My Garden Retreat

My Garden Retreat
photo Gridley Graves for Country Living

Shopping with Rebecca

My vacation is almost over and before I get busy again I thought I would share a few pictures of a shopping trip Rebecca and I made before she headed back home to Chicago!

To begin with ...I just have to say that spending time with my dear friend Rebecca was one of the highlights of the French flea Market for me. She is such a joy and so much fun!
She even had my hubby getting in on the laughter and he is normally a quiet guy!
(Really Rebecca!)
On Sunday afternoon...we decided to head out to one of my secret treasure sources and see what we could find.
as you might know Rebecca will be at the Creative Connection Event in September and we were looking for some inspiration.
She will have a much larger space than she did here in Tipton and will need alot of wonderment's to fill it up!
I have no will be Amazing!

While Rebecca was digging thru some vintage jewelry...
I found this Antique French Book!
I love the color and the Fleur de lis!

It is an old school book and there is writing in all of the margins.

I also found these little pearl earrings that I thought would make great buttons!

on these tiny vintage carriage boots!
(they are for the Store's Christmas I will show you more later)

I also found 2 of these Antique pocket doors!
I took measurements and details and when my hubby went back to get them....they gave him a discount!
they are almost 9 feet tall!
I loved them because they will be perfect on my Summer house/ Potager we are working on.
this is the rollers on the tops

And the little door pulls

They have such great character...Rebecca and I thought I needed them!

Speaking of Rebecca...she bought quite a few little gems too but I better let her show you....they might be a secret for her space at the Creative Connection!

This little handkerchief is staying at my house!
 I love all of the detail work on the corners!
You might remember from previous posts....I have a thing for handkerchiefs!

After an hour or two of some serious digging for treasures...Rebecca headed back home to the Windy City...Chicago!
Where getting coffee at Starbucks is not such a major event.
What? Did I forget to tell you about getting coffee for Rebecca each day?
She could not even believe that we live in a town where there is NO Starbucks!
How do we cope?....... Function?
I must can sometimes be a difficult thing.
But because I actually live between Tipton and Kokomo...(there's a Starbucks in Kokomo) I have no problems. If I need a fix, I head to Kokomo first.
But while in Tipton...we have to make a few sacrifices. We get our coffee from McDonald's!!!!
But just kidding Rebecca! None of us minded running each day for the morning and afternoon coffee runs!
Have a wonderful rest of the week!
I will be back soon with some new pictures of my utility room!


  1. Hi
    Just want to say that the next time I come, I will bring my French press! Ha
    What can I say... high maintenance~
    Love ya!

  2. Wow! Those white pocket doors are amazing! Love all your photos. Glad you two had a great trip. I'll keep an eye out for Rebecca's finds (follow her, too). And I LOVE your blog, gorgeous!
    Thanks for sharing
    Becky C
    Buckets of Burlap

  3. Hello Donna!
    I am so happy to see you are a follower and I am glad you like your sachet :)Thanks for being an Obee Designs customer!! I love your blog and style and have been a following you. I'm so glad we found each other :)
    Your yard is such a quaint place and I absolutely love your cottage. I think cottages are just perfectly sweet. Good luck with your renovation, things always take longer than you think, especially if it is worth the wait.
    I'll be back to visit soon and you are now on my blog roll!
    Have a great day

  4. I love this blog and all the pics. I need to make a trip to Tipton, you seem to find the best stuff.
    Have a wonderful day!

  5. looks like it was a fun and productive day, you found great finds...verbena cottage

  6. looks like so much fun, and treasures! Love your doors, I sneaked one home this past weekend only 'cos I wanted the crystal doorknobs!

  7. Hello Donna....for the second time.....hahahah!! what a beautiful things you bought !! that doors !!! are amazing...i have also get two doors for my birthday yesterday.......i put them on my blog next week or so.....they are also so beautiful.....o i wish i was there with nice that fleamarket so big !!...we don't have that in the Netherlands.....happy day for you my darling....hugs from me.....

  8. What beautiful things you bought. I really like the doors and those old rollers are great!
    Looks like a wonderful time.

    The nearest StarBucks to me is 35 miles away,
    so McDonalds is my choice of gourmet!


  9. Gorgeous shopping trip and special when it's with the BFF! Glad you had fun. xo

  10. loved your much fun to shop w/ Rebecca (another talented girl).

  11. WOW Donna, you did find some treasures. I cannot wait to see your potager all done. The book and hankie are right up my alley. I have to say that shopping with you two girls would be the highlight of my day...Oh a girl can dream!

  12. hi donna! i had the pleasure of meeting rebecca at marburger in the spring. what a sweetie! love the pics of hortons i'm seeing, where does your talent end?



  13. Ohhh...I love the old door, what great hardware and the pearl earrings, they will make lovely buttons.
    I adore the old hankie, too, I also have a thing for them, I use them. They make me feel like a lady. I love what you have done at Tiptons, I caught a glimpse of it over at French Larkspur. Really ingenius!!!
    Cindy S

  14. Everything is just beautiful!!!

    I know how ya feel regarding the Starbucks thing -- we had to do what you do (commute for coffee) for years and years until our tiny town FINALLY got a Starbucks. BUT! We got a 24 hour one so it was worth the wait! :)


  15. I just love that the two of you know each other and are friends. Y'all are two of my favorite peeps, ya know. :-)

    Girl, I would call you if AT&T didn't hate me right now. Tower down, spotty, crummy service for 2 weeks now. But yes, I definitely want to talk to you, soon!


  16. Oh, how I love a good adventure!!! And the two of you together could probably not have anything less of a GRAND adventure!!!! "She" loves the pocket doors! Good thing "she" wasn't with might have gotten bonked on the head and run over as "she" took off with them ;) Okay maybe it wouldn't be that bad, but they ARE nice and "she" can be dangerous that way ;)

    Glad to hear that you both had a fun time!!!



  17. Great pictures Donna! You crack me up on the coffee dilemma:) Before coming to Tipton I asked a few of my friends where to go for coffee and was told to go to Jim Dandy!! Glad you had fun with your friend, I will stop in the next time I visit Tipton!!


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