My Garden Retreat

My Garden Retreat
photo Gridley Graves for Country Living

From my favorite little perch... On a White Wednesday

This Wednesday...
I am going to be decorating my final trees of the season...
in the home of one my clients.

So... while I am away...

let me just share with you...
one of my favorite places
in the cottage.

It's my little window seat perch.

First thing in the morning
or when I have just returned from work...
I will fix myself something warm
to drink and crawl up under my little throw and gaze out into my garden .

It is so cozy and comfortable...I oftentimes get lost in my thoughts.
It's such a little escape from the outside world.

I  look around at the Christmas Decorations I have used this year...
Everything I chose  are in these same color pallete as my little perch..

Natural elements mixed with a little bit of silver...
and glass.

Each of the ornaments on my tiny tree are special...
And even elegant in their own way.

 I bought this little mercury glass piece from Tracey at French Larkspur

I guess what I was craving more than anything this holiday...
Was comfortable...
Elegant and Serene.

Like my little perch in the window...I wanted to be enveloped in the warmth of the Season.
To keep things simple...
To have a warm and inviting place to share with my family.

A place where we could reflect on the meaning of the Season.

White and Cream has always been just that for me...
A wonderful retreat from all the chaos of color I work with on a daily basis.
I hope you enjoy my White Wednesday treasures.
Our Charming Hostess for this weekly escape from color...

Have blessed week...donna


  1. I love your little window looks so cozy! I could sit there for hours! Your tree looks beautiful, too! We like the same colors. Hope your having a wonderful week!


  2. Donna ~ I see why this is your favorite spot in your cottage. :-)
    Beautiful tree and decor ~ I feel you have achieved your desire....very elegant and cozy.
    ~ Rebecca
    I think I said this before but have to say it again....LOVE your play list!

  3. Donna such sweet lovlies... I love your white nativity. Tracey has such great things in her shoppe. I hope the rest of your week is festive, cozy & relaxing.


  4. Donna - I can picture you sitting in your little cozy spot....I have a place like that too... I adore all of your decorations...and your clients...well how lucky they are to have you. Your blog always warms my heart...many many thanks to you my friend! Denise

  5. Hi Donna,
    Christmas in your cottage would be a treat for me. Everything so serene and calming. I'll bet the window seat would be my favorite place as well. I love the beautiful pillows and throw you have selected for your cozy nest.

  6. Oh, your color pallete is so relaxing. I'm just getting around to commenting on Wednesday's posts. I havent been around and am looking forward to the Christmas break so I can be at home more.

    Also, I love your music and header.

    Take care,


  7. gorgeous.
    I love french larkspur!!

  8. Your little perch looks so inviting. I could curl up there with a magazine and a cup of hot cocoa. Your tree and ornaments are just beautiful. love the peace and tranquility it brings.
    hugs, girl,

  9. It's all sooooo pretty!
    I've needed serene and simple, too. Looks like you've got it mastered on your end. :-)

  10. How beautiful!!! It is easy to see why it is your favorite spot!!! Your tree is stunning!!!

    Merry Christmas!!!


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