My Garden Retreat

My Garden Retreat
photo Gridley Graves for Country Living

Another completed project.

It's finally finished!

The upstairs bath addition to our home is now 100% complete!

We were able to spend time working on the last remaining "to do's" during the big snow storm.

and now...We can say that the upstairs is complete!

As you can see...we have used a rescued storm door as the new entrance to the bath...
We then put a new piece of tempered glass in it and etched it for privacy...and the whimsy factor.

This was once a very large closet...we never really used.
For a brief time, it also served as a tiny bedroom for my daughter April.

The entire room was  clad in beaded board and then whitewashed.
We laid it in horizontally to accentuate the subway tile tub surround.

After a 150 plus years...this house now has two full baths!
Now that it's there...I don't know how we did without it!

This little metal row of hooks is one of my favorite was .50 at a junk shop!
I stripped it... leaving small traces of the white paint in the crevices... and then buffed it to make it seem old.

All of the metal finishes in the bath are either brushed nickel or galvanized.

I wanted something unique for the shower curtain off to the plumbing dept.
I used galvenized pipe and fittings and then for the rings...clips for a chain link fence!

Even the lighting is unconventional...two outdoor sconces!

I really wanted this to be a fun...
as well as functional space!

Most of the key pieces are rescued items that we reconfigured to suit our needs.

For me, the best part of this project is that we did all ourselves!

I laid the flooring...and every single tile myself!

It took alot longer...but the savings were Huge!

Now... we can make our way down the stairs...into the rest of the house.

I had wanted my beloved dog Otis Blue 
 to be the first to take a bath in my new tub...

but sadly..

he passed away right after our return from Texas.

We were all devastated...
he was our constant companion...we will miss him terribly

This was the last photo taken of him...
on our trip to Texas!
He and April were enjoying the gorgeous weather
we had while we were there

I will be posting some pictures of all the rooms upstairs over the next few days or so...

so please... stop back by!

Have a blessed week...donna



  1. Donna,
    So sorry to hear about Otis. I know he would have enjoyed taking a bath in that fabulous bathroom! It is just gorgeous. As usual, you did an exquisite job.:)

  2. So sorry of your loss. My father just lost his dog this weekend as well and it really brings life to a halt.
    Your bathroom is amazing and I love love love it!!! Thanks for sharing.

  3. sooooo amazing!!! Looks great! I am totally stealing your shower curtain idea! And so sorry to hear about your dog--I know they are like family!

  4. Donna, my sweet friend, how are you? I've been thinking about you and wondering how you're doing! How terrible that you lost your dog after everything you've had to go thru lately...I'm so sorry...I know what a beloved family member a pet can be! Hugs to you and many blessing and wishes that you are doing well!!!

    Your new bathroom does in fact look spectacular!!! I absolutely adore all of the unique touches you've added...makes everything so interesting, and bathrooms are hard to make interesting! The door is just the best! LOVE it!!!

    Hugs ~

    :) T

  5. Hey Donna, you guys did and awesome job. Love the fixtures and shower curtain, and oh wow, that blue is just amazing!! This is a huge accomplishment, I imagine that a sigh of relief was heard. Otis was such a cutie and your daughter is a doll! Hope you're feeling better. Can't wait to see the rest of your place.
    big hugs,

  6. Still catching up....I am sorry to hear about Otis.
    You really did an awesome job on your new is so much fun thinking of new uses for common items ~ Your door is my favorite.
    Wishing you a wonderful day ~ Rebecca

  7. That is one gorgeous bathroom! You are so talented. The door is great... i also like the wire rack on it.

    Sorry about Otis. He looked like a nice fellow.


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