My Garden Retreat

My Garden Retreat
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Hearts and Shoe Sachets

Hello My Friends and Happy Monday!

I have spent the better part of the day loading my new Lavender Candles in my Etsy shoppe
Which you can visit by clicking here


Making Hearts and shoe sachets!
This sachet is made from a vintage pillowcase that had seen better days!
the lettering is the palest lavender you have ever seen!

The pink houndstooth shoe sachets are for my own closet!

I filled them with lavender from my garden and French Lavender essential oil.
They match the chair I just finished 
reupholstering...all by myself!
It's my first time!

When I bought it...
It was orange and ugly!
but it had good bones.

I knew it would be perfect for my new closet!

 Learning to upholster furniture is something I have always wanted to learn! I couldn't think of a better project

Small ans simple!
I love the Shrimp Pink and Cream Houndstooth fabric!
And the nailhead trim really finished it off!

What do you think?

The closet is coming along quite nicely.
I should get to start wallpapering the ceiling this week!

My hubby has almost finished the ironing board thingy...and then it's mine to complete!

He also has to put the drawer fronts on...but he can do that after I wallpaper and paint.

I decided to stain the new cabinetry...a wonderful putty grey color!

So take another peek....This is the last time you will get to see it before I paint!

This is the little antique window...formally on our old garage!
I decided to leave it the peely original on the outside 
(Which is actually in the hallway going down to the basement)
But paint the inside the same as the trim.

I will replace the glass panes when it's painted

The closet has no natural light so this was my solution!

I also love using things that were original to the house in unique ways!
Tomorrow, I am going to prime the crown moulding and baseboards
I can't wait!

For the last 4 and half years...
my closet has been a tiny space in my sewing room!

No kidding!

I only keep my in-season things out and everything else gets packed into storage tubs twice a year!
What a hassle!
But no more!
I am linking up with my dear friend Jami of freckled laundry fame.
If you haven't met her yet...She is one talented lady!

freckled laundry

I hope you are having a fantastic Monday!
I think I will go back to my sewing machine...I have several more shoe sachets to sew!
Until next time!


  1. Everything is so lovely...I do hope you give us a tutorial on how you reupholstered that chair. You did a fabulous job!

  2. I love the old window and I think it's a great idea. Your closet is looking wonderful.

    I love the sweet shoe sachet and the heart, so pretty.

    I would love to learn to upholster furniture and I'm waiting for Miss Mustard Seed's tutorial.


  3. I'm kicking myself for passing up a tattered pair of pillowcases with Mr and Mrs embroidered in red. I don't have red in my house...I lingered a while wondering what I would do with them...couldn't think of anything...DARN!!

  4. okay donna, now you are really starting to annoy me....

    i mean how could one woman have this much talent????? everything you do ends up as sheer perfection. that chair and stool look like a professional job. and the sachets? i mean really, you got bonked by the talent stick a few times my friend.



  5. Oh my gosh, that chair is "IT"!

    m ^..^

  6. Donna, Are you serious! THAT is your first projrct! And it turned out like that! WOW! You amaze me!
    I am getting so excited to see your new closet reveal!
    HURRY! ( :
    Have a pretty day! Kristin

  7. What incredible projects you have going, my friend! Love the closet! It's going to be fabulous.
    I'm about to take a look at your ETSY shop. Love the sachets :)
    Always love seeing your creations.
    Becky C

  8. Oh....what a gorgeous closet! And that chair!!! You did a fantastic job. I can't wait to see the finished product. Have fun!! I'm loving your shoe sachets too...what a great idea.

  9. I'm just laughing and agreeing with Shelley...definitely "bonked by the talent stick"!
    love ya,

  10. You are an absolute marvel! Inspiring, astonishing, multi-talented, the list goes on and on! I simply can't wait to see the finished product! You go girl!

  11. Wow, I am glad I came over here..I am planning to tackle my first upholstery job too, yours came out lovely!! I had the same fabric in pink and yellow for a drapery job I did once. The pink and cream is really pretty. Love the closet, can't wait to see it finished.

  12. This will be fabulous!
    You are a powerhouse my dear!
    Blessings today!

  13. Shelley took the words right out of my mouth!! HA HA! YOU are SOOOOOOO talented. I would say you came , you saw , you CONQUERED the recovering of a chair...and the FIRST time around...oh my head hurts now!! hee hee I need to try that someday, but somehow I don't think mine would look as good as yours! JUST LOVELY!!!!!

  14. Hi, Donna, found your blog a while back, I've been enjoying it!

    I'm so impressed with your upholstering ability!


    ScatteringStarsArt on etsy

  15. Are you kidding me!!!! You can recover furniture too! OMG! I have got to meet this woman with ten arms! That's how many I imagine it takes to do it.

    Your closet is a dream come true. I cannot wait to see it all done. The sachets are so maker of magic.

  16. Wow. You struggled through that chair quite nicely!!! I love it, Donna. Are you sure that was your first time? If so, you give me hope. Love the new sachets and lavender candles. Do you know how to dry your own lavender? I had a reader ask me and I just buy my lavender so I have no idea. I know I say this to you all the time but you are so talented! Can't wait to see the closet. Where did you find that little ironing board contraption?

  17. The chair is really great! I'd love to know where you got the fabric from?


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