My Garden Retreat

My Garden Retreat
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Horton's Blog Shoppe

Hello Everyone!

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 I hope that you each had a Wonderful Thanksgiving!
We surely did!
At the last minute...My hubby decided that we were going to Texas!
Things fell into place for me to see the went!
Most of the trip was in my moms!
But we also spent time in Arington with my daughter...and finally got to meet to new "someone special"
He is a cutey!

Now...back home in Indiana (I think this is also a  title to a song)..It's back to work.
And I have some very exciting news!
Horton's New Blog Shoppe opened today!

I had hoped to get it underway before I left for Texas but we had a glitch it had to wait until I returned.
Well...just a short while ago...I finished loading the last of the paypal buttons so it is now Officially up and running!
I hope you get a chance to stop by and see it for yourself.
Hopefully, you will find a wonderment for us to send to you!
We started off small and manageable but we will be adding things over the next few days as things sell through.
I will be back tomorrow with a few pictures of my vintage shopping spree at home in Texas and...
I am going to finish decorating the cottage for the Holidays and will take some pictures to share with you!
Have a wonderful "Cyber-Monday"!
Until tomorrow!


  1. Happy to read you had a wonderful, Texas Thanksgiving! How fun. I'm so excited for your Horton's shop. I just looked at all the little wonderments. I see some fudge & a nest note pad in my future. Can't wait to see what else you'll be adding throughout the week. Have a great week, sweet friend. Vintage shopping spree? Jealous.

  2. Great! I will be hoping over to check it out!!

  3. Hey Sweetie
    It all looks wonderful, good job with the blogshop. I am plugging along, I have been under the weather so I am behind. Sounds like your trip was good, glad you are home safe and sound.


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