My Garden Retreat

My Garden Retreat
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White Wednesday

For as long as I can remember...

I have carried a hankerchief in my purse.

I do not know when or why I started...I just know that even as a young person...

A clean white hankerchief as always been among the things that you knew you could find in my handbag.

As I was finishing up all of my laundry that I had taken to Texas with me...

I noticed something that I guess I had not thought about before.

Each of my hankies had a story to tell.

Some of them I only carry to church, weddings and funerals.
Some I consider an everyday item and alternate between.

And as I placed the clean ones in my drawer...
I realized..
I had a few that I have never carried.

These special ones were gifts from dear friends who knew I loved hankerchiefs
or from someone who is no longer living.

After the last few weeks...
I realized...
That even these cherished few hankies need to be carried and used.
Life is so very short...
Enjoy the things that make you smile or bring you joy.

Don't store them up to be used another day...for we never know when our time here is finished.

As I leave to go run a few errands this morning...
I am placing one of these special hankies in my purse...
Each time I pull it out...
I hope that happy thoughts of the one who gave it to me fill my heart...
I know that was the intent with which it was given.

I wish each of dear friends a wonderful Wednesday!

Blessings to all...donna


  1. Happy Thanksgiving, Donna!!

    Your mag is on it's way to you!!



  2. Beautiful post Donna. You are so right that we should not put off the joy for another day. Such pretty hankies you have and you have inspired me to carry cloth hankies too, because you never know when you might need a good cry.
    Have a Happy Thanksgiving sweet.

  3. I love that story and I love the hankies. You Mom and I were talking the other day on things that are a lost art... I know a hanky is nt a lost art but do you really see anyone anymore with them? NO, not really. We spoke of corsages no one wears them anymore just lil things like that... I really loved this post :) Thanks for sharing and I hope you and your family's Thanksgiving is full of joyful blessings.


  4. Hi Donna,this is such a wonderful thought. I love this custom of a real hankie, as I always include a hankie to every new bride. So often we save the "special" and never use it, setting it aside. You are inspiring me to "use" more of the beautiful things that I have instead of just "looking at them".
    Blessings for a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  5. Beautiful post!

    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!


  6. The truth in every word....Blessings for a Happy Thanksgiving Donna. ~ Rebecca

  7. Sweet and endearing post...when my Grandmother passed away my Mother gave me one of her is a treasure. I hope you are well and I want to wish you a Happy Thanksgiving!


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