My Garden Retreat

My Garden Retreat
photo Gridley Graves for Country Living

Big Changes in Tipton

Hello my friends!

For the last several weeks the store in Tipton where I work has been undergoing a MAJOR renovation!

I have finally started merchandising the newest section and thought you might like to see it!
During the demolition phase...all of the plaster was removed from these walls to reveal this gorgeous brick!
It was then sealed and wow! We really love it!
This is a view of our new kitchen area! (I still have to install the new skirt to our counter! )
We also built walls to enclose an area almost the same size as my backyard cottage at home!
You know...the one just steps from Tinker where we have lived for the past  4 1/2 years!
So, it's a wonderful size for merchandising!

I took these picks this morning and I have to tell you...I wasn't feeling well so there worse than normal!
I have a terrible sore throat and now that I am home...running a fever! I am praying that I feel better by morning, We still have so...much to do before the Re-Grand Opening in 3 weeks!!!
I will have more on that later.

These pictures were taken just last week so you can see how much we have already accomplished!

The new Garden area is already open !

We have started on the new ephemera area  today and I can't wait to show you what we are up to in there!
Just imagine, a traveling salesmen of old. Setting his tent up wherever he can. His tent is filled with all sorts of wares just like a little general store of sorts! An old glass display case and apothecary jars filled with whatnots and whimsies! 
Ribbon by the yard
All sorts of  things for you to take home and make something wonderful!
That is what we are going for !
What do you think?
The cottage will be complete this weekend if you want to stop in and see it for yourself!

And the rest of our Spring merchandise will be arriving soon!
But for now, I will leave you with this April Cornell linen collection that I am in love with!

Until next time,


  1. gosh, it's gorgeous Donna, LOVE that exposed brick! Hope you feel better, take it easy and get well!!

  2. love the first few pic.s!Can't wait for the grand opening!Take care of yourself though!

  3. It's beyond awesome! What a wonderful wonderful place. Hope you feel better soon. Sending up a little prayer for your speedy recovery.

  4. looking very good~I would love to poke around in there. I am in love with the framework of the store, the old columns and all look terrific. So does the brickwork. Great linens on the last pic.

  5. I can't get over how beautiful the brick looks. Love it. I want a brick wall in my home. Feel better soon.

  6. OMG - I want one of everything! I would love to have that wheelbarrow and those silver pedestal serving pieces! ...and I love April Cornell.

    Feel better! I am still watching for my beautiful pillow. Can't wait.

    Can you order your things online?

  7. Wow Donna! It is going to be so wonderful. You have don so much work. Hope you feel better soon, and take care,

  8. Donna,
    How wonderful to discovered all that gorgeous brick! It's beautiful! I love the new kitchen area and the tablesetting just screams SPRING! Love it!

  9. looks wonderful - those mirrors in the first shot are so nice...


  10. oh my gosh, you are so talented and what a fabulous job to have! I want you to come to my house and make my kitchen look just like that first picture! seriously. :)

    I wish I lived'd have to restock often! just beautiful.

  11. in a word, WOW! you poor thing, what a time to be sick. me thinks you burn the candle at both ends too much. i hope you are better soon, don't push it.



  12. WOWSER! "She" loves, loves, loves the brick! And the garden area....oh my, I could just crawl in there and nap and browse for days....assuming of course you would let this cat in or at least pretend not to notice there was a cat roaming the garden you think anyone would notice? So wonderful, enough to make my whiskers stick straight out in delight!

    I'll be back to check out how it is coming along. And I'll bring you some warm milk, surely that would make you feel better....well that and some rest....


    Romeo and "her"

  13. Looks beautiful! Would love to putter around that garden area!

  14. Exposed brick makes my heart go pitter patter. I finally have a moment to blog hop tonight and I'm so glad I did. The reno is looking gorgeous. LOVE the concept behind the new ephemera display. The garden & sneak of the cottage sections are lovely. Sending along a prayer that you'll feel tip top in the morning.


  15. OMG the new renovations are fabulous... loving the exposed brick and all of the architectural details... a wonderful remodel!

    Dawn... The Bohemian

  16. Love the greens and blues refreshing! Love the dark woods for contrast! You have certainly endured many renovations! Bless your heart!

  17. And PLEASE take care of yourself!!

  18. It looks incredible. You know you are working too hard and have run yourself down. Take care of yourself so you can be 100% in 3 weeks.

  19. Oh Donna...this is so so so nice !!! it looks wonderful,!!...happy day darling....lobe Ria....

  20. The exposed brick is just gorgeous, and the garden area...well it's out of this world!
    I wish I were closer to visit.

    Stay home and rest, rest, rest. You'll only get worse if you don't take it easy.

    Get well soon!!!

  21. could you pretty please tell me what you used to seal the brick? i'm tempted to take off the plaster in our kitchen to reveal our 100yr old brick.....thank you!

    everything looks lovely!

  22. Never ceases to amaze me with your lovely displays! I think I need to fly you up to Canada Donna!

  23. It looks wonderful!!!
    But you are overdoing... I hope you feel better!
    Gotta catch up - will call later
    Love ya

  24. OMGoodness the changes look wonderful! I might just have to make another trip up there!

  25. Hey Donna, you really have been at it again! I really love how you have decorated the store so far. I don't think there is anything more charming than a brick wall. It just add so much to the space. Now you have me anxious to see the rest of the store when it is done.

    Please, please take care of yourself Donna. I am sending you some healing hugs tonight and saying a prayer for you...

  26. No fair Donna - you get to be surrounded by beautiful things at work and at home! The store looks awesome - I saw a few things I need! I hope you are feeling better!

  27. This is gorgeous Donna! I love the exposed brick too! I must get over to Indiana!!

  28. Get well soon. GORGEOUS!
    Have a pretty day!

  29. What a cute store. I can see that you guys carry a lot of goodies...

  30. Donna,
    Thanks so much for visiting! I had not seen your blog before and it is gorgeous! Your shop is amazing,I love it all! It makes me wish I still had my shop! I will be back to visit often!
    Hope you feel better soon!

  31. Donna,
    Thanks so much for visiting me! I had not seen your blog before and it is gorgeous! What a beautiful shop, the brick wall is fabulous and the garden section is adorable, it's all wonderful!
    It makes me wish I still had my shop! I will be back to visit often!


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