop by!

The numbered plates and cannisters I bought last summer at Target.
This shelf is made from vintage ceiling tin and holds my husbands candy and a few books at his fingertips!

The only thing I had to sew for this project was the little window treatment...It's made from the document fabric I bought at Christmas from Ballards.

And the lampshades...are from Pottery Barn.
I bought them last Spring...and moved them in here from another area.

One of my favorite things about working in a specific color palette is that all of my favorite things can be moved from room to room!
It's like shopping...but in your own home!

This little room is quite tiny butI think it lives large!
I love the darker walls...really cozy and cocoon like!
The furniture is from the cottage and fits well in it's new home.

So what do you think?
Does it look like a place you might wish to recover ?

I hope you have a wonderful rest of the week!
Until next time...


  1. oh, what a wonderful space, its so cozy, comfy, beautfiful...well just gorgeous!!!!

  2. love it!If that is the recovery room I'd want to be sick a lot ;)!
    Love the chalkboard...& art work!
    Hope your feeling better soon!
    {missed you at the store last Sat.- but liked your handiwork!}

  3. Oh! so nice, I could read a book or two there, sipping hot cocoa. Yum!

  4. Not only to recover but to hide out...too too cute....hope your feeling better...


  5. I love your cozy, comfortable and beautiful space.


  6. I love the space you have created. I might copy your window treatment I like them soooo much!

  7. How fun Donna! I know that I could recover very nicely in your room!! lol Gorgeous!

  8. Great hide a way! Love it especially the big chalkboard wall1 JUDY

  9. What a perfect place to daydream...

  10. When can I go for a visit? That room is stunning. I love the decor. Good job!

  11. Oh Yes...I feel a cold coming on right now infact! How many hours will it take me to get there???
    It is beautiful like everything you do! I wouldn't have expected anything else but this serene and lovely room. You put the loveliest touches everywhere for the eyes to fall upon.

    I am really feeling sick...I think I better hurry!
    sending hugs and love...

  12. How completely, absolutely, fabulously wonderful.

  13. Your space is beautiful and so cozy. I truly believe that as we always wish for a huge home...we really can do so much with a small space. Some day I hope to live in a casita...if only to prove to myself I can live compact. Your home is delightful and I love seeing what you do with your decor. Thank you...

  14. The room is so wonderful! You have the knack of knowing how to make even a small area look stylish and inviting!

  15. LOL! It looks like a place I'd never leave! Well done!


  16. Your Recovery Room is fantastic Donna. So glad that you are slowly feeling better again, this room should speed it along!
    WIshing you a good week,

  17. Your recovery room is awesome! I would feel better right away.

  18. Oh, I love your little room! We too have what used to be a "playroom" when the kids were little. I took it over as a scrapbooking/craft room & over the past couple of years it has turned into more of a family room for hubby & me. Our room is wider & the side walls taller. We are remodeling our kitchen & are having breakfast in here every morning. I love your touches!

  19. Next time I feel lousy, I'll be right over. Does room service come with this wonderful little nest? Love the TV wall and all the fab artwork! now, get well, and quick!

  20. What a gorgeous, cozy, welcoming space. I could just see myself curled up on the chair, watching dancing with the stars and eating bon bons! I am so inspired - thank you! My house is small too and I never know where to put anything but you have made me realize that it's not the space, it's what you do with it!
    Hope you are feeling better soon.

  21. Oh how cozy you have made this special space! I hope you have warm weather soon so that you can enjoy Springtime activities!

    Dawn... The Bohemian

  22. Simply Lovely! I am a new follower, you have a beautiful blog.I will be back for another visit~Cheers Kim

  23. I would cuddle in there in a heart beat! That's my kinda room.

  24. Great get away. Kitchenette a nice extra.

  25. Donna it looks fabulous... love the color and the chalkboard. When you explained it to me that is not where I had it pictured, it is great!
    You guys and your doodling are too cute. Hope all is well there and you are feeling great this morning
    Love ya

  26. Donna,
    It is so charming! The perfect place to recuperate!
    PS Hope you're up and at 'em soon.:)

  27. Donna,
    I love cozy spaces like these, love the blackboard wall it speaks an artist lives here!

    Love to sit and go through inspiring magazines in a room like yours, with everything at hand.

  28. now who couldn't recover in such a beautful space! :) chris

  29. Gorgeous room! I am in love with the chalkboard paint application. Lovely!

  30. Wow- gorgeous space! It does live very large! I love how much attention to detail you paid to every space. The chalkboard wall is great! And I love the letter style lampshade and shade. You have a great style. :)

  31. You are living large in this beautiful space. Wow! This is the color of my's so warm and peaceful. I'm constantly puttering around with what to put on the countertops and such. Thanks for your inspiration!

  32. What a cozy spot, Donna! Love the lampshades and your chalkboard/TV area. The vignette you have with the binoculars is great. I could see curling up in that chair with a good book and something to drink and being quite content!

  33. sooooo fabulous donna! sorry i am so behind on my blog reading, thanks for calling my attention to the post. you have a magic touch my friend and i love the artwork on the chalkboard wall. stunning!



  34. What a pretty little room. I love that rug soooooo much! Where in the world did you find that?


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