My Garden Retreat

My Garden Retreat
photo Gridley Graves for Country Living

Summer lessons in White!

This morning,
As I went out to my garden to water and pick a few flowers...
I had a visit ...

from this gorgeous Butterfly!

He was so elegant and graceful as he floated from flower to flower!

I just had to share him with you!

I stood and watched him for awhile...he didn't seem to mind!
He spent a great deal of time on each flower before he moved on to the next. Almost as if he was enjoying each one before making his way to another. Living in the moment...
I was captivated by him!

This year my garden has had many such visitors for which I am thankful.

It is always such a joyful sight!
They have all had the most gorgeous colors to them! Or coats as my daughter used to say.

As he flew away and I returned to picking flowers for the cottage,
I realized that this has been the best vacation for me!
I have  had so much time to work in my garden,
doodle ideas for things I wish to make,
And finish a few projects I have had going.
Like the butterfly...
I too have fluttered about from project to project. Enjoying each task as I make my way

I couldn't have gone anywhere (except maybe France) that I would have enjoyed more!

My trip out in the garden was for flowers to place on my living room mantle in the cottage.

I have been wanting to participate in White Wednesday and was looking forward to reworking the mantle with that purpose in mind.

Like so many of you...
I am drawn  to rooms done in white...anytime of the year!
For Summer seems so much cooler when I bring out the white.

I gathered some of my favorite white pitchers and filled them with flowers from my garden.
Pee Gee and limelight hydrangeas
white snapdragons
And obedient plant to name a few. There were even a few stems of my phlox left to pick!
lemon balm, dusty miller and even boston fern were added for some texture.

but mostly my hydrangeas!
Hydrangeas are one of my favorite flowers so there are several (okay alot) of them in our garden.
This year, I planted 2 more that will bloom a deep shade of purple and dry a pale lavender.
Or at least, that's what it said on the tag!

As always, I added a couple of cake plates and cloches!
I just love these things!

This cloche has one  of the tiny favor boxes I made for the flea market.(I kept one for myself!)
Inside is a tiny nest made from book page shred and dried hydrangeas. Nestled  in the shred... 3 tiny eggs.
For me...the eggs represent the Trinity.  I am always trying to place these subtle reminders throughout our home!

Well, I must get back out to the garden.
 I am working on Summer House today and tomorrow.
This is the little place we are building from  salvaged old doors and windows! Most of which came from our very own renovation!

As I do so, My mind wanders back to the butterfly and his lesson on taking time to enjoy the simple things. To enjoy all that we have been given for this journey. To accept the changes in our lives and make the most of them.
I hope everyone has a butterfly moment of their own!

Thank you for stopping by!
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Kathleen always has the most amazing things to share!
Have a wonderful week!


  1. what gorgeous pictures!! I love the butterfly in your garden!
    and your mantle is simply gorgeous!!

  2. Absolutely beautiful! Love all the cloches with the white flowers, so fresh looking.
    Love that you are enjoying yourself and are at peace with the world right now... I love that!

  3. Hello my Dear,
    Wow God and his beauty, that butterfly is gorgeous. I love love love the mantel is so lovely you are an awesome decorator. I hope your week is going well. stop by me place and check out my etsy store...we have added ruffles to our towels they are pretty sweet :)


  4. Beautiful photos Donna! Love the hydrangeas too! I need to plant more because I only have one bush and it has seen better years.
    Happy WHITE beauty!!

  5. What a beautiful white post today !!! love your flowers....and your blog.........hugs from me Ria.......

  6. Donna,
    Your garden and its visitor are both lovely! Your mantle is beautiful! White is a great summer choice.
    PS I am dangerously close to coveting your hydrangeas. I can't seem to grow ANY.:)

  7. Gorgeous photos! Love your garden, love the butterfly, love your displays. xo

  8. beautiful *white* blooms of refreshing!

  9. So glad you joined WW. I've tried following butterflies to photograph them but those little buggers can be fast when they're on a mission. I guess he loved your hydrangea and so do I.
    Your mantel is so fresh all decorated in white. Your right it does make it seem cooler.....sigh! I'm ready for Fall!

  10. Love your visitor to your garden and your beautiful home. Hydrangeas are a favourite of mine too.

    enjoy your week

  11. I enjoyed visiting you and your lovely butterfly! Your arrangements turned out lovely too. So nice to visit--Jacqueline

  12. WOW! Your plants looks sooooo beautiful! Mine? Well they are looking NOT sooooo beautiful with the heat index :( I am very anxious to see the new hydrangea you will have for the fall!!!!

    Gee wonder why the butterfly stayed so long?!? LOL Everyone who views this post will be so lucky to see the purrfect images of the white flowers and the butterfly!

    And your inside photos for White Wednesday are spectacular! Of course I wouldn't have expected anything less!!!

    A summer house?! I am about to fall over from sensory overload and excitement! How I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to create something like that!!! Can't wait to see this too!

    Thanks so much for sharing these beautiful photos and moments with us!

    "Her" and Romeo

  13. Where have you been???? I cannot believe I had not come across your lovely blog till now! I was looking at WWC craft room party and love your lovely creative space with that gorgeous wallpaper!!

    Well I have you as a favorite so I won't be missing anymore of your wonderful entries!

    bee blessed

  14. Donna your pictures in this post are so gorgeous!!! I feel like I could reach out and touch that lovely creature. Gosh, your peegees are amazing. It is hard to believe that you have Limelight and pee gees blooming right now. Mine haven't set blooms yet. I did buy some Endless Summer to put in pots that were already blooming and I am loving them.
    Your cottage is such a sweet place. Is this where I'll stay when I visit? And will I be able to help you with the new garden house? Oh I hope so...I love hard work. But I hear you about the aches. I'm sorry that you have arthitis. That is such a difficult condition to deal with. My sister suffers greatly with hers.
    Donna you are such an inspiration to me with all you get done in your life. I am blessed to know you.

  15. hi donna! love the butterfly pics! and your home is so pretty and calming. would love to sit and have a cup of tea with you there.



  16. Stunning, elegant, spiritual and totally Donna!
    This post really does encapsulate what makes you such a special gal. I am so proud to call you my friend. Makes me want to be a better friend.

    Love you,


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