My Garden Retreat

My Garden Retreat
photo Gridley Graves for Country Living

A wish for you!

Hello Everyone!

On my  home from work yesterday...

I stopped to take a few pictures of an old home.

Even though it is now  abandoned and decayed
I have always loved it!

It brings me great comfort...
Mainly because it has looked just like this...

for as long as I can remember...
And I think it is beautiful!

Back at the tiny cottage we call "home",

All the windows are almost completely steamed over from cooking.

Red beans and cornbread...a tradition in my family.

Growing up,
You could always count on eating them at least once a week.
(because they were inexpensive)

 Now, they are a luxury because of the time they require.

Inside the cottage, it's warm and toasty
         and smells of simmering onions and beans.

Outside the air is brisk and leaves fall from the trees in my yard like raindrops.
         This is my favorite time of the year!
(As I am sure I have mentioned once or twice!)

It is a time where the cooking of comfort foods,

                warm and cozy throws taken straight from the dryer

                                      and thick cashmere socks are little indulgences that make each day special.

This evening, right after dinner,

We are planning a small fire in the little fire pit  that sits among 4 Adirondack chairs.

Our son Tommy made for us when he was in high school.
(He graduated from Purdue just last how time flies).

I have bought marshmallows to toast while we enjoy the cool Autumn evening
but I will be the only one to eat them!
 Mr. Bill doesn't like there mushy goodness like I do!

so here it is...
My  wish  for each of you is:

That you can
Take time to enjoy the simple things

A few quiet moments...
a stop along the way..
taking in the things you find to be beautiful...

With those you hold dear!

Have a Fantastic Weekend!


  1. Donna, I am late in telling you how much I LOVE my burlap pumpkins! Your workmanship is EXCELLENT... FLAWLESS. :)

    And... Oh how i loved the leaves you tucked into my box!!! I went about scattering them on our large, wrap-around porch so that I can emulate fall here in Florida. They are still on our porch even now and I think of you each time I step outside and see them there!!

    Thank you, Donna! Your talent for creating is amazing! Love my pumpkins!! :)


  2. hihi ill come over and eat the lovely marshmallows with you!
    What a beautiful house! love the nice wooden window.
    nice weekend

  3. beautiful shots of that abandoned home. I think we must be kindred spirits; I stop all the time to photograph houses like that! I think they are beautiful, too...

    enjoyed that very much! Donna

  4. ahh...I needed this this morn:)My day is clear full w/ busy - ness & I needed the reminder to STOP & enjoy this time...
    Blessings to you my friend...

  5. Just gorgeous, Donna. Love the photos of the old house and trees!
    Have a wonderful weekend, dear one.

  6. What a perfect fall day....we too had chili beans and cornbread :D It must be in the air! I love old abandoned houses too. I just want to walk in there and imagine how it looked back in its hayday....full of farmhouse family memories :) Im going to do as you say my friend and stop today to take in the things I find beautiful! ( I will start with Starbucks :) XOX

  7. Yammie !!.....marshmallows !!!!.....i eat very slowly......take my time and enjoy visit you today.......happy weekend darling......lovely chairs!!!.....hugs from me.....

  8. Oh, how wonderful! You just made me feel so cozy, Donna, I am so happy for your lovely weekend! XX!

  9. i love old homes. we saw one in texas last time there... have a marshmallow for me, lightly burnt please...



  10. That was a lovely post, my friend. I'm not in the country, but there are some beautiful and historical houses about. That is a good idea for a post or two. Wishing you a most pleasant and peaceful weekend....Carol

  11. Thank you for the lovely wish. That old home is intriguing and I often think the same of those old homes....comforting to know they're just there. Wondering who may have lived there.

    I'm a marshmellow nut and could polish off a container of Fluff in two days:)
    I've gotten better!

  12. Looking at that empty home ... made me think. We are building a new little home and all of the plans and dreaming we have put into it. Someone did that with that home as well, the little details... and here it is all these years later , lonely. seems odd.
    Whats not to love about a toasted marshmallow. Mr Bill and my hubby are the same! ha!
    Have a pretty day!

  13. This is one of the most beautiful and peaceful posts I've ever read. I can smell the fire and taste the sticky goodness of the marshmallows. It makes me sad to think that the beautiful house is empty. What a lovely location. Thanks for this post, D.

  14. This post was so inspiring...I plan to enjoy a piece of this beautiful fall today!

  15. It is a lovely vintage house! And I like the backyard chairs too. Have a wonderful day, Kellie xx

  16. I love that little window, so cute!

    I love seeing old barns and houses as my family drives through the Iowa countryside. Today, we went to my grandma's for her 94th birthday (about 2 hours from our house), driving on the county roads, we got to see a lot of older barns.

  17. That old home is gorgeous! I hope you had a great weekend. What a good reminder, to enjoy the simple things in life!!!



  18. Love your photos, especially the one of the wonderful Adirondack chairs that Tommy built!

  19. LOVE that old home Donna! I just love old homes and barns and take any opportunity to photograph them as well! Thanks for sharing!

  20. Hi Donna ~ Thank you for that wish - I hope I steal a few minutes this week to enoy it. Can you email me your mailing address so I can get your giveaway prize out to you this week. Thanks so much - Dee

  21. It's nice to visit with you Donna,
    I have added you to my list of favorites. I can tell I will look forward to each of your post.

  22. love this home and these favorite time of year, too.

  23. Thank you so much for stopping by my blog. I feel so honored! You look like a kindred spirit. I'm so glad you found me so I could find you. Love the pictures of this little house and can't wait to dive into your blog :)

  24. Donna. I do believe we are 'soul sisters'. I love how you know how to savor the good things in life. That you take pleasure in the simple and the beautiful.
    I went back to visit and read the posts that I have missed (I have a good excuse)my SIL passed away last Wed,)and saw more evidence of this fact. You have the sweetest heart and a grateful heart.
    I adore your Tinker house so much. I'll stay there when I visit???

  25. I love that old, abandoned house! I drive by a similar one on the way to the lake every summer and I swear, I would move right in without changing a thing (except the plumbing). It has so many wonderful old windows, architectural details, chippy siding, beautiful doors, etc. It makes me want to pull up in the night and "borrow" a few of those abandoned things. I've even considering calling the town hall and asking if I can have them. I'm so happy that you appreciate things like this, too...and the simple things.

    Hugs to you,

  26. Just discovered your blog and will be back to visit! I live in your area and love to drive by Horton's on my way to work to see how the windows look...I love to do vignettes and love the vintage!! I've always wanted to go inside that house but figured the second i did someone would call the authorities on me! That house has been there for as long as I can remember...I'd love to know its history!


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