My Garden Retreat

My Garden Retreat
photo Gridley Graves for Country Living


This is Rebecca from A Re-Purposed Life signing in for Donna tonight.

 Donna is feeling a little better today, but her computer is not. Her computer crashed and has some major problems, so she has been on the phone most of the day with her tech support and they are working to solve the problem. 
She was concerned about announcing the winner of her give away as she had promised, so she has asked me to do it for her.
Donna has been so generous with this wonderful Give-Back to celebrate her 300 followers and she is so thrilled with all your wonderful comments you left. 
I see she is well over the 300 mark already and that doesn't surprise me as she is an amazing person and a talented artist. I love her blog.

Well, I suppose I better get on with it and not keep you wondering who won any longer...  
and the winner is...

I popped over to Dana's blog to check it out and you will have to see the wonderful invitations she is showing right now and her beautiful watercolors she does, please visit her and be inspired.

It has been my pleasure to visit here tonight, wishing you a very blessed evening and Donna will be back with you asap.
Please leave her your inspiring comments as she loves to hear from you.
Rebecca for Donna


  1. Congrats Dana at the Ginger Parasol...lucky girl!

  2. I am truly, absolutely speechless!! I was just about to turn off my computer when I saw this and just thought I would pop over quickly to see who won and come back tomorrow. ~~ Never in million years did I think it would be me. I am so excited!!
    I hope you are feeling better, Donna and hope your computer fiasco is solved. You have brought so much inspiration to me in the past few months I have known you.
    Thanks for making my week!!
    ps...and thank you, Rebecca, for making the announcement!~~~

  3. Congratulations to Dana. Donna I do hope your computer is recovering quickly. Rebecca you are a very good friend to guest post. Happy Holly Jolly Joy to everyone...

  4. i am just getting over the flu... so i understand exactly how you feel... rest well... and i am so happy to have found you... God bless you...xx pam

  5. Nooooo!, No, Nooooo! you mean it wasn't me, are you sure you read it right and the real name was DORE' and not DANA' Hmmmm! well I tried, close enough :)

    CONGRATS!! DANA, Have a...

    Donna I hope you feel back to yourself now and can create more treasures for us to drool over.

    You have a beautiful holiday girl!

  6. How fun was that Dana? happy day for you for sure.

    Don't you all love this bolg? I think it is so pretty

    Nothing worst that technical difficulties beside a stopped up toliet.

    merry Christmas All


  7. believe it or not it's me Donna from my wii l won't be able to post until at least Saturday
    BOy do I have tale to tell you
    love and miss you all

  8. Congrats to Dana! Sorry to hear your computer is giving some trouble...but happy to hear you've got good friends ;-)
    Take care ~ Another Rebecca

  9. Can I mention you in a post as a new 'blog love' I've found and use a few photos like of your tinker cottage, linking back to you? If not, I will not be offended. Thank you kindly, ox`kerrie


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