My Garden Retreat

My Garden Retreat
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A trip to Target...and a fun new etsy item

Good afternoon my friends!

This morning,
I headed to town to run a few errands,
buy a few groceries...
and stop by Target for the essentials.

While there...I took a few minutes to peruse the isles...
See what was new.
I always find the neatest things...when I am not looking for them.

Today was just that type of day.
On the end cap of the stationary isle (pens, paper and pencils actually)
I found this really cool new collection!
It has the look of Ephemera
Which I love!
But without having to do it!
I love that too!
The store had several different things to choose from...
I bought this letter box

a composition notebook
a binder
and an accordian  file.

They are just as lovely on the inside!

These pieces look great on my new workbench in the utility room!

I will have the things I use frequently right at my fingertips...
and they look good!
Just as important!

Once I got back home...I got busy!
I am working today and tomorrow on the new collection for my Etsy Store!
I have had it closed now for awhile and I have been looking forward to reopening with a fun new line of goodies!

Just this morning I finished this little guy

It's a little burlap pumpkin!
I hand-dyed the leaves and used fun trims and wired cording for the vine!
I will have a few things in the store by the first of the week(hopefully)!

Well, I hope you get to chance to get to Target and check out this fun new collection
And maybe even stop by my etsy store...Tuesday!

Have a wonderful afternoon!


  1. Hmmm...I think I need to make a trip to my Target this afternoon. These pieces would look in my mini-office where I blog! :) Thanks for the tip! Love your little desk area.

  2. off to target i go! love the whole collection. the pumpkin is super cute. can't wait to see your etsy shop.



  3. I just got back from target! darn it. I was looking at dishes. I will go right back out there. I love everything you bought.

    It looks like wendy addison items.
    Thank you for sharing.

  4. How funny :) I was in Target this morn. too...
    I was just thinkin about you {I just posted a pic. of your sweet little flower pin}... I gave one away as a b-day present today:){M. loved it}.Anyhoo...Cant wait to see your new etsy items..Blessings!

  5. Too cute! Thanks for sharing, I can't wait to go to Target to check it out. Very cute pumpkin, too!


  6. Everything is adorable Donna, your pumpkin is perfect! I too love going to Target ~ I never leave without something great ;-)
    Take care and have a wonderful weekend ~ Rebecca

  7. What a great tip! Thanks! I hope my Target has them!

  8. Noticed the pen/pencil holder on your desk. I have the same one, although I'm using it for a different purpose. I just got done doing a blog post about it - came over to my dashboard to read up on my favorite blogs and as soon as I got to your blog...BAM! it jumped out at me! :) Gotta run...on my way to Tar-jay!


  9. Oooohhh, these are great, can't wait to go check them out. I can't get enough of this type of "school supplies" for us grownups!
    Great little pumpkin, Donna. love the burlap!

  10. Ooooh Donna I love that little pumpkin. So cute!!! I am sure that your shop will be wonderful when you are finished making all the new things for it. I can't wait to see.
    I'm thinkin' a trip to Target is in my future...thanks to you. My hubby will thank you too.LOL More stuff to cram into my teeny house!

  11. Oh yes, have got to have one of those amazing little pumpkins or two, or three! Will check back for sure. And will be off to Target first thing tomorrow morning as we don't have one in Santa Barbara but I am working in LA for a few days and Targets abound here!


  12. I am doing a happy dance. I drove out to Target and purchased all of the items you mentioned above.Plus more. I love paper items. They remind me of old samplers.

    We all like pumplins . Thank you so much for sharing

  13. Love your little pumpkin and made out of cute!
    Now how come when I go to Target...which has only been around 5 times...I find nothing that great in their stationary dept.?
    Guess I'll have to look more carefully!

  14. Ohhhhhhh! Target is way too expensive for "her". Yep, "she" goes in for shampoo and it ends up costing her at least $96. Who would have thought shampoo could be so expensive?!?

    "She" LOVES Target AND old ephemra so I better not let "her" see this cat snack funds for next week could be in jeopardy! And then your Etsy store is being restocked.....oh dear.....where to hide my piggy bank......


    Romeo and "her"

  15. I love your target purchase Donna, but I LOVE your pumpkin fabulous is it!! You are so clever!!~ Tina x

  16. That burlap pumpkin is just divine! And those target goodies....scrumptious as well! I totally need them now..ha! Blessings.


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