My Garden Retreat

My Garden Retreat
photo Gridley Graves for Country Living

I'm getting ready...are you?

Hello everyone!

I just wanted to tell you how much each of your sweet comments on my studio meant to me!
I cleaned up my sewing room so that I could share it with you during the Where Bloggers Create Party that Karen Valentine Hosted!
It was so much fun visiting everyone and seeing their spaces!
I fully intend to see them all...after the Flea Market!
If I haven't stopped by yet...I will!
Any how,
 I am so grateful to you and for your kindness!
And wanted to give a Thank you card of sorts...

So...Here is a few of photos of my hydrangeas!
Think of them as gift from me to you!

They are changing colors this year since I haven't been out as much as I should to amend their soil.

I prefer them to be blue...
but I have everything from blue to pink right now!
They are just under my cottage/studios kitchen window.

So...on to other things!
I'm getting ready for the
French Flea Market
If you need more information about the event...
checkout my other blog...

For the last 3 days...
I have been making decisions about
how it will look and feel in my flea market space.

On Sunday...
I asked my boys to please put my tent up in what will be our new kitchen.
They did.
Sweet ones!

So now...
I can begin the process of laying everything out .
Unlike visual merchandising at the store...
 I will have to set this up in about 2 to 3 hours and walk away from it
since I will be setting up for
 the entire event!

My space is either the first to go up or the very last.
I can't put alot of effort into it at the event itself.
But I want it to be special so...
I do it here at home as I am  finishing the items that will be sold. This is also helpful because I can see if I need more of one thing or another before it arrives at the event.

My props this year  are quite simple:

A large skirted counter aka the potting bench.
And a large round child's table. Like the ones used in Sunday School or kindergarten classes.

Since so many of you commented on my skirted table and I even got a few emails asking how it's done...
I thought I would share  the how-tos with a short little tutorial.

I wanted to create a Formal Garden Feel so Burlap skirting seemed appropriate.

Here it goes:

gather your supplies.

You will need :
A staple gun and staples,
needle nose pliers to help hold the nails or to pull one out that went in wrong
upholstery tape,
upholstery nails with decorative heads,
scissors, marker and a small hammer,
I use a upholsterer's tack since it is magnetized and helps to hold the tack in place.

I measured the circumference of the table to determine how much fabric I would need.
Because it is a short table...
I cut it in half . I used the selvaged end as my hem for this little table.
I then decided where I wanted the pleats...
and marked them.
Oh and by the way...I was doing this all by photographer's assistant.
SO the pics are a bit blurry! So Sorry!

I hope you get the idea though!

Remember...You are working in reverse.
So lay the fabric face down on the table top.
just the cut end is laying over the edge and this is what you are seeing in these pictures.
Bring the pleats together... by overlappingthe fabric between your marks.
(Remember to overlap in the same direction for this look.)
Place the upholsterer's tape over the top and staple.
The tape is made from thin cardboard and gives a wonderful finished look to the pleats.
It also keeps you from using a million staples!

Work your way around the table repeating the folding over and matching  pleats.

When you have finished , take the skirt off the table and let it fall to the floor.
Now...finger press your pleats by running your fingers down the front of the pleat.

Decide where you wish to place the nail head.
And simply hammer it in.

I usually go around again with my finger pressing  so that it lays flat.

Now, let's cover the top.
This is a large tabletop...
I cut the burlap to fit and serged the edges. I then staple it down and pressed it to keep it flat.

Then I added black rick-rack to cover my seams and staples...
and Viola!


I love the height of this table. It will be perfect for layering goodies!
And of's for sale!

The counter is done basically the same way. With just two exceptions
 I  did a large hem at the bottom and did 2 pleats bringing them together in the center.
I trimmed under the counter with an old piece of rope.

The rope is attached with small nails and in order to make them disapear...
Twist the rope a little before you begin nailing.

I used small headed nails like the ones used to install paneling. I like these the best because they come in colors!

I also did a double row of nail brads.
I love it! I think it will give the desired effect as well as be a great display piece!

So now you know...

I'm gettting ready for the French Flea Market....are you?
Hope  you have a wonderful week!


  1. Looks like you're about good to go Donna Reyné (I know, easy for me to say from here ;) Thanks for the instruction, I may use it on part of my potting shed. Have fun at the French Flea Market!

  2. What a great tutorial Donna!! Thanks for sharing. You make it look so easy. I hope you have a wonderful turnout at your french flea market...I KNOW you will!!

  3. I can't wait to see more about this, Girl, you are really GOIN' STRONG here! I have to go visit your store site. How fun to participate in this, and I LOVE your burlap table covering, so so wonderful!! Honestly your WBC post was truly amazing!!!
    love ya,

  4. I loved visiting your cottage. How special that is was already "given to you" and "blessed." It is just a dream space and you are so fortunate to have a husband you puts in all those shelves and counters. I love the toile wallpaper and the day bed...and the color aqua.

    If you wish, come and visit the blog I share with my daughter. She made it for me as a gift. A special one, indeed. We have been makin jewelry together for fifteen years. We also love many other things...vintage paper crafting (me), vintage fashion (her) and estate and rummage sales (both of us).

    Thanks for letting us see your lovely space.


  5. Hi Sweets,
    i am sorry i have not been blogging lately... thanks so much for your sweet comments. Hannah my youngest 6 years old had 2 fainting spells yesterday so we have been getting some test ran, and then I had my show this past weekend (whew) I ma ready to RELAX... now it's your turn :) for a Bizzy time of getting ready :) Have a blast.


  6. You are sooo talented girl!

    Have a fabulous show!


  7. I am sure you will be a hit, with all it's beauty. So euro chic with the floral feel and tha natural elements of the use of burlap, a garden favorite.

    Cannot wait to see picture the eventful show.

  8. Hi Donna! I finally made it by :) I am so excited that I get to see all that you are doing for this wonderful French Flea Market in person!!! Yeah! And, your studio space below is INCREDIBLE!!! OMG, wow!!! You are such a talented person...amazing!

    Have a great 4th of July!

    Hugs ~

    :) T


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