My Garden Retreat

My Garden Retreat
photo Gridley Graves for Country Living

My Garden Bedroom

Hello Everyone!
I hope you all had a wonderful weekend and a pleasant Monday.

The weather here has been nothing short of glorious and I couldn't resist a bit of fun yesterday afternoon we were loading all of the goodies to go to my clients home
(You might remember me sharing her bedroom plans with you a short while ago. )

we decided to do a fun little photo shoot of sorts right here in our backyard!

My husband played along and actually set up the bed in my garden before he disassembled it and placed it on the trailer.
So....I thought I would share some of the pictures I took of the bed in my garden!

I have always wanted to do this!
And this was the perfect opportunity!

I will be at her home for the next few days.
And will share some photos of the completed room when I get finished.
In the meantime...
I hope you enjoy my garden bedroom!

Also, As you can see...
Mandy with AlaParisienne Designs has completed my blogs new do!
I love it and when I return will be adding stuff to the pages she gave me in my menu bar.
Enjoy the next few days...
When I return,
I will finally be posting about my trip to Rebecca's! And my precious new friends amazing store I stopped at on my way!
She has the most amazing store right here in Indiana...and right down the road from me!
Is that not to good to be true?
She has also agreed to participate in our French Flea Market!
The Lord is so Good!
Here are a few pictures of her precious store!

Damask Designs

She is only open by appointment and for  little events...which makes each visit all the more special

The entire store is filled the most amazing wonderments!

All of my favorite things...
wrapped up like a present ...

In a dreamy little cottage...
on an old country road! (sigh!)
Pure Bliss!

Please stop by soon and say Hello to my new friend

Have a wonderful week! I hope you too have delicious weather and can spend sometime out in it!


  1. Donna, this is just magical! What a husband you have to make this dream come true! Can't wait to see photos of your friend's home with it all complete!
    Love your new blog "look". It's just beautiful.

  2. GORGEOUS! Just beautiful Donna! Oh, and I love what Mandy did with your blog!


  3. Hi Donna,
    What a fabulous bedroom garden shoot very clever! I hope you had a great Monday my sweet friend.


  4. Absolutely beautiful!!!!!

    Hard to get rid of I'm sure, what a place to dream.

  5. Wow...your new look is great Donna!!

    Also your post from today ...amazing !! all !!

    I visit your friend and follow now.............have a happy day....i am going to my shop round me.......haahahhahh!! hugs from Ria

  6. Donna your blog has such an elegant, serene feel to it... the colors are just heavenly!

    The "garden bedroom" is also heavenly!!

    Can't wait to visit all that you put in your new tabs above!



  7. Oh Donna I love that bed and those pillows!!! Just gorgeous!! Can't wait to see more.

    That shop looks wonderful as well! Thanks for sharing these goodies with us!

  8. An outdoor bedroom, all you need is a mosquito net and you're set!

    I love it, it's just beautiful.
    As is your blog, the look really does suit you. Classy and beautiful, just like YOU. :-)


  9. Donna, your new look blog is gorgeous and I have now ords toi describe how beautiful your garden bedroom is!! Your photos look like they should be in a book! I love the bed:) Have fun with all of these treasures in your client's bed room. Now as for that gorgeous store, I want to hop on a plane right now to come and visit!!!Hope you have a fabulous week~ Tina xx

  10. Hi Donna,

    I really like your post! Especially that bed with those beautiful pillows! ;) I love it!

    Thank you so much for commmenting following my blog!

    The Frenchy Style

  11. WOW Donna, this is beautiful! I love that you took this opportunity to do this photo shoot, cause I am lovin' it so. The pillows on the bed are crazy gorgeous!!! In the Summer hubs always has a bed set up in the garden. He loves to sleep outside when he gets off the swing shift at 2:30.hehe
    have a wonderful time with Rebecca and hug her for me will ya?

  12. Hi Donna
    Sorry I have been gone and haven't stopped by lately
    I just got back from Mn and had a great time with my kids and mom. It was good to see her.
    I also took an all day seminar with Marie Chapian on Body Soul and Spirit, it was amazing! The Lord is doing something~
    Will talk to you soon
    Love ya!
    Many Blessings
    PS Love the new look

  13. I just love stopping by it is always so gorgeous...the garden bedroom is lovely. I can't wait to see your images of all the work you have been doing at your clients home. And thank you for introducing us to Amber...I will be popping in over there shortly, her shop looks stunning.
    Worked at my shop today and have the next two days here at home with the family...probably working here around the house on Sunday but parades and picnic on Monday.
    Wishing you a fun Memorial Day weekend dear friend! ~ Rebecca

  14. A M A Z I N G!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You are so talented....I seriously made a sigh when I saw the pictures! Great pics, you are a talented designer and fabulous blogger...sigh!

    Blessings to you! Denise

  15. Lovely new blog ~ soft and elegant. The shop is just dreamy. Seriously, when I dream of an actual store, this is what I see. Lovely photos ~ Thanks

  16. Hi Donna
    How are you doing...just dropped by to say hi and wish you a great Sunday!

  17. Hi Donna,
    Just found your blog via Ruth at The Beautiful Life. I wish I had more time today to sit and look through your loveliness, but It is a crazy day so I will have to come back soon. I can't wait!!
    So glad to find you!!
    Have a great weekend!

  18. What amazing photos! I am enjoying your blog! ♥


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