My Garden Retreat

My Garden Retreat
photo Gridley Graves for Country Living
Hi there!  It's Debby from Inspired Design.  I was so flattered when Donna asked me to do a guest post on her gorgeous blog.  As you know she has the most gorgeous home studio and gardens so I thought I 
would do one of my Fashion Meets Decor posts and find her some feminine, romantic outfits to compliment her beautiful girly spaces.  Of course, I had to look no further than Anthropologie!

So, what do you think?  Do you love Donna's decor as much as I do?  Thanks, so much Donna for letting me visit! ~ Debby xoxo

You are the best Debby!
Thank you for such a lovely post! ~hugs Donna


  1. O yes !! i like what i see now,....happy day love love Ria....

  2. That is beautiful...I need to get those cute! Thanks for this amazing post:) Wish you both a sunny day

  3. Love the fashion and interior design connection! I just posted about the same thing last Friday.

  4. I adore her home! Donna is so amazing, she is one of us, Debby! ;) Fabulous choices, I agree, Anthro is the way to go! XX!

  5. Well done Debby! This makes me want to go shopping!

  6. I love it all!
    Just beautiful...

  7. This post was a adorable! All this color and style coordination is a Type A dream. :) I LOVE Anthropologie and your spaces, Donna. Following you now...introduced by Debby!
    Have a perfect day.



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