My Garden Retreat

My Garden Retreat
photo Gridley Graves for Country Living

Glorious Autumn Mornings

I took a break from my schedule
and walked around my garden.

The entrance to the Potager is now covered in Morning Glories!
I love the way they look first thing in the morning!
They almost cast a lavender hue on everything around them!

Lavender is still one of my favorite colors so
I think it looks amazing!
Don't you?

With only days left before the Christmas Open House
I am trying to absorb as much of the Autumn spendor  as I can!
I hope you are having a wonderful week so far!
And that you too take a few minutes to just soak up this
Amazing Autumn!
The winds have carried most of my leaves from the trees...and they  now lay atop my grass!
But I Thank God for this small favor!
It's like a carpet of color!

Here's one more quickie of the store

We now have two areas closed off and starting next week...You will not be able to shop unless it's from the hardware department!
This will allow us to complete all of the vignettes for the Holidays!

And a little bit more news to share
has once again agreed to come and capture the event for us!

I thought you would enjoy that!
As always until next time...


  1. Oh Donna, your morning glories are just that. Good luck with your open house, I so wish I could be there, it looks beautiful. Dee

  2. Oh Donna! You sneak peak is so enticing! I wonder if I could sneak away to this event! I am still working on it!! Your morning glories are so glorious! We are blanketed in leaves as well!

  3. Ooooo i wish i was looks beautiful.......why do you live so far from me.......??? Ria....

  4. I love the pop of purple in your yard! I cannot wait to see all the lovely pics that Tracey will take for you! How I wish I could be there :) Have fun preparing sweetie!!

  5. Your garden still looks so pretty. I wish I was visiting my family during your open house I would love to come! I am from Indiana. Your store front has Tipton in the name. The town or the county? I have family that live in Rossville, Frankfort, Clarks Hill, Mulberry, Lebanon the list goes on. Here in Michigan all the color is pretty much gone except some pretty leaves on the trees.

  6. Love your morning glories Donna and your potager looks amazing!! I think I need a full time gardener to have anything like that! lol

    Your sneak peek at Christmas looks wonderful too! I wish you all kinds of success!

  7. A lovely garden. Mother Nature sure knows how to put on a show!

    Good luck with the open house!!!

  8. You and I are on the same wave today Donna. I just did a post on glorious Autumn. Great minds...they say. However my post took me all day to do, because I am such a goober on the computer.
    I can't get over how awesome your morning glories are still. They are gorgeous!!! Mine froze a few days ago, so I will have to enjoy yours from a distance.
    I am getting so excited for your open house. Just want to wish you the best on it tonight sweet friend.
    Love to you...

  9. Sometimes it's great just to drop everything and take a walk outside to appreciate the beauty... especially with how busy you have been! Your yard is as pretty as your home. xo

  10. Strolling thru such a beautiful garden is an excellent way to de-stress...not that you're stressed or anything! Why on earth would you be feeling stressed right about now? LOL!
    I love Tracey's skills as a wonderful having her capture y'alls magic!

  11. Glorious indeed. I see the lavender cast you are talking about. Such a beautiful place to be in the early morning. Best of luck in your upcoming open house!

  12. I just love purples/lavenders in the garden. Your glories are glorious!! Love the entire potager. Are those pear trees espalier'd on the back fence? What that a difficult task? They look incredible! I've been thinking of trying it with something tropical.

    Thought of you this morning when I made a dash into Starbucks with my sweet gift from you. Thank you for that treat!!

    Carol xo

  13. Breathtaking! I always love your blog!
    I would love to treat you to a Starbucks gift card! Post about us on your blog or on FB and we will mail you a gift card. Check us out at! Happy shopping!

  14. Oh how beautiful...thanks for the sneak peak!!

  15. So gorgeous, Donna! You are so fortunate to have such beauty! XX!

  16. The pictures of your morning glories and your potager are so gorgeous. I had my morning glories up until about two weeks ago but then it frosted. We live in Wyoming so now the flowers are gone. Thanks for sharing the beauty. Diane

  17. Donna ~

    Your potage is so lovely. I would love to add some espalier to my potage...and now you have inspired me to do so.

    I hope your open house went well.

    Have beautiful week~~

  18. Oops, I meant potager! ...we do not need soup in our gardens! ;D

  19. What a glorious blog! So glad I popped over. I'm having a giveaway, do stop by.



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