My Garden Retreat

My Garden Retreat
photo Gridley Graves for Country Living

A big Woo Who!

Hello my friends!

My day started out with a great big wonderful woo who!
Elizabeth Maxson, the amazing designer, photographer and artist has just announced the winner to her window display contest...
It's me!

Elizabeth's Shop Talk image

I am  so honored and excited!

There were so many fabulous entries and Elizabeth made it so much fun with her wit and humor!
If you haven't checked it out really should!
So Thank you Elizabeth! It means alot to me!


As you know we are boot deep in Christmas as we setup for our
Annual Christmas Open House...
so if you don't see much of me...
never fear!
I will return with some photos as soon as I can!

I do have a bit of news
Rebecca Ersfield will be at the event as a guest artist!
She is a gifted artist and Christian Speaker!
And she is staying here at my what we call "Becca's Room"

The Autumn Wonderments have started to arrive at their destinations
If you would like to see what they got...
The first to post was Carol
Here is her link:
she is also new to blogging so please stop by and check out her precious blog!
Lolo is a new blogger too and oh so funny! I hope you get to visit Lolo too!

Well, I really must get back to work...Sorry about the lack of pics! Just click over to Elizabeth's, Rebecca's, Carol's or Lolo's...they will help me out with this!

Until next time,


  1. A great big CONGRATULATIONS to you! Your window is beautiful. Your attention to detail impeccable. And another great big THANK YOU for all the goodies. I just love it all so much. I wish I was coming to your event. Can't wait for the pictures!!

    Sweet day to you! Carol

  2. Congrats! It is well deserved!

  3. donna, huge congrats to you! not surprised at all by this as you are uber talented to the nth degree. so jealous of rebecca getting to enjoy that special room and your sweet hospitality.

    hugs my friend,


  4. A Good Morning indeed ~ Congrats Donna!!! Enjoy the day. Dee xo

  5. Hi Donna,
    How stinkin exciting for are seem t be a lucky girl at giveaways :) i hope this day is full of blessings my friend.


  6. Ummmmmm......i thought It's Me me........hahahahhahha!! Ria.....

  7. Donna, Yeah!!!!! So happy for you. Can't wait to make a trip down to Horton's and meet you.
    Smiles sent your way!

  8. Congratulations, Donna!!!!! How exciting. Thanks for stopping by...Wishing you all the best with your Open House! I just left Carol's blog and made sure to let her know how darn envious I am of all the amazing loot you sent along. You really know how to package something!


  9. Yay for you... with all your talent you deserve some recognition :)...
    Keep looking up {I know your super busy!:)}chat soon!

  10. I would have chosen you too Donna!
    Love your chicken wire hamock!
    Oh and I'm with Shelley here, to be Rebecca and going to stay in that gorgeous guest room of yours would be such a treat!
    xoxo~ Carola

  11. I'm not a bit surprised that she picked you Donna. She recognizes your talent just like we do.
    Good luck with all the Christmas show plans!

  12. Yaaaay!
    So glad Elizabeth picked you, ya know why?
    Because you are the best!
    You are my girl... I am proud of ya...
    Hope you're not working to hard, we are still in SD and are having a drat time. I haven't been on much, there is little service out here... We are in the prairie.

  13. Congratulations! This is not at all surprising, you are soooo talented and have such a great eye! Good for you! XX!

  14. Congrats to you Donna!!!!

    Girl, I knew I'd be all jealous when I'd come over here to have some great stuff going on! First on the're going to have fun with Rebecca!!! Jealous!!! :)))
    And Christmas Open House is always soooo fun! I love the spirit that Christmas season brings.

    Plus, I've scrolled down and tried to catch up but kept getting more and more lost in your beautiful posts of marshmallows and the Fall leaves are gorgeous! We don't have a season change like that down South. The colors are gorgeous!!!!

    I knew it...I'm already mind blown with all the beauty here!!!!
    Please tell Rebecca hello for me...I've been a bad BAD blogger friend in visiting everyone lately, but I'm always thinking of you all!!!!
    HAVE FUN!!!!!

  15. Congrats on you win, Donna.... of course it comes as no surprise, you talented lady! xo

  16. Donna,

    That is a great honor to be chosen a winner by Elizabeth Maxon!
    (And I followed the link to see your display and it is so creatively done and well-executed!)


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