My Garden Retreat

My Garden Retreat
photo Gridley Graves for Country Living

You have made my day!

Hello my friends!
I have been so busy that I hadn't had the time to really read your precious comments until this evening!
Thank you so...much for your kind words about the Cottage!
It truly made my day!

It has been difficult to make this tiny space live much larger than it's actual size!

The cottage itself is only 464 square feet! But sewing room and the bath are also tucked into this space!

( I can't seem to locate a picture of our tiny bathroom! I will have to remedy that!)

That makes this room our
Dining Room,
Living room,
and laundry room! (the stacking washer and dryer are in the mirrored closet!)
So again...I thank you!
When we first moved out here over 4 years ago...I really had to learn how to make such a small space live large!
Those lessons have been so wonderful for me! I now love smaller spaces and have paired down so many things in our homes renovation.
I do like the coziness and am working to keep that feeling in our other home.
(Which isn't that big either! Just 1725 sq. ft.)

I wanted to also share a bit  about this weekends event at the store!
Saturday, December 11th
We will be having our last event of the year!

And it's very exciting!

We will have two special guest:
Log Cabin Bakery selling their amazing baked goods to help you with your entertaining and gift giving needs
And our friend, Karen Groff

Karen will be teaching another one of her fabulous classes!
This one will feature some of her adorable tags!
She will even have some kits for you to take home and complete yourself!
the cost for the class will be $4.00 and we are now taking reservations at the store!
Speaking of the store...Did you know I have another blog?
On my other blog I usually share events and happenings that are going on as well as special offers!
Here is that link:
Horton's of Tipton
Please stop by and get further details about Saturday!

I have noticed so many new faces so to speak among my followers!
Thank you for joining me!

I will be around soon to visit each of you as well!

I also have been working on my next give-away to celebrate my 300 followers!
So I will be back soon with more info!
So until next time...


  1. Well you deserve the nice comments,you have done a great job!!!

  2. your home is just beautiful !!!!!!!! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE did wonders.....smiles, Linda

  3. Yes, Donna, you deserve all the nice comments. Thanks for the inspiration, small spaces are great and very cozy. I think 1725 sq feet is quite large for your other home though sweetie! We came from a 1600 sq ft house to this petite maison that's a little over 1150, squeezing in every little bit. Keep up the great work, I love to check in with you!
    To small spaces ;)

  4. I too live in a teeny, tiny home. I'd love to see posts on how you manage to make it appear bigger. I'm in dire need of a room stretcher!

  5. Love your inspiration ~ You certainly make small spaces grand :-)

  6. Donna, I just keep coming back to look at your wonderfuly cozy space and imagine working in there myself. ahhh.....
    Thanks for sharing it with us. It inspires me to do some new things in my own studio and home.
    Have a beautiful week~~

  7. I just want to say that little house out back made out of windows and doors is to die for.

    That is the best little house on all the blogs.

    I won't memtion the ones that built one also.

    Your man is the best!!!!

    I WANT ONE ALSO if I only knew a man or woman to help me LOL

    It is beautiful in all the snow picture perfect.

    Makes some cards with your pictures


  8. Thanks for showing the sewing room, I love that as well! I think your cottage is adorable!

  9. Donna - Your cottage is just so wonderful. Personally, if I could just live in Tinker House, I would be a happy camper!!! Your style, your outlook are really an inspiration to me and so many others, I know. Keep it up, sweetie!!

  10. And again... why is Romantic Homes Magazine all over this?!!! Beautiful! xo

  11. I am with Debby! Where is Romantic Homes, Donna? XX!

  12. Hi Sweetie
    Everything looks gorgeous, as always!
    I hope your event goes well!!!
    Talk to you soon
    Love ya


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