My Garden Retreat

My Garden Retreat
photo Gridley Graves for Country Living
Happy  Wednesday!

I am so glad you stopped by today!

I am  joining Kathleen at Faded Charm for another
 White Wednesday!

I had been working on this post...
taking pictures, editing and such...

And then something happened...

I checked my mail...

and saw the package I received from my sweet friend

I am so...excited!!!

I recently won my very first ANYTHING...
And it was these adorable dishtowels that Sheila made
along with a Starbucks cup and gift card!
Too Cool!
(Thank you again Sheila) altered my post just a bit...
And then...
I must have been away longer than I thought...
because it seems that everything HAS CHANGED!

I can't seem to get my pictures to upload like I used to! I didn't even know I had a picasa album!
It is taking forever!
It doesn't even look the same in my little posting window...
Plan B
(I hope.)

As you know, we have been working diligently on our new utility room.
And when I have a few extra minutes...
I try to sew a few things  to use in my new room.

I recently bought this little antique shopping cart.
I thought I would use it to hold laundry!
So...I made a liner from some cream and grey ticking fabric...

Added a pocket on the inside to hold clothespins, cell phone...
(you know the essentials!)

And now I wheel my little cart out to the clothesline and back...
No more large laundry basket!
I plan on using it in the that our dirties will go right in...
then down the hall..
and the dirties and the liner can all go in the wash...
I love it when I find things to make life a little easier!

I have other pictures..I can't get them to load!
Please bare with me as I relearn how to use blogger!

I hope everyone has a wonderful week!

Hugs and Blessings to all!


  1. What a clever (pretty, too) way to multi-task...and congrats on winning...YAY!

  2. Hello Donna,
    For eveything that did not seem to go as well while working on this post it was meant to take place because the out come is beautiful, tea towels, ticking for the wire cart and the pictures are perfect.

    I loved this post and the wonderful gift was well worth the altering of the blog.

    Thank you for stopping by to visit my blog and the sweet comment about my daughters little nest!!

    visit anytime.
    someone you can visit to give her a little of your perfectness, and just your right words to make someone feel great. I ran across her site and made my first visit there, she found out she is
    battling Cancer.... I left her some fighting words to battle what she is up against...thank you Donna...

  3. Hi Donna,
    I am so glad your package ariived and that you are happy :) with your goods. I love your cart, I have a few and I really love the one I use for our pool towels... it is easy for my girls to roll it back and forth and it keeps them tidy and away from spiders (bonus) I hope yuour Wednesday is awesome... Smiles to you my sweet friend.


  4. I love the laundry basket, it is fabulous. Wish that I had one like that!

    A bientot,

    Leeann x

  5. Congrats on your fun win! The tea towels are so sweet. You'll love having those.:)
    PS Your utility cart is perfect nad the liner...WOW!!! You never fail to amaze me Donna with your talent and creativity.

  6. Congrats on winning the giveaway!

    I love your little are so talented! I wish I could sew!

    Have a great day!


  7. Oh I wish I could sew! It is absolutely adorable and perefect and lovely are just so talented!!!

    Hugs ~

    :) T

  8. I love your towels and your laundry cart is amazing!! I always intend to get out my sewing machine but haven't had time this week yet. I want to make some covers for my outside glider. Happy WW!!

  9. Donna...this is just darling! Now I want one...cart and liner! You are such a clever thing;)!


  10. Hey Donna!
    Congrats on winning, that was a great one to win!

    And I am loving your cart, I really need a pretty liner for mine, too.

    Love ya bunches,

  11. Hi Donna,
    Such pretties!!!! I was pretty frustrated with blogger today as well..they seemed to change their picture loading format and it took forever!
    Happy day!

  12. Hey Donna! I know how you love to hang those dainties on the line. What a chic way to do it! You've thought of everything, and it looks like your utility room is really coming along, and ooohhh, those gorgeous lilacs, just wonderful!
    Hope things are good,
    love ya,

  13. Congratulations to you! I love the shopping carts too...found one years ago and I have used if for just about every thing and Love your linen liner.
    Wishing you a great weekend ~ we're busy with Prom preparations.

  14. I love that you turned the shopping cart into a laundry cart, you brilliant girl you!!! The liner is awesome. You just gave me an idea too.
    I had the same problem on my last post and if I knew who to complain to, I would. LOL I'm just not clever enough to go to all the work to find out just who that would be. Lucky them, hehe
    Hugs, hugs, and more hugs Donna!

  15. Oh Donna - AWESOME laundry cart...and fantastic liner you made. Isn't it wonderful to have something cute AND functional.
    Many blessings and well wishes.


  16. Hi Donna:) Your dish towels are beautiful!! I also LOVE your laundry basket, what a great idea!! Hope you are having a wonderful week ~ Tina xx


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