My Garden Retreat

My Garden Retreat
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The Re-Grand Opening of Horton's

Hello Everyone!
I am so...sorry for being away so long!
So many things going on here I barely even checked my email these last few weeks!

This Friday and Saturday  (March 11 and 12) is the big event at the store and I will hopefully be able to take some time to get caught up on some things at home and post about them!
 One of the first things I should tell you is I broke my pinky finger on my left hand!
Oh my!
I didn't realize how much I used it until I really couldn't! Every evening we say a prayer for the pinky!
You see, I am left-handed and even though I am able to use both hands for alot of things...It's my left hand I use the most!
I haven't been able to type (hence, my absence) or do much of anything until this morning when my doctor adjusted my splint. It had incorporated two it's just the pinky!

So I am able to function a bit better!

The store is coming along and almost complete though!
I wanted to share a few more pictures with you before things sell down and aren't as lovely!

Above is a picture just inside the new cottage!
I used vintage wallpaper turned backwards as my backdrop and some neat silver chain we sell in the hardware department to drop the canvas egg prints!
It will make changing the art so much easier and it has such character!
Don't you think so?

I also finished sewing the ruffled skirt on our kitchen counter (pre-pinky break) and attached it
It really changes the feel of the new kitchen!
I wanted an easier and more effective way to display out kitchen linens and so...
Tim installed these two bars made from plumbing parts...again from the hardware section!

I had used plumbing pipe upstairs in my own homes bathroom a couple of years ago and loved how it looks.
Here at the gives a lofty, industrial feel to the space.

Plus, it makes keeping up with linens so much nicer.

One last picture before I go...
This one is also from the new kitchen.

I hope everyone is having a wonderful week!
If you live close, I hope you make this weekend!

Until next time,


  1. It looks wonderful, Donna, I'M nuts over those chicks all cute and floofy! Hope that pinky's back to normal soon. Should we ask HOW it happened?
    big hugs,

  2. It looks beautiful! Can't wait to see it in person. I know it will be amazing!

  3. Everything looks so gorgeous DOnna. Sorry you have had 'pinky trouble'. Hope it heals up soon. Wish I lived closer;..
    Happy weeke to you and Best Wishes!

  4. I wish your pinky gets better soon, how did you break it? love those chicks/ducks!

  5. i sure wish I could run up there and see the new changes for myself!

  6. Everything is just lovely Donna! Wish I was coming to Indiana this weekend!!

  7. Again !! great !!! hahahah!!

  8. Your space is beautiful. Congrats and good luck . Also, hope your typing pinky gets better soon!

  9. Looks great, those chicks are sooo cute. Sorry about your pinky!

  10. Looks great, those chicks are sooo cute. Sorry about your pinky!

  11. Donna, it looks so inviting, and to think your so close to my home town. I love the way you use the industrial in with your displays. What a great way to showcase everything available in the hardware section.

  12. Oh how beautiful, I LOVE the exposed Brick, it showcases the Lovelies perfectly!

    I Pray you have a Healing Touch on the Pinky, we don't realize how much we depend on even the smallest body parts until they are injured! Sending Healing energy your way...

    Blessings... Dawn... The Bohemian

  13. I wish i lived closer -it looks like a very interesting shop!
    I hope your pinkie heals soon.


  14. Everything looks amazing! :) chris

  15. The store looks so GREAT and I just love that ruffled skirt!

  16. Hope you heal quickly! The store looks fabulous, those chicks are so cute!

  17. prayin that your finger heals quickly...loved the egg canvases

  18. WOW THERE YOU ARE! Sorry to hear about the pinky. The store looks so gorgeous my friend! Get well soon and get some much needed rest!



  19. Donna my dear it looks fantastic! Great job girl! Love the pipe fittings...
    Have a wonderful day

  20. Oh my gosh...I so need to visit your store,those linens are to die for!!! Sorry about "pinky" take it easy! All the best,Chrissy

  21. I love the little yellow chicks and yellow accents with the white dishes. So pretty and ready for spring.

  22. Hi sweetie,
    The store is as gorgeous as I knew it would be. I love those ruffled skirts you sewed for the tables. SO AWESOME!!!!
    As usual, you have done a wonderful job. They are So blessed to have you!!!!
    love you,


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