My Garden Retreat

My Garden Retreat
photo Gridley Graves for Country Living

Christmas in Tinker House

On Tuesday...after the Christmas Open House....
The weather was a balmy 65 to 70 an Indian Summer.
So...instead of locking myself in the studio to make more Christmas Yummies....
Or spend more time at the store doing resets...
I went out and painted Tinker!
Inside and out!

I love being outside...The garden is my second home no matter the season so it just seems fitting that I get Tinker house finished so that I can enjoy it during the winter months.
 Here in Indiana...that could be awhile.

I finally got to paint the outside with a  mix of paint made up of all the different shades and finishes I have been using in the rest of my home renovation. So I have no idea what color it actually is but it reminds me of a white chenille bedspread I have. So white chenille works for me!

Well, I wanted to be like opening a beautiful little jewel box lined in an exquisite pale, icy aqua silk. I did a  water stained silk  finish on the old doors/walls.
Hubby finished the upper deck...
So I made myself a little perch.

It is actually a big solid core door  which is perfect since Tinker is comprised mostly of doors, windows and reclaimed millwork from our home renovation.
Like a bird in the trees...I can look out over my garden.

In the Winter when I get my plant catalogs I can turn up the heat and plan out some the changes I will be making in the Spring.
Vintage  dotty lace and that very piece of dotted chenille I used as inspiration for the outside color  compose the "bedding" in my little perch.
As far as decorations for the season...icy shades of aqua, silver and white!

 the candle is one of my new faves...I pour it myself in a vintage jelly jar!
It's 100% soy and scented with French Fig essential oil. Love It!

My little jewel box definitely has some little jewels and treasures!

 As well as practical things!

 Hydrangeas gathered from my garden...

This weekend I will be planting my white tulips in pots for the winter months as well as some paperwhites.

Well...What do you think about the inside of Tinker?
I am loving it!
It is so nice to have all of my lamp making parts (they are under the skirted table) and gardening tools in one place.
Here is another shot of the hardware Hubby made to hang my antique pocket doors!

One last look before I go!

After I plant my bulbs...
I am going to spend the rest of my weekend installing the final pieces of glass in Tinker. This way we can turn on the heat as it gets colder for the plants I have inside!
Then...back to my studio to make more Christmas goodies for the store.
I am also going to do a give-away on Monday...
It will be some of my new Tinker House Collection pieces that will load in my etsy shoppe next week.

So until next time...Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. The Tinker House is so lovely! All of your special little touches truly make it a jewel box.

    How fun it would be to sneak away and read a book on that sweet perch.

  2. Of course I love it! And when do you ever have a spare moment to enjoy your special retreat? It is actually breathe taking!

  3. I love the inside...and did you say you have heat in it too! fun to work in there in the middle of winter....have fun planting this weekend....

  4. FABULOUS! Seriously, it is just beyond gorgeous. I would have problems going back in...I would love to have a cup of Lady Grey in a sweet china cup...and dream!!

  5. It looks like a dream...lucky girl!

  6. So pretty!! Must be fun too ~ I hope you enjoy many hours of solitude, peace and joy in your little creation.

  7. Hi
    Tinker looks lovely all dressed up and I love the perch.
    You will so enjoy it this winter...
    Such a great project, and the inside is just as cute as the outside.

  8. Oh Donna the beauty of your tinker house makes me speechless! *huge sigh*

    Well almost that is lol I have seen Sandy Fosters partly self built beautiful catskill studio cottage in many publications this year and I loved it, but I must say that I love your entirely self constructed Tinker House even more and I think it has to be published too!!!

    I so fancy the way that you decorated it for the season!

    You did a fantastic job dear Donna and now you deserve to lay up there on that cosy matress space and just enjoy it!

    xoxo~ Carola

  9. OH Donna! You picked the most perfect colors, inside and out! Love the washed aqua, silver, and white as your theme for Christmas decorating!! All are my favorites! I could spend all winter out in Tinker! Love your little perch! This belongs in a magazine for I am sure there is no other house quite like it!!

  10. Hi Donna,
    This is astounding!!! (I am trying again since my last comment went into cyberspace somewhere) I just adore it! My bff and I were talking the other day and we decided we would come in the dark of night and haul TINKER up here to our places. I told her we have to share her though! HA HA! Just kidding.
    It is just like a little girl getting a dollhouse only now you have moved up to sophisticated Tinker! LOVE LOVE LOVE her!!!!

  11. PS I agree...MAGAZINE WORTHY!!! Look for them on your doorstep soon!! :)

  12. I've day-dreamed of a place like that! If I had one I would think I'd died and gone on to heaven!!

  13. What a fantastically beautiful space to be creative in. Adorable.

  14. It is just magic!!! You have put your lovely touch on everything in here. I can see your heart in all the decor. I love the color you chose to paint it.
    I adore the perch and it is so Donna! I am kindda at a loss for words. It makes me so happy to feel how much you love your haven. That is how I feel about my little shack. I believe every woman should have a space (or three,hehe) of their very own, and I couldn't be happier that your dear husband and you were able to build it.
    It is so pretty all lit up in the previous post.
    hugs and love to you...

  15. You're going to love your little space! I love it, too, thanks for sharing.


    Sandy @ My Shabby Streamside Studio

  16. What a delightful space you've made in your tinker cottage... all the special touches make it a Holiday feast for the eyes.

    Dawn... The Bohemian

  17. It just keeps getting better and better. That little loft is so cozy. Why is it that I can't imagine you ever sitting
    You should have your own magazine!!!!

  18. What a wonderful place to play!

  19. Donna, you blow me away with your wonderful creations! Why is this not in Romantic Homes magazine? Surely, if they knew of you they would have there photographer there in a beat! I could live in that little Tinker house!! xo

  20. Everytime I look at Tinker, I want one too! It's absolutely perfect and precious. A wonderful little space of your own for all seasons!

  21. Wow... I luuuuvvvv it! would you take my first born in trade. She's having boy #4 at end of month so she comes with bonus packages. Note I said plural. That's right you would get Mom and all the boys. Only kidding I wouldn't trade my sweet girl and all my sugahhhh babies for the world; but I must say I love your Tinker house. I want one. I guess I just have to live through you. Thanks for the chance at the giveaway. I'm a follower. Love your blog. Please keep on posting so that we can all live our dreams.

  22. Hello. I found your blog through Freckled Laundry, and may I say, I am so thrilled that I did. Tinker House is the best of most beautiful dreams, and it's such a delight to have been introduced to it here on your blog. You now have an ardent new follower. :)

  23. The most beautiful, inspiring place I've seen in ages. You're so blessed to have it!

  24. Congrats for the wonderful dreamy place you (and your husband) have created, admiring it from Chile
    maria cecilia


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