My Garden Retreat

My Garden Retreat
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Should I....or shouldn't I ?

Hello my friends!

I am still trying to complete my Christmas Decorating in the Cottage
And  I  could really use your advise.

This past year...I fell in love with this chippy, old frame and brought it home with me.

I loved that it still had part of the old canvas painting left inside
And ...
That it was a little whoppy jawed(Is this a word?)

But...I have never myself been much of a gold person.
I use it alot in others homes...but myself...even my jewelry is always a silver tone.

Here is my big dilemna...
Do I do a grey wash on this wonderful old frame and the shutter divider...
Or leave them alone?

For now...they are groovy for Christmas...but afterwards?

What would you do?
Have I changed so much this past 4 years that I now like old gold?
Will they look good in the house with my creams, grays and pale aqua?
I know not!
So...would you paint or leave it be?

All suggestions and comments are very much appreciated!


  1. I would leave it gold for Christmas decorations then for sure paint it after words. A color you memtioned sounds great. Be sure and show us after you paint it.

    Love your blog


  2. "I LOVE IT"!!! and PERSONALLY, now it's ONLY MY OPINION, they already look antiqued and I LOVE them like they are! BUT it's hard for us on this side of the blog to REALLY KNOW what it looks like in person... I would leave the frame and the shutter as is, BUT it's your decision alone and whatever you do "I will love it"!!!

  3. Well, I say go for it... gray or whitewash would be stunning with all your decor. I know what you mean about the gold. I just painted an old gold frame white for my new mantel. Just fits in much better now.
    The gold does look good for Christmas, though.
    Love the way you decorated it.
    Becky C

  4. It is your gorgeous frame in your gorgeous home. I think you should make it your own and paint it to live happily with everything else:)I love how you have it decorated. So creative:) I may just have to try that.
    Have fun with whatever you decide:)

  5. i love it just the way it is...because it is gold & already antiqued, i think its perfect! i love how you decorated it with the wire to hang "inspirational" pics & cards from's honestly exactly what i've been looking for to use in my den! Everything always seems to go to "white colors" but i feel sometimes having a piece like you have - makes it all the more a treasure from the past (untouched, but loved).....just a thought! xoox

  6. Hey Sweetie
    It looks fantastic... I love it! And myself I love mixing silver and gold... and of course I love the old just the way it is. If you paint it can you make it look so old that it will go with the old canvas that you love sticking out? Or will it look funny or dirty... just something to think about. I thought it looked great when I was there in fact it was one of the things I liked best about the mantel... Ha! do what you want to do...

  7. Leave if for now....I love the contrast :)
    Those shutters tho - are do die for! They need some color!
    I am sure whatever you do will be fantastic. Cuz thats what you are!!


  8. I think it is gorgeous as is Donna, but if it were me I would probaly still grey wash it. Just because I am in that mood right now. LOL Whatever you decide to do it will be gorgeous!!

  9. I'd leave the frame but do the shutters! :)
    I was thinking how Rachel coined the term Shabby Chic...well maybe you could get rich on Whoppy Jawed. I can see it in Target now..
    Simply Whoppy Jawed! Haha!!!

  10. Leave the frame, once painted you will never get that great original patina back. The shutters would look great left alone or white washed, sorry no help there.

  11. Hi Donna........if your house is with creams... grays and pale and aqua....than i shall paint it......but if you have more brouwn and gold things in your home than i shall leave it so....i like what i see now.........but i am not a white type...hahahhah!! lovely weekend warm hugs from me Ria....

  12. I am into vintage gold and silver lately so I say leave it! :)

  13. I think it looks pretty darn good just like it is!

  14. Hi Donna,
    Well first let me say...SEND IT TO ME and I will decide what to do with it.LOL!!! If it were mine, I don't think I could change it. I have gold and creams and whites in here and as long as the patina is real, I think it works. What you have done with it is amazing Donna!
    I adore everything you do. You just have that 'touch'.
    love you,

  15. Maybe there's a way to "split the baby". What about doing a grey wash, and rubbing the high spots to let some of the original gold poke through. I think it might look really good...mellowing out the gold and allowing it to blend more with your decor!

  16. Hello Donna,
    I think it looks fantastic the way it is and the canvas, old wood and gold all blend so well together and the patina is so awesome that I wouldn't change a thing. Once painted, the patina is gone forever! It is lovely and I am copying your idea with an old frame I have. Your blog is so inspirational.

  17. It looks beautiful, and so festive the way it is right now. But in January I'll bet you'll be wanting the white or gray.

  18. hello friend. i love old gold and i think it works with your colors. i just did the wire thing in a frame in the guest room after seeing it in a PB catalog. it'll be perfect whatever you decide.


  19. Hi,
    Gray wash!! I am so into gray right now, even all of the clothing I buy lately is all shades of gray. My husband keeps asking me "don't you need some colorful items too"?
    Have a great day.

  20. I'm loving old gold so much more lately too. I was looking at Donna O'Briens blog the other day when I should have been working ...haha and just started to go crazy about her use of gold and silver. I've had her blog on my sidebar for 2 yrs+ now suddenly I'm looking at it with new eyes.
    Ok sorry back to the question...
    I would leave it for now ...maybe when you get redecorated after the holidays you can show us again.

    YOu know I'll always have an opinion...haha
    ok back to work....boy the season can be long!!

    ps thanks for the beauty break!


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