My Garden Retreat

My Garden Retreat
photo Gridley Graves for Country Living

What happened to the day?

It has been one of  those days...

You know the kind where you are working non-stop...

Doing 10 things at once...
And then hubby calls to see if he can pick something up at the grocery and I am thinking...

it's lunchtime....
Why are you calling?

He had to be joking!

No...the clock agreed with day ran away from me!

Just once I wish getting ready for Christmas at my house didn't involve painting furniture!
But since it did again this year...I am not quite finished!

The Horton's blog shoppe paypal buttons are still not working
And I can't seem to figure out why...

And then it started to snow!
Nothing is sticking yet but wow!

I wasn't really ready for snow today!

Although I am thankful for it because I want to get some photos of Tinker house in the snow...
So, maybe tomorrow if we get enough covering...I will do just that!

It has been overcast all day so please forgive the few photos I was able to take.
I will try again tomorrow!
This mirror is actually for my new hallway in the house...but the hall wasn't ready for it...
So, I brought it out to the cottage for Christmas!
Do you like it?
It is a zinc frame and feels really French to I love it!
It matches the sconces that are meant for my new dining room...but again, not ready for them so I flanked the tv over the mantle!

And forgot to straighten things on the shelves! (hee,hee)
I will the next time I take pictures!
I had hoped to put my tree in this grey wash wheelbarrow piece but it was too tall so...
I am going to fill the basket with our presents instead!

this zinc chalkboard is from Horton's
( is the mirror and sconces!)

I decorated the tree with pinecones, dustymiller and crystal pieces.
I did the top of the tree with some of those lit branches(we carry at the store)
And 2 kinds of grey ribbon!

I am just  NOT happy with my pictures!
I hope you can make out the nativity under the cloche!
Like I said....I will try again tomorrow!
I also brought in a room divider/screen made from antique shutters!
And a vintage frame!
(I will show you the next time )

I love this vintage tarnished silver urn!
And of course...mercury of my favorite things year round!

even the windows got greened and pinecones!

I did manage to get a couple shots of my antique chandelier parts!

I am going to use them in my new closet as wall hooks!
So...what do you think so far?

I will take some more photos in the next few days and see if they turn out better!

I actually wanted to show you some estate jewelry  I purchased at the same antique mall in  Austin..
.but they are just not photographing well today!
It's probably the photographer!

I hope you are having a great week!
And sincerely hope it isn't has crazy as mine has been thus far!

And I will be visiting everyone soon!
I can't wait to see everyones homes done for the Holiday!
And thank you for listening to me rattle on!
Like I has been one of Those days!

Tomorrow I will be in Tipton trying to see if I can get the blog shoppe to work!
Pray for me and the Horton's!

In the meantime though...if you see something...
Call the store and we will invoice you via email!
Just until I get it to work!
Hopefully soon!
Until next time!


  1. What a day for you! Doesn't always seem to work that way--one minute you're truckin' along and the next you've hit a traffic jam.

    Well you sure know how to decorate! It's all so lovely.

    And you can keep the snow - thank you very much.

  2. "Everything is Beautiful Donna", I Love the colors you have chosen, I also go for a more Winter wonderland effect the past few years. I am "IN LOVE" with your little Lighted Church under that "FABULOUS MIRROR"(You are right, it does have a French Flair). Do you know the maker of your little church? Your pictures are wonderful and I LOVE the idea of the Holy Family under the cloche. It's PERFECT!
    Hugs to you, Donna

  3. Hey you..
    Your home looks so festive :)...Mine hasn't got there I am jealous:).Love the wood/wicker wheelbarrow!Glad to know others have crazy days too...

  4. I commented earlier but my internet connection zoinked out on me and I lost ya. Anyhow, EVERYTHING is beautiful...not that I expected anything but beautiful from you. I'm sorry you've had one of THOSE days. I had one of those weeks last week so my prayers go out to you. Off to check out Horton's for that zinc chalkboard. I need another chalkboard like I need to gain 5 lbs. BUT it's a different kind of chalkboard. It's ZINC! Love it.

    Hugs to you,

  5. Oh Donna, I love that tall skinny tree! Everything looks so good around your house!

  6. do you do it all my dear?! Your home is gorgeous - thanks for sharing :) I would share mine too but Im afraid noone wants to see open walls and trenched floors! Ha!
    Im so glad that I can live vicariously thru you :)
    I hope that you get a good nites rest and are able to enjoy the lovely snow and Tinker tomorrow !



  7. Everything is so pretty Donna! I have a skinny tree too and I love it. We no longer have to move the whole house around to get the tree in! lol

  8. Everything looks lovely!
    Every morning you get to start a new day , hugs!

  9. Hey Sweetie
    Feeling better here... your house looks gorgeous as I knew it would. Mine is still in transistion and will be until after this weekend.
    I had trouble putting my buttons up the first time round and found out it was my browser I was using. I changed to Googlechrome or foxfire and had no problems. It was a pain because I had put all of them up and had to go back and take them all off.
    Good Luck, I feel your pain

  10. You always put a smile on my face...and actually had me laughing out loud when you said the clock agreed with your hubby...
    I have had many of those days....Seriously your home is amazing and I am with Lolo on this one ~ How do you do it all???? Everything is gorgeous and that mirror is Fabulous!.
    All the best to you Donna ~ too bad we don't live closer...I'd help with the painting :-)

  11. I'm sorry about your day Donna, but what you did accomplish is pure magic. It is all so lovely. I adore that mirror. It will be so beautiful in the hall!


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