My Garden Retreat

My Garden Retreat
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The great closet adventure...part 1

Hello everyone!

I hope your week is going well, I myself have been attempting to get my sewing machine repaired and returned to me ( a whole other story! ugh!)
And....working on my new closet!

I am so excited!
It is nearly complete and I can't wait to actually have a home for my undies other than a plastic bin!

As with all of my projects....things are laid out on grid paper...

paint and fabric samples are gathered...

And I put together a mood box or board, depending on how much I have already accumulated.

Just before the holidays...I spent a good bit of time hanging drywall...

And gathering all of my goodies! (The very best part of any project!)

This is what the closet looked like right after I gave it back to my hubby to work on
(He had just installed my crown moulding and trimmed out the little window)

Don't you just love my lighting! Yes! It's just a light bulb dangling from the ceiling!

Then I left for a bit
And went to  visit with Rebecca....

I returned to this...

I thought I had died and gone to heaven!

I am so stinkin' proud of him!

This is his first attempt at drawers and they are simply divine!

I am not sure if I even have enough clothes to fill them!

I am sure I can remedy this though! (hee, hee!)

By the will be mine once more.

I have decided to wallpaper the ceiling...

stain the cabinetry...
and paint the walls a luscious shade of pink!

I have ordered carpet samples from Flor
a mirror from Ballards
And found a wonderful new iron from's pink!

And will live right here in my hide-away ironing board closet!

I also bought one of the  faceted crystal ball chandy at the store

to replace the bare bulb thing!

It's been so long since I had a place to put my clothing...I think I will move a cot into the closet and just look at it for awhile!

So until next time!


  1. LOVE the colors you have chosen! Can't wait to see the finished reveal!!!

  2. What a wonderful dream space. Can't wait to see all your details!

  3. What a great husband...lucky girl! I think that chandelier is spectacular. What a regal room you are going to have, just awesome!

  4. knowing you as i do, it will be the most fabulous closet on earth! he done good. hey i see you are a philosophy gal! me too!



  5. love that chandelier! oh, what fantastic vision you have...i too can't wait to see the reveal. so pretty...

  6. Love love it Donna! You are too funny...I too have that amazing light fixture.....the solo light bulb! Actually, quite a few of our rooms look like that right now :) And grid paper - we are too alike! I have sheets and sheets of designs I have drawn - LOL. You have picked out perfect colors/inspiration for your girly boudoir :)
    Cant wait!!

  7. Hi Donna,
    I hope you have had a great New Year so far...I love the light fixture :) stop by my blog and sign up for my giveaway. I have a new line of flour sack towels that have inspiring verses on them....I call them
    "clean on the word" I thought it was a cute one liner.


  8. I love seeing when a plan comes together!

  9. i am so excited to see it all complete! its going to be beautiful!

  10. Uh oh...I am having serious closet envy here Donna! I am so excited for you!!! It is wonderful.

    I loved talking to you on the phone sweetie. It made my day.
    big hug

  11. Donna,

    This closet is going to be gorgeous! Two thumbs up to the hubby! I LOVE your color swatches (and that pink houndstooth fabric!) Yikes, I am going to have to find some of that;)
    And a window in the closet, I've never thought of that, but I love the idea. I look forward to seeing more!

  12. Okay, I thought I had already opted to follow your blog way back, but noticed I wasn't receiving any updates, so I am trying again!


  13. Wow, this was inspiring, as I have been busy working on my bathroom. I wish I had a closet all the things you are pulling together. Most of all the chandy. Where did you get that amazing fixture?

  14. This is very exciting to see such huge progress on your project. I am loving all the glam touches. Kudos to your carpenter. :o)
    Happy closeting...

  15. Oh my word! Your closet is about the same size as my whole house! Lucky you. You are doing such a wonderful job of this - fit for a queen and you so deserve it.

    BTW - what is your husband doing next weekend?!!! I could sure use him around here!

  16. Shaping up quite nicely there! I can't wait to see the finished product! I never pegged you for a pink gal! A closet like that after not having one for 4 years! Girl you aren't going to know what to do with yourself! Have a great weekend sweetie!

  17. WOW Donna! I would just love to be a fly on your closet wall and live there. I wouldn't buzz much either. I would just take in all the pure beauty!! Can't wait to see it finished!

  18. Hey Sweetie
    Tell the Man he did good!
    It looks great, can't wait to see it done and all the new clothes you're going to put in it... do I see a shopping trip for us???

  19. so well-thought-out.
    so girlie.
    so luxurious.
    so classy.
    so YOU!

  20. Okay, so I'll need to ask forgiveness for being a tweeny weeney jealous of your new closet!

    How wonderfully organized and beautifully feminine. Colors so soft and soothing. You must have an "Open Closet" party!

    Love your blog!

  21. wowo Donna!!!! that is the greatest gift from a husband...a new room :)

    how exciting
    xo+new years blessings,
    anne marie

  22. This is FABULOUS! I can NOT wait to see it completed!HURRY!
    Have a pretty day!

  23. What a beautiful and inspiring blog you have. Found you on Cabin & Cottages blog roll and I'm so glad I did. Everything is just gorgeous! I'm your newest follower.


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