My Garden Retreat

My Garden Retreat
photo Gridley Graves for Country Living

The Discovery

As many of you know the winners of the Where Blogger's Create Event  were recently announced.
And... I just wanted  to give
A huge Thank you to Karen for hosting this event ...

And Great Big Congratulations to  the winners!

I too was given the opportunity to participate in this event.

At first, the idea of sharing my work space with others frightened me.

What if they don't like my space?

What if my personal style does not translate well?

What is it that I actually create?

And somewhere between straightening up my studio, taking pictures and visiting  the other creative spaces.

I made a discovery.

Until now, I did not consider myself an artist in any sense of the word.
I do not create things or objects of art .
I create spaces. On a one on one level with my clients,
here at my home and in my garden
 and at the store where I am employed.

I am passionate about what I do!

a few items for inspiration

Yes, I sew. paint, rework furniture and wire lighting.
But I have always considered these things I do as part of the finished look.
Those little details that complete the space.

And then...

It hit me.

I  too am an artist.
If only in the sense that my work touches the lives of others.
That what I do has the potential to brighten someones day.
Spark their Imagination.
And provide them with a few tools to make their homes a little more special.

Christmas Vignette thoughts and ideas


I was touched by this experience.
Touched by the women who opened up their hearts and poured it out into there posts.

Their stories and creative spaces inspired me deeply.

In each blog I visited...I could see the individual.
Only in these intimate, creative spaces do we truly share this vulnerable side.
 I think because we pour so much of ourselves into the art we create.
Whatever that art is!

When I design a room or vignette...It is my hope to  transport you.
I want you feel a connection to these environments.
At the store...the goal is for others to see the  possibilities in their own homes.
To show you how to take things you may already have and repurpose them.  

more Christmas thoughts currently cluttering up my studio!

That so often... by moving things around...adding or sometimes even subtracting...a room can be created that is  truly yours. Unique and beautiful.
We work hard at the store to provide you with not only amazing products and services...but to give you some ideas on how to use things in unexpected ways.

More creative clutter

It is a team that requires each of us to give our best. 

The bar seems to be moving in an upward direction as far as the vignettes we build.

but we do this... 
So that you, our customers and friends are inspired.

As I was inspired by the women who shared  their spaces with us.
My deepest thanks to everyone who stopped by and left me a comment on my studio!
and I thank you for allowing me to make this discovery.
I thoroughly enjoyed the experience and look forward to next year!

If you have not already...I hope you take the time to visit the studios of the other participants. I know Karen has a permanent link on her sidebar now so you can take your time and visit them all.
As always...Have a Wonderful Week!


  1. I thought your space was the most lovely! Truly...that toile is one of my favorite patterns. That particular color-way is so soothing. I love the closet turned hide-a-way nook. Of course, you are an artist too!!!

  2. I missed out on this since I just entered the blogging network, but I will have to check out Karen's site! I have enjoyed your photos of your space in this post. You are definitely using your God given talents! Looking forward to seeing your work first hand!!

  3. I'm shocked that you weren't a winner too!

  4. Donna, this is a truly beautiful post! I am so glad you came to this realization! I think all creative women are artists of one kind or another. Art doesn't have to be a tangible object. It is in the eye and what you create makes the lives of your clients better and more beautiful. If that isn't art... I don't know what is.

  5. Your space is just beautiful! I love it! It looks like a magazine feature... yes you are without a doubt, and artist! xo

  6. Donna, you are a true artist in my opinion. And I thought you were a shoe in to win. Your studio is fabulous.



  7. Donna my dear, you are an artist in EVERY sense of the word. You create the atmosphere for those you love!
    hugs and love,

  8. Hi Sweetie
    Just dropping by to say again that you are one of the most creative souls I know, and discovering your full potential takes a lifetime - and isn't the journey exciting! Exploring our artistic talents and putting them out there for the world to see takes courage but oh so rewarding. Follow your heart because that is where God speaks to you and gives you what you desire.
    I love you girl!

  9. oh, I loved your space soooooo much, that I have been searching for wallpaper like yours!!! i am in LOVE...and want some for my, see you inspired me!!

  10. Donna, you are my decorating guru! I'm so happy that you've discovered that you are indeed an artist. Your decorating and displays are not only beautiful, but creative and imaginative, you are truly gifted!

  11. Wonderful post! It took me a very long time to consider myself an artist and use the word "studio" for my creative space.....we women tend to do that don't we. It was indeed a beautiful gathering of kindred spirits and I hope to join in next year too...see you there:)

  12. Of course you are an artist ~ I never had a doubt. Anyone who makes beauty in the everyday the way you do is without question very artful. Your space is making me jealous again. Have a great week.

  13. I so *get* this...this is where my real passion (art) is too...

  14. Donna,
    Of course your an artist! in all forms.
    I know what you mean about designing for clients. As an Interior Designer I design for clients and Model Estate Homes and always question my design style for myself and my space. I have had it all, and now I love my relaxed spaces very flea market European all the way a place that can transform old world Villa at the same time. I have an upscale sofa filled with feather and down with an imported slip cover that cost more then most sofas. Yet I make it look relaxed and inviting, one that invites you in to relax on it.

    I love your work space I could sit in there and share designing tips and tricks of the trade all day with you. It feels that comfortable with the right amount of beauty!
    Donna you have a work space to love!

  15. You are most definitely an artist my friend! And an extremely talented one at that!!! I can't wait to see what you come up with for Christmas displays at Horton' are awesome Donna!!!

    Happy Tuesday!

    Hugs ~

    :) T

  16. OMG Donna you truly are an artist. In every part of your life you live artfully. I am in awe of everything you do.

    Your studio is so well designed and gorgeous. You would die if you ever saw mine... haha why I regretfully didn't participate in WBC.
    ps...thanks for the order!!!

  17. That there was any question at all in your mind that you might not be an artist....did you fall down and hit your head?!? Your studio was one of my absolute favorites and your artistry was evident in each and every square inch of your studio. Was there anyone other than yourself who doubted your artistic talents....nope, it seems we all agree....YOU ARE A VERY TALENTED ARTIST!!!! I'm glad you finally came to your senses ;)

    "Her" and Romeo

  18. Donna I loved this post so much. I think I am surprised to hear that you didn't consider yourself an artist before now, when I think of you as the one of the most creative people I have been blessed to meet. Sometimes I doubt myself and the art I create to beautify my home. Since I don't sell any of my creations now, I don't give them much value. The value is in the creative process itself.
    You inspire me Donna!!!
    hugs to you from here...

  19. Hi Donna, it's been so long....of course you are a true artist ~ love your work. Your space is amazing! Have a wonderful weekend ~ Rebecca

  20. Your studio is so beautiful and inspiring! I think I could really create in a space like that. You truly are an artist.

  21. yes indeed, you are an artist.

    jewelry making, paper, buttons, gardeners, cooks, seamstresses,interior decorators...

    art is endless and refuses to be confined to one person's thinking! :) yay!!!!!!!

  22. hello friend. I have an award for you at my blog. pop by when you can.



  23. I LOVE your space!!!! I looked and looked at it!! I don't know anything about a bloggers' thingy - but whatever it was - you should have been the "It Girl"!! YES you are an artist! I remember the first time someone introduced me as an artist to a friend of hers....I was stunned and it felt really strange. It was years after that first time I ever acknowledged myself as one. But you are one - so don't let years go by before you acknowledge that - don't cheat yourself out of joining the wonderful group of artist by thinking you don't belong. We need you and want you!



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