My Garden Retreat

My Garden Retreat
photo Gridley Graves for Country Living

While we wait

It's so...cold out! 
Somewhere around 15 degrees below zero this morning!
Even Tinker house looks a bit forlorn sitting out there!

Just the short little trek from the house to the cottage left me feeling achy!

I took a bit of a slip on the ice the other day and I am still not quite myself!
It's been slow going with a heating pad in between.

The sheets of ice are dangerously sliding down the back of our newly sided house from our new roof made of metal!

Oh yeah!
Watch out below!
In the Spring I will be painting my new siding and hubby is cutting a pattern into the match the rest of the house. Then I can paint them and all will be beautiful.

Well, that's the plan!

While I wait for my closet's carpet to arrive... the knobs and drawer pulls came and hubby has installed them!

I have also been making boxes to store keepsakes and things .
I am hoping to share a tutorial with you tomorrow or Saturday

I have also started hauling all of my "creative resources" out to the cottage!

We are only doing laundry and cooking there now and I am working on designing my new studio space!
Woo Who!
I am a bit overwhelmed by how much stuff I really do have!
So much of it has been stored
here and there...
I really had no idea how much I had accumulated!
But the upside is...I have plenty to keep me busy!

I have decided to add pink to my aqua , grey and black!

Just a bit!
I really want my  new work space to be Happy
Bright and Cheerful!
I think by using my favorite will be just that!

Do you have a favorite color palette that you like to work with?

I have always loved grey and white with pastels.
The pastels remind me of the flowers that grow in my garden each year.
I plant mostly white, lavender and pink but my hydrangeas range from aquas and blues to a pale cream.

I can't wait for Spring to arrive!

Do you have a bit of Spring fever?

until next time...


  1. Such gorgeous photos! It has been anything but winter here in LA so I am a little bit jealous of your beautiful snow :)


  2. Feel better, Donna. The ice is so dangerous. I know you are a busy little bee but don't push yourself if you don't feel good, it will only make things worse. Hugs. xo

  3. Was out in my lil' summer studio grabbing the pick to unstick my outside basement door after the snow and ice slid off my metal roof...guess where...I blew a fuse and guess where the box is...

    I too can't wait for Spring here in Iowa, this is brutal and I need to play in my shop!!! It was October when my building finally arrived, so I didn't get to play in it much...COME ON SPRING!!!

  4. nieve, que es eso? jaja sólo vi 3 veces nieve en mi vida...
    es preciosa...
    aquí sale el sol y llueve a veces mucho, la temperatura es de 13 a 19 grados en invierno, la más baja ha sido 7grados
    aquí playa beach

  5. That is a great color palette in my humble opinion...of course it is what I have! I love a little pink and aqua with my greys and whites. Your tinker house is a favorite of mine and I bet spring will be fun to work on it with your hubby.

  6. Love you pink and aqua pillows! So cheerful. It's been down to zero here, but can't imagine 15 below. Spring can't come soon enough for me.

  7. 15 BELOW zero? I can not even imagine. I'm glad you have lots of projects going to help keep your mind off the cold. LOL! I can't wait to see them all and the pink.:)

  8. Hello Donna,
    Love your blog and follow it every day. I've noticed in your home you have gray painted furniture. I love your color schemes. I am in love with gray furniture and would love to repaint some pieces in my home. Do you have a favorite gray paint? Any tips on using gray in your home?

  9. Gosh watch out for that ice.
    I too am ready for spring, although we do not get snow here in south Louisiana. The weather has been rainy and gray.
    May you have a wonderful Valentines weekend,

  10. hello my friend! i hope you are better by now, and watch out for that ice! wow, maybe you need a hard hat girl. i swear i don't know where you get your energy. but it will be beautiful when you finish. you know me, my color palette is neutral neutral neutral. used to add some blue here and there but not much anymore. have a fab weekend, get some rest (yeah right) and have a beautiful valentine's day!


  11. Sorry to hear you took a spill, hope you start feeling better soon. And yes...must admit I am starting to look forward to Spring too. A Happy Valentines Day to you ~ Rebecca

  12. Great shots of tiny Tinker! No, I love winter. Don't get impatient for any season. Love em all.


  13. That pink heart pillow is adorable! Pale pink, pale gray, and white is one of my favorite color combinations! I have not done a room in it yet...but got the inspiration from Serena and Lily! I am so ready for gals are dying for a change of scenery, as am I!
    Nice to visit and catch up!!

  14. I'm so with you, I CRAVE Spring!
    Have a loveliest of Valentines, Donna xx

  15. Hey Girl
    I hope you are better, getting too old to be breaking something :)
    That ice looks bad, Mr. Bill had better knock that off~ as for me I am sitting in the sun reading :)
    All good things must come to an end though... too soon
    Love ya

  16. The pillos are adorable! Nice images.
    I agree, can't wait for spring

  17. Love your pillows. I'm a fan of gray & white, too. I'm inching into pastel right now but with grayish, earthier undertones like lavender & greeny-blue gray. I hope you get to feelin' better after that spill on the ice! Geesh. :(

    And, you better wear a helmet before you walk beneath that roof ice!


  18. Ok...that is not for real...right??! I dreamt all that magical cuteness? Or I hit my head {without knowing} and I am still dreaming??! Right??! Who has a little cottage THAT amazingly fabulous? No...I must be dreaming! ***SWOOOOON***

    m ^..^


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