My Garden Retreat

My Garden Retreat
photo Gridley Graves for Country Living

Snow Day!

Hello my friends!

It has snowed  once again  here in my world!
I am so thankful for this peaceful hush that covers everything in my sight!

There is something so...quieting about a good snow!
I spent sometime out with my shovel and broom...
Making a path between the house and cottage and thought I would share some of this tranquility with you!

It's as if  everything has been wrapped in a fluffy white blanket!
So peaceful!

Doesn't Tinker look good in Snow?

When my ears and fingertips began to tingle...I made my way to the cottage.

Cocooned in my studio...I have been getting things organized for another year.
I have started to clean up from the mad dash of the holidays!
 Like the snow outside....A fresh start!

I always get this way in January!
It's my spring cleaning!
I am always so busy when Spring arrives...that it has become my tradition... to clean in the Winter.

I hope you are having a Wonderful White Wednesday!
I am going to take a break...
Curl up in my big, overstuffed chair...

And drink a hot cup of tea!
until next time...


  1. How beautiful! Isn't snow so lovely and peaceful? We were supposed to get quite a bit on Monday/Tuesday, but all we ended up with was a light coating of ice.
    I am in love with your studio cottage. :)

  2. Beautiful! I love a fresh snow - it's like everything is fresh and clean again. We're buried in a couple feet and I have spring fever bad!
    I just posted about my shed that is falling apart but my dream for having a cute little cottage all my own...your tinker is my inspiration. I'm hoping I can get it just as cozy and charming as her.
    Love your cozy chair...your home is one of my absolutel favorites! Enjoy your quiet day and keep warm!
    sarah xo

  3. It's beautiful Donna! Tinker looks lovely dressed in white.:)

  4. I am enamored of your tinker house. It looks perfect in its blanket of snow!!

  5. There IS something tranquil about fresh fallen snow. Unless, of course, your are out in minus 4 degree weather trying to untangle the dogs' chains, and also discover that your car doors are hopelessly frozen shut.

    Everything looks so beautiful--especially Tinker House. Like you, I do my spring cleaning in January.

    Enjoy the snow!

  6. Grazie per la vista di questo giardino d'inverno.Amo la neve ma da me in Italia non nevica mai.Hanevicato il 17 dicembre scorso dopo 25 anni e per noi è stata una gioia.Saluti Rosetta di theromanticrose.

  7. Just beautiful Donna! I'm looking forward for more Tinker posts this year. You amaze me!
    Wish you could have been here with Rebecca, we'll have to plan a girl's getaway this year.
    lotsa love,

  8. i'm not a lover of snow but it is so beautiful! love your view

  9. All your photos are postcard perfect. And looks like Tinkerhouse is getting her first taste of snowdrops.

    Stopping by and saying hello from a fellow White Wednesday participant.

  10. I love that blanket with the snowballs....did you make it ? ~Molly

  11. I want to see in that shed! Looks great. Terry

  12. What a cozy spot for a cup of tea! It is just gorgeous there with all the snow. Tinker House is delightful, even in winter :) Great photos.
    Stay Warm
    Becky C

  13. Loved catching up on your blog, Donna!

    You're very lucky to have such a handy hubby. That room is going to be great. And your friend Rebecca is very talented - hope she has a blog or website coming.

  14. I really love your little makes me want to build one in my backyard....want to invite you over to my blog for Cottage Flora Thursday's - if you are excited for spring & want to share or see cottage flowers & landscape, you'll love this!!! hope you make it & share a post. I love your blog...xoox

  15. Hello your post today !! beautiful and white !!...ans i like to drink a cup of tea with you......lovely day Ria....

  16. The snowy photos are lovely and make me a bit envious that it doesn't snow where I live. I love your little, iron gate and Tinker does look beautiful in the snow!

  17. Sooooo pretty. Love your little cottage:) We got about 18inches of snow and it is snowing again:)Have fun!
    ~Debra xxx
    Capers of the vintage vixens

  18. And I thought it was comfy here, but that big comfy chair is calling my name....would it be okay if I took a short cat nap??? It is a long journey back home ;)



  19. Ah, such lovely photos! I, too, love the snow and the quietness it brings to the world. I shoveled snow at my mom's house today and it was so enjoyable to me....people thing I'm weird, but I really do love it!!

    Thank you for sharing these wonderful photos!!


  20. Snowy here I just stayed in and enjoyed the day at home. Take care ~ Rebecca

  21. If I sat down in that chair and pulled that gorgeous throw up to my would take a stick of dynamite to blast me out of your house girl! I might get up and sneak out to Tinker and think deep thoughts once in awhile though. Your world is beautiful in white Donna.
    love to you...

  22. Beautiful pictures Donna! Just when I had stopped obsessing over Tinker House you had to show it again and get me all jealous once more! :)

  23. Donna ~ I just adore your little garden cottage shed! So vintage French! And it's beautiful draped in a blanket of white. :) Love your blog ~ and am happily following!

    xoxo laurie

  24. Hi Donna,
    Love your photos. The snow is really beautiful. We got about a foot yesterday. Kid's got their snowday! Everyone here freaks out when it snows, they just can't handle it. I don't know why? We get snow every year. :)

  25. Donna,
    Thank you for sharing your peaceful calm with us. I would love to spend the night in Tinker, Of course it would have to be toasted warm inside. I would sit and enjoy the view, letting it inspire what it wants to inspire.

    Really!! you have a beauty to love.


  26. Beautiful pictures~
    Love the Tink
    Love ya

  27. Tinker is pretty all in white and you know I'm completely envious of that closet!!!! WOW


  28. your photos are exquisite! what beautiful and magical surrounding--enjoy the snow and your weekend.

  29. OH! HOW BEAUTIFUL! we were supposed to get a snow storm today...not even a flake.
    I was disapointed.
    Donna, How I love that throw with the pom pom balls on it!!!
    Have a pretty day!

  30. lovely snow images! but I have to admit I am ready for our 6 - 7 inches to be gone...but it is beautiful, isn't it?


  31. How is it that this is the very first time that I have discovered your blog in all the years that I have been reading them? OMG, I am in LOVE! I am going to have to go back and read every single one of your posts! Thank you -- I am in Heaven! Joanne @

  32. Your cottage is sooooo fabulous! I love the throw with the big pom poms and that rug underneath.
    Your place is adorable!! Please keep sharing : )

  33. The only thing prettier than your tinker house is your tinker house covered in snow. White is definitely her color.

    Hope you enjoyed your hot cup of tea.


  34. You have an award waiting for you over at my blog. Stop over when you get a chance to receive it. Congrats!


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