My Garden Retreat

My Garden Retreat
photo Gridley Graves for Country Living

Part Deux...Building the cocoon

Before we go any further....
I have to tell you something
closeup of my tent flap

I am not a camping girl!
I am a dress wearing...not but one pair of blue jean owning...never leave the house without makeup...girly girl! I love heels when I can wear them and fabulous handbags...always.

Oh yes...I LOVE my power tools and actually owned more than my hubby when we got married but I wear bibs, khakis or yoga pants when I work!

My idea of camping is a fabulous hotel and instead of eating out...ordering room service!
Oh no...I am not kidding!
My husband got so tickled when he saw me up there building my tent!
All I could say was..."it is a good thing I have quite the imagination "...because
NO...totally don't want to try this outside.Without all of my conveniences.

I just had to tell I feel better.

Okay so where was I....
When I left you yesterday it was with this last thought...cocoons and how one thing leads to another.
Some of you know my theme for the French Flea this summer was book page butterflies.

I had them everywhere!
And after a few days of being home during my stay-cay was graced by a lovely butterfly visitor.

My inspiration!

My chandy...always need a chandy is a butterfly net!

Filled with book page butterflies!
they cast the sweetest images on my tented ceiling and walls!

Afterall, I am not making this Safari adventure about killing animals...I barely eat meat!
I have no qualms with what others's just not for me.
For me...
It's about gathering butterflies...and then releasing them!
Yep, that's what this about!

Now for a little more inspiration...I looked no further than the always elegant Nicole Kidman in her last movie Australia.

I am totally blown away by her wardrobe in this film!
Her traveling attire and matching luggage...practically gives me goosebumps! a round about way...she, that is her character, inspired my nightstand.
I have ordered some neat finishing pieces from a trunk restoration company and expect them next week. At that time...I will give you my tutorial on how to cover a piece of furniture yourself!
Because my other source of inspiration was from Restoration Hardware and their new steamer trunk collection of furniture!

This little suitcase is a family treasure. It belonged to my Gramps. Nana gave it to me when she was moving to the little cottage.
She told me he carried it to college.
It now holds family photos.

I tucked it under the little nightstand I reupholstered.
the little storage boxes...back to Target...I am loving this new colllection of theirs!

these two antique books are also family pieces.
They belonged to my husbands grandparents.
They have the neatest things tucked within their pages!
The book storage now holds power cords to charge our modern convenience items
cell phone...ipod...ect.

Another shot of my lady...She is currently wearing an antique lace collar with a linen rose pin!
Oh what fun!

Now we get to the bed!

For me...
The bed is the one place you cannot cut corners. Invest in good foundations...mattress... box springs...
To create this little cocoon...I added a wonderful down filled mattress pad...and fabulous pillows.

To get me thru the weekend and until my new linens are here,
 I have put basic white linens on my bed.
But even they are 400 thread count.
I never go below 350  myself,
 I prefer 500 or more.
This is such a wonderful indulgence!
And worth every cent.
For a guest want the best you can afford.

Remember my budget?
I added to it a bit
I spent all of it on my linens
and the two lamps I purchased from Pottery Barn.
(shown above...came from the bed and bath collection)
The linens...arrive next week. I will show them to you.
Well, that's it for now.
I have several things I am waiting to arrive...
A built-in bookshelf to paper...
And a chair to decide how I want covered.
I hope you have a wonderful weekend!
I will leave you with this image.
It's from the movie Australia as well!
So gorgeous!

Until our next visit...


  1. Donna this is turning out just gorgeous! I think we are kindred camping for this gal, not much meat eating (same as you no problem with it just don't eat it much), and Australia...I LOVE that movie and Nicoles clothes as well. LOVE the setting above from the movie. You have amazing talent so please keep sharing it with us!

  2. Love everything Donna! Especially those sweet paper butterflies :) I have the same Target stuff from John Derian too ;) So, tell me....are those Pottery Barn lamps that are coming the white cottagey distressed ones?!

    ps - those leather straps really are the finishing touch!! Good job girlie :D

  3. It just gets better and better. Before long, you may want to be the 'guest' so you can enjoy the room you created!

    That nightstand...well it makes my heart go thumpety-thump. Love it!

    I'm with you on camping. My idea of a vacation is to have my bed made for me, my food served to me by a waitress, and the towels picked up every day.

  4. Donna, I am so happy to find you! ps I am not a camper, howvever wow I adore what you are doing...gorgeous!

    I have a New Giveaway from the French Basketeer I think you will love!

    Art by Karena

  5. Hi Donna Loved your visit and thank you for the great comment. After your comment the Poetry sign painted on the vintage tray sold and will be off to Australia.

    Love the butterflies and the Target wow stuff! the John Derian. When I saw it I said to my daughter hey its ephemera paper art and altered art looking, just love it.

    Your talent is so romantic with all that you did to create this room :)
    I want to stay in it.

  6. OMG I thought these were from a magazine shoot. You have such rock!


  7. Are you kidding me Donna???!!! This is amazing! I adore the butterfly theme!
    I am so with you on the camping thing. I don't mind now that we have a new camp trailer (and it had to be new) because I wasn't going to be sleeping with anyone else's cooties))!
    I also agree on the sheet thing. I love great sheets.

  8. Hi Sweetie
    WOW... This is amazing, you out did yourself! I will have to come and test it - just to make sure the sheets are the right thread count of course... ha
    Love it all
    and love you!!!

  9. You have such a beautiful blog...and I love your
    Etsy site! I bought one of your beautiful roses
    as soon as I laid eyes on it! Thank you for
    visiting Flora Doora also.

    Flora Doora

  10. I just found your lovely blog. I have spent a wonderful evening reading your back posts. I will Be back to join you on your journey .


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