My Garden Retreat

My Garden Retreat
photo Gridley Graves for Country Living

The utility room

As promised...I have some updated photos of my utility room.

You gotta start somewhere...
For me, it is always with pictures torn from magazines and graph paper.

I am so... excited!

You see...
In the last year...
my utility room went from this...


(There's my precious one...gosh I miss him!
 It was so hard getting pictures ready to post. He is in most of them...I was struggling)

To this!

And even though it doesn't look like much to anyone else...

It is beautiful to me!

This is where my new washer and dryer will live!

My hubby, Mr. Bill, has asked me to make some final decisions about things...Today!

Like my flooring.

 It would be lovely to continue with the restoration of the houses original flooring here...

but it didn't have an original floor.
It was a back porch. and at one time screened in.
The floor was then covered over with triangle shaped subfloor.(probably pieced like this because it was free!)
And more nails than I can even count!

So... I had to come up with something I like...(sort of)...that was very thin...and easy to install! I couldn't use ceramic tile because it was too high...same with hardwood.

I decided on a vinyl tile product that will help with all the different floor levels. It also looks like the ceramic tile I had originally wanted. An old stone floor in greys, creams and putty.

 We have so many different add-ons to the house. None of the flooring flows through into another area.
This vinyl flooring will marry all of the different levels and make it appear seemless.

That's the plan at least.
I didn't want alot of different threshold heights to trip over!

And now finally, the really fun part!

We are installing beaded board ceilings...too fun!

And vintage inspired  zinc light fixtures (over my new workbench), mixed with pot lights(recessed lighting)

The new countertops over the washer and dryer are going to be poured concrete or zinc topped.
I am leaning toward concrete...but won't know until next week if the floors will support the weight.

The little sink area is made from reclaimed wood and a galvanized bucket!

With another wall mount faucet...I know but I am addicted to them!

Here is my color palette...

And my inspiration!

I  think I will be  using these to skirt the front of my workbench and for the roman shades.

I decided on a skirted workspace so that my little plastic wheeled drawers can be hidden when not in use and ever so handy!

This past week...I ordered my first (of many I am sure) accessories

This awesome little stool!
It is just the right height for my new workspace...
And it's galvanized and numbered to boot!'s got numbers and made from zinc!
(I am betting you can see a theme of sorts!)

Pottery Barn and Ballards have also pitched in to supply me with goodies!

It was so kind of them to have this precious pitcher and tiny bucket.

The flooring has been ordered...And once it is installed...
The construction of my skirted workspace...and sink area can be built.

Then We can trim it out and Paint!

I hope you like what we've done so far...I know that I am thrilled about it!
It means we are just this much closer to being done and moving home!

Think of me this weekend... it's too cold to work in the garden so...back to removing the layer upon layer of vinyl flooring on my old hardwoods.
Me, the putty knife and a heat gun!
What fun!
But it has to be done...The kitchen and dining room can't be touched until I am finished.
Since we can't work in the utility room until the flooring arrives...this is where you will find me!

Have a Blessed Weekend!


  1. Oh Donna!
    It's going to be precious! Love the cute sink and your light pendant is darling.:)

  2. Hello Donna,
    I am so glad I stopped by to check on you!
    I love every plan you have for the future of your designs.

    LOVE THE SONG you LIST first the CLIMB a friends 26 year old daughter passed away and this wsa the service song it was so sad her younger daughter is a dear friend of my daughters and the song means a lot to us.

    keep up the passion for creating.


  3. O wow donna what a beautiful project........i can't wait till it's done.........beautiful all the number stuff i really like,that flower pot we sell in our shop he is van Jeanne d 'arc living............sleep well have a nice day tomorrow......hugs from me.........bye !

  4. Ok Donna I am lovin' this girl... I might have to come and see it for myself :)

  5. Eeek, I am loving every detail!! I adore your galvanised bucket sink!!! I can't wait to see the end result, you must be soooo excited! Good luck with the lino removal - just remember with every piece you remove, you are that one step closer to being done!! Will be thinking of you and your knees. ~ Tina xx

  6. Hi Donna,
    I am just wanting to let you know that you Won! my giveaway :) Please send me your address and I will get out your goodies. I hope you had a great weekend. I look forward to hearing from you my lil winner :)

    Blessings and Smiles,

  7. What incredibly beautiful blog you have! My compliments!

    A footprint from Agneta & Sweden

  8. Donna,
    I came by to get a great music fix...GOD! is GREAT!! the house is coming along great!

    Keep your eye's on the prize!

    Your inspiring blog! keep up the wow work!!


  9. Wow girl! You have got so much going on! I love all of your ideas! I can't wait to see it when it's all done!

    Love the music!

    Have a wonderful weekend!



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