My Garden Retreat

My Garden Retreat
photo Gridley Graves for Country Living

another iron in the fire!

Hello my friends

I was outside this afternoon trying to get the finishing touches completed on my little greenhouse and thought you might like to see it before it gets painted!
The weather is turning very Autumn like and I am trying to get a few of the Summer projects wrapped up before it gets to cool for me to work outside.

(I am a Southern girl at heart and don't work in cooler weather well.)

You see...Mr. Bill has went from working 40 hours a week and being home by 4:30 each day to working 74 hours and it's dark when he leaves and returns.
That means...I get to do what I can to wrap up a few things!
and let's just say...I have been quite challenged lately!
The first thing on my to do list was to complete my out building project.

We did decide to rename this little house
"Tinker House"
Since it is most liklely where I will be tinkering with all sorts of things,
potting flowers, wiring lamps and a million other things I'm sure..

And because I decided to do the roof peak with doo-dads and whatnots from our home renovation.
I thought it would be fun and whimsical!

This entire little outbuilding was constructed mainly with the old doors, windows and millwork I had been collecting from the house renovation.
So...the old doorknobs, faceplates and other miscellany were saved as well!
And what better way to show them off!

I am leaving the exterior for the most part the peely white but painting the pieces that were not white to begin with in a milkpaint so that it will distress in the weather well.
The interior...I am painting a old leather brown to match up with some of the millwork.
And because I have really been loving the Steambunk look and wanted to use that type of  things inside.
I  am hoping to be done with it by next week sometime and will post about it then.

In the meantime...

Like I didn't have enough irons in the fire...

I decided to redo my upstairs guestroom and sitting area!
Yep...I know!
It's just crazy!
But I had to spend a whole day swapping out my wardrobe last week when it was raining out.
And to be honest...
I am not sure what happened.
I was just overwhelmed by how much I really didn't like the room and needed to do something about it!
Right that minute!
So...I set up some serious perimeters about how much I was willing to spend and got busy.
And believe wasn't much since these rooms were
"already completed"
and because I tend to be so...much more creative when I have to think outside the box!
It rained for the next two days...So I made some progress!
And starting Thursday...I am going to show you what I did!
but here's a sneek peek!

Just think Mary Jane Butters meets early 1900's Safari tent.
I can't wait to show you!
It is really turning out to be my favorite all-time project!
I hope you have a Wonderful Week!
Until Thursday!


  1. as always...your busy bee :) can't wait to see the potting shed finished & your upstairs redo!Are you headed off to Marburger soon?

  2. Tinker House is so darling! And your other project looks so exciting too! Can't wait to see it!

  3. Did you crawl up on the roof and put on all the do-dads? just darling and I'm a little green about it...just a little. The sneak peeks for your redo are gorgeous, Girl, you ARE a tease!

  4. I was wondering the same thing?? You put all those embellishments on the roof??? Goodness need to slow down. HA!! BEAUTIFUL by the way! I WANT ONE!!!!!! :)

  5. so is there an "S" on your chest? wow you blow me away with your energy and creativity. love the doodads on the roofline.



  6. I love how your outdoor house is coming along! What a great idea to add your doo-dads to the pitch of the roof! LOVE it! Funny how one project leads to the next! Can't wait to see more pics of your room!

  7. OOh it is een dream!! i love it!!
    i can't wait to see it when it is decorate!!
    wishing you a nice dag

  8. Loving your Tinker House. Once you get that bee on your bonnet there is no stopping you! I wish I had half your energy...and vision. It looks amazing.

  9. Recycled doors, windows and old lumber never looked so good. You need to sell plans on that one sweety!

  10. It's Thursday and I can't wait to see what you did to the room.

    I am loving that little black suit case. Just wanted you to know I an checking your blog out.


  11. Goodness me your glass house is the best I ever saw! Pure whimsyness! I love the additions to the rood top because they are making it extra special!!!


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